Wednesday, 12 December 2007

I am LAME!

Ok So I am trying to hate Pete Wentz...just on principle and because his band sucks and you know all those other reasons I am meant to hate him. However it is really hard because Pete Wentz is actually really really hot and I am apparently really shallow.

Insanely good looking ok? anyway he is dating Ashlee Simpson who I hate because:
  1. She is dating Pete Wentz
  2. She got plastic surgery and now looks like a total different person which is sad really. She also said in an interview that it wasnt because she didnt like the way she looked before...errrrm then why did you do it??? Helllooooo??
Nice regrowth Ashlee, I swear in every photo i have looked at her in the past however long i have been looking she always has a good two inches of regrowth... ummmm hello if you can afford $78390345809456 worth of cosmetic surgery surely you can afford to have your scraggly hair looked after properly. Geez.

P.s. I have those jeans, cept mine were probably way cheaper then hers and I look way cooler in them.

See proof in that photo I posted before...with the tv.

Anyway so this is probably the lamest post I have ever written ever and I look forward to the comments get because of it.


love lots the Minx xoxo xxxx

Monday, 10 December 2007

My mama thinks I'm pretty...

I am so gorgeous. This photo makes me giggle every time I see it. Ash and I went to the gym the other day (yes you read that correctly...I actually went to a gym). I bought this swimming cap to protect my newly coloured hair and the goggle for my eyes I hate getting chlorine in them, salt water is fine but chlorine feels like its stuck in your eyes for hours! Anyway, I fail at using a swimming cap, I didn't know if it goes over the ears or not and I kept changing it! Needless to say my hair still got wet. Except for a little bit on the top. Haha!

I have also discovered that I am still the most unfit person on the planet. Which upsets me because you would thinking that with all the running around I do at work I'd be in kinda good shape. WRONG!! i know exercise is totally different to running around at work but I thought I'd be way more fit than I am.

So I guess I should go to the gym more...but I don't really want to. I am going to start doing yoga again more and Steven and I have said that we will go for walks 'n' shit when he gets here so that'll help. Oh and ok I will go to the gym whenever Ash can drag me out of bed.

Love lots Caz xoxo xxxx


My lovely friend Kylie wrote a awesome blog today about friendship and how its hard to keep up with everyone and people crack the shits at you and sometimes you just need alone time etc and it really struck a chord with me because I've been feeling the same way as her about things lately and I have been meaning to share it with everyone.

This is what I commented the Fox in reply to her blog...
I love you for writing this blog. Seriously, you totally need to be a lesbian with me for like two minutes.

Though we are in different situations I feel where you are coming from. I have different groups of friends who arent friends with each other and that makes things hard to catch up with everyone. Especially when for the last few months I have been in the most antisocial mood ever. It's not like i hate everyone and don't want to see them! Its just that this whole year I have rarely had a single whole day to myself I am always at TAFE or at work, always around people, always having to make small talk and play nice and it has just alll caught up with me and I just don't feel like being around people.

I just want Carrie time, and people don't always understand that. They assume there is something wrong, I hate them or there is some underlying problem that I am not telling them. NOTHING IS WRONG. I AM FINE. I APPRECIATE THE CONCERN. BUT IT IS UNNECESSARY!

It sucks when your friends can't understand that and I hope there is no permanent damage with you and your mates who couldnt understand. But honestly in the end if they are unwilling to compromise or listen to you then they are probably causing you a lot more stress than they are worth.

Anyway, I am totally blogging what I just wrote and expanding on it. I am allowed to say it was in reply to your blog?

Love Caz the [antisocial] Minx

I want to expand on this a little bit now. I have just been feeling lately like everyone wants a piece of me. Like nothing I can ever give to anyone is enough. I already give so much, I rarely have a who
le day off to myself to do things that I want to do. I always either have TAFE or work or homework or some other thing that I have to do. There is never anytime for just me to chill out. This is why I stay awake on the computer till 1.57am. Its not just because I am a giant computer nerd. Its only late at night when I am alone and nobody texts me or talks to me that I feel like I can breathe and sort out my thoughts. That is also why I sleep in so late and hate being woken up, I'm not lazy, I'm trying to relax and not think about all the shit I need to be doing.

I feel like I am not me any more, I feel like a by-product of all the other things in my life, TAFE 'n' work 'n' shit. I'm trying to get the Caz back. My spark is dying and I'm trying to save it. Please let me save it. I don't hate you, I am not pissed off, I am not upset, it's not about you, it's about me. I am not hiding from anyone.

I don't know it is hard to explain to other people. Especially when I know some people will be reading this thinking "err Carrie as if you have anything in your life to stress about, and always have time to yourself LOL" I'm never going to get through to you. I know this, but how about you keep your opinion to yourself? I don't need to hear the same tired argument, I am not going to argue with you any more I learnt that lesson long ago.

So my friends, hopefully you understan
d a little better now why you haven't been seeing me as much lately. not to worry my poppets because once I am recharged I will be back and better then ever!!

Woot Woot!!

Love the Minx xoxo xxxx

P.S. How hot is this photo??

By the fabulous Timmy. Damn that boy does a great photo!

Also I got my hair coloured...Ummmm I will find a picture...

Oh dear I just found the funniest photo ever. I will so write another post and put it up for you. Fucking gold!!

Love you lots Caz xoxo xxxx

Saturday, 1 December 2007

I Got a Hot New Haircut

So I always have these epic ideas for these awesome blogs i am going to post here but then ahhh...I just don't do it. Then you one one of these crap posts saying "yeah sorry this is shit i couldn't be arsed writing something good". Yeah i finish TAFE this week so maybe once I have more spare time I shall get back to writing more. In the meantime I will tell you what has been pissing me off and not pissing me off as of late!! Yay!!

Pissing me off...

People who come into my restaurant, read the menu, and then say "you don't have like Carbonara do you?" to which I think in my head "uhhh does it say carbonara anywhere on the menu?? No?? Then obviously we don't have it fuckwit!!!" I really hate people who do this. I mean if you know you want carbonara for dinner just stay home and fucking make it! Or go to an Italian restaurant coz they will be more likely to have it. Luckily this bitch didn't actually say this to me. I was just setting a table nearby when she said it to Matt. It made me want to smack her in the face with the menu. Seriously you should have to take a test before you are allowed to eat out. To stop you from asking dumb questions.

People who don't book. then when you say to them "did you have a reservation?" they look at you like you are a really ugly dumb alien and say "no" but you know in their head they are thinking "as if...I need to book!" or those people who are like "ohhh no we didn't sorry!!" but you can totally tell that they are not sorry. The people I hate the most though are the ones that have OBVIOUSLY planned for a few days to meet for dinner but decide not to book. Like these old ladies who came in the other night, with Christmas presents for each other (thats how you know its obviously planned) No booking then have the audacity to ask if they can have the best table in the restaurant that is specially set and HAS A RESERVED SIGN ON IT! No you can't have that table. Fuck Off!

People who crack the shits when I tell them we aren't open on Christmas Day. Actually people in general who call to ask if we are open on Christmas Day and the ones who are like "awww why not??" Gee sorry. Our restaurant is not actually run by orphans. We all actually have families with whom we would like to spend Christmas with. People who go out to restaurants on Christmas Day should be shot. Seriously. I am not an overly religious person but Christmas to me is a family time. So when people ring up and ask if I will be waiting on their arses instead of spending time with my family it really shits me off. Especially because I know if we were open and I was working they'd probably all like "ohhh you poooooor thiiiiiiing having to work on Christmas Day ooohhhhhhhhh" and i'd be like "well yeah if it wasnt for cunts like you I wouldnt have to!"

The fact that 90% of music I hear on the radio is about sex. Sex is the most overrated and underrated thing ever. Ever ever ever!!! I guess I am old fashioned, I don't care. I just worry. Feminism has gone way too far, all females want to have the sexual freedom to go out and fuck how ever many people they want without being classed as a slut because "men can sleep around and that's ok but when a woman does it she's a slut" WRONG you are both sluts. Being a slut isn't cool. You shouldn't go around fucking just because you can. I'm not saying i am the Virgin Mary because we all know i'm not. However I am not and never have i been a slut. I haven't had sex in over a year, i tell people that and they are all like "OH MY GOD HOW CAN YOU SURVIVE YOU POOR THING OHHH I WOULD BE HATING LIFE OOOHHHHH MYYYYYY GOOOOODDDDDD" and i'm like "uhhh nah don't really care actually". Take it from me, it is far better to save your goodies for someone who loves and respects you than to get your jollies from randoms you don't give a shit about, sex without love is just masturbation...just use your hand or buy yourself a vibrator!! Its faster, easier and less dangerous.... you know, you cant really catch a disease or get preggers that way!!

Related to the sex thing, why are men not encouraged to go get checked for STD's 'n' shit??? Women are encouraged to get papsmears every how ever many years so we can get tested for STD's then. I have never seen or heard anything encouraging men to get tested. So if there are any men reading this...GO GET TESTED!! STD's are way more common than people think and they don't always have symptoms ad if they go untreated can be baaaaaddddd. Also will you women please stop being babies and go get your pap smears and Guardasil injections. I fucking hate needles. i still got my injections... number 3 in three months. Pap smears dont hurt, they are uncomfortable...injections can hurt but you know what hurts more?? and if far more uncomfortable?? CERVICAL CANCER! I'm pretty sure i'd rather suck it up and go get a couple of needles and let a nurse peek at my bits than get cervical cancer... but hey each to there own...if you'd prefer to not reduce the risk of getting cancer then hey good for you...moron.

Why is smoking still legal? Pretty sure it actually kills people. It has no beneficial aspects. Nothing at all. Unless you are already addicted to the nicotine then it gives you a release from the cravings...but you wouldn't have those cravings if you didn't smoke. I don't like smokers. Smoking is slow suicide, and it waits until you have lots an lots of friends and family who love you and some of which may depend on you and then it starts to sloooooowly kill you, so all your loved ones can watch you slowly suffer and die. So thanks a lot to all my friends who smoke!! Thanks for being selfish, thanks for not caring about your health, thanks for not caring about me, thanks for not caring about your other friends, your brothers and sisters your future partner and your children...hey maybe you'll make it long enough so that your grand kids get to watch you die too!! That'd be even better! Let them experience the death of a loved one when their really young! Screw em over go on!!
People who don't trust my decisions and who tell me I am dumb. I may very well be dumb...but i'll find it out on my own I don't need anybody bringing me down.

Not pissing me off....


hahaha this is harder to write than what is pissing me off... how sad...

ok 1.
Steven, he is not pissing me off, in fact he gets here soon and I am very excited and scared. For those of you not in the know Steven is the guy I met via the wonderful world of myspace. He used to live here but at the moment he lives in Darwin but he is coming back in December. No I haven't met him in real life yet. No I don't think it is strange that I feel this way about a guy I haven't met yet. No I don't care that you think I am weird. Yes, I am aware that he may very well secretly be a crazy murderer...i'll take my chances and if it doesn't work out i'll go on Today Tonight and whinge to Monica Cos about how much of a sucker I was. So anyway, things are going wonderfully with us and I am sure they will continue to do so when he FINALLY gets back here.

Christmas time!!! We are just putting up our tree and it's so exciting!! I love Christmas time, its such a happy time! You get to eat lots, it's nice and sunny, there is lots of things to do everyone is happy! Well almost everyone, there is of course always the odd Grinch and those annoying pretentious people who are all anti christmas and are like "oh my god Christmas is just a money maker for all the big stores and toy companies and blah blah blah" Get over it fools! Now wear this tinsel and smile!

Babies!! Jades little 4 month old daughter Freya spewed on me three times today. I always thought baby spew would make me dry reach like the way other spew makes me spew, but it didn't!! I didn't even care I was like 'meh who cares she's way cute' Hahaha! So yeah babies are great, specifically lil Freya.

My awesome mates!! Jarryd even though he is far off in another country coz i love that we'll think of or see random things that remind us of each other and will have to text. ie 40 winks 40 hour sale but only for 40 hours. Nicole who just went over to the UK too. Damn Europe taking away my besties! Timmy, Sonic and K-Fox for being the awesome crazy people that they are. They are fucking awesome. My brain twin Jess hahahaha've heard of brain twins right?? Gavman who feels my pain. Jade and lil Freya. I love you all!! To all you friends who I have been a shit friend to lately I apologise!! I still think of you all I have just been busy and stressed and poor. Bring on the new year when we will all catch up again!!

Ok thats all i can think of for now. This post ended up taking me three days to write because I kept getting distracted so sorry if I went off on random tangents 'n' know what i'm like!!

I hope the silly season has started off well for you all. Look after each other. Have fun and remember don't stress!! Christmas should be about fun and family and getting together (oh and Jesus's birthday too...) so don't let Christmas ruin your Christmas!!

Love you lots, seasons greetings, stay safe!!

Caz xoxo xxxx