Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Reasons why I hate you #542

You leave disgusting things like this on your table and expect me to be cool with picking it up and throwing it out for you. This one is an empty panadiene blister, cigarette papers, an empty m&m pack and what looks like half a lung coughed up on a tissue. I am not a garbage disposal unit. Throw your shit out your damn self!

Monday, 1 December 2008

Moon me!

You guys go look at the moon, do it now! The moon is out tonight with his friends Venus and Jupiter and they are smiling at us! I think it is the universes way of telling us to be happy and I'll repeat here what I sent to my friends tonight.

Isn't it cool that no matter where we all are, we can still look up and see the same thing? Makes you forget about the little things. Love you guys and miss you when you aren't around

Love lots and lots Carrie xoxo xxxx

New Layout!!

As you may have noticed the blog has a brand spankin new layout! If you click on that orange band across the top of the page it will direct you to the site I got it from, they have lots of cool shit and I am sooo happy that they had the perfect layout to go with my blog name, !RainbowBlogStar!

I am sorry about all the annoying picture blogs you have been getting lately, I know they haven't been as exciting for you as they were for me! I am going to try get on here more often and entertain you with my fabulous wit :)

Till then hope you are all well and don't catch the Bah Humbugs this Christmas!

Love always

CazMinx xoxo xxxx

It's a Christmas tree...not fashion statement

I don't know what it is but with December and Christmas also comes drama, bitchiness and anger. At least it does amongst my family and friends, I don't quite understand it because I LOVE December! I love Christmas! Apparently everyone else just gets stressed the fuck out.

In my family one of the most stressful and complicated things about Christmas is putting up the Christmas tree now naive little Carrie thought that now Lee isn't here Christmas tree decorating would be easy and carefree!! (No offence Lee but admit it, you are a Christmas tree nazi) I WAS WRONG! Apparently Mum has taken over as the resident Christmas tree queen.

I think I know why we have such tree drama, I think it is because we all have a different vision on how a Christmas tree should look. I remember when we were little, our tree would be littered with all sorts of decorations, things we made at school out of paper and clay, ornaments of every colour under the sun, so much tinsel you could barely see the leaves of the tree, we'd decorate till the tree looked like an explosion of kiddie art and colour. I LOVED THAT TREE! Nowadays all anybody cares about is the tree fitting in with colour schemes "should we have a gold tree or silver? How about just red? No that shade of green is different to this shade" it drives me crazy! This year our tree is going to be decorated in silver. Gone are the cool things we made, no paper chains, no handmade ornaments, no life, no personality, no cheer, no fun, no coloured lights just plain ones and it makes me sad. It doesn't feel like Christmas with this lifeless tree.

Oh and the decorating, oh the pain! We haven't decorated yet but Mum has put the tree up with the lights, and has already dropped the F-bomb a few times in the process she is also shitty at the fact that Ash has gone out to her friends house so we haven't been able to put the decorations up. I tried to point out to her that the tree isn't going anywhere and we still have plenty of time before Christmas day but apparently "that isn't the point". Our family Christmas tree decorating usually varies from us laughing until we cry, to yelling that "that bit of tinsel is in the wrong spot!/no Carrie you can't put that colour on it doesn't match/there's an empty space over there!" and hating each other. Then Dad puts the star on and we all thank Jesus himself that we won't have to go through this for another whole year.

Love and Christmas cheer

Carrie xoxo xxxx

oh and p.s..... chill the fuck out everyone ok?

Monday, 10 November 2008

She's got skillz

Check out my awesome display board making skillz! I would like to thank Mikaela for introducing me to the joys of the photocopier and Mash Bunbury for supplying me with the means. Thanks guys thanks :)

Friday, 24 October 2008

My restaurant is cooler than yours!

Mental as anything had lunch at my work today. Though to be honest i didn't realise it was them till someone pointed it out. Then they signed this cool plate for us :) Yay!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Just so you guys know...

Movin on up!

Check out Missy's new 3 story mansion! It is awesome! I think she is a little bit confused at the moment but i am sure she will end us loving it... How couldn't you?! I want to be a guinea pig!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

We don't get it...

We gonna take your mama out all night yeah we'll show her what it's all about... But... We don't know what it's all about!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Fish of the Day!

The pic isn't that good because of the reflection but i drew pretty fish and a rainbow and it is awesome! I bet everyone eats fish today just because the board looks so pretty :) have a lovely day everyone!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Ah yeah this is the life

While other people are shopping, exercising and working. Mum and I are drinking wine and eating olives. As you do! Mum wishes you all ''a nice day and enjoy the fine weather for a change''

Sony Ericsson and Blogger-Best Friends Forever!

So you probably already know about my love affair with Sony Ericsson mobile phones the good news is I just upgraded to a C902 which is OMG awesome, however it is also awesome for you because Sony and Blogger have this great little partnership where I can upload my photos straight to my blog whenever and wherever I am!! Yay!!

This means that when I am out and about and see something funny or think of something I can immediately tell you about it without having to wait to get home to my computer! Woo Hoo!! So be prepared for lots more action on this blog from now on and lots more photos!

This, by the way, is where the last post about wine came from. Oh and I should add, i did crack open a lovely bottle of Spy Valley Sauvignon Blanc and I am greatly enjoying it, so is Mum, whos response when i asked if she wanted a glass was "What? Wine? Now? Why?" to which I said "...why not?" and she said "good point"


Love Caz xoxo xxxx

It's a really nice day...

This is the view from our balcony. It is an awesome day, i am sitting here drinking coke but i think i will crack open a nice bottle of vino. Oh i love summer weather!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Greeny and MK

Of course we win- WE ALWAYS WIN!

Clubbers Guide To Bunbury...Part One

I have been meaning to do this for a while...actually I wrote this post like a million years ago and forgot about it but then I went out on the weekend and remembered it so now I am incredibly bored, so I bring to you, my lovely readers, the Clubbers Guide to Bunbury Part One!

1. 3 Monkeys Bar

3 Monkeys or as I like to call it Free STD's (it rhymes (kind of) tee hee!) is the biggest meat market in Bunbury. It is full of skantily clad "I just turned 12, 16 ...18" year old girls and revolting desperate boys all hoping to cop a feel. When venturing into 3 monkeys it is essential you take proper precautions to stop yourself from accidentally catching one of the 768979845 airborne STD's flying through the air. The best way to do this is to cover up all entry holes to your body. Cover your ears, close your mouth, block your nose and keeps your eyes shut tight (airborne STD's can get it though your eyeballs) The following picture shows you the correct way to cover up (it's ok my hair is covering the other ear)

Cover your holes

It is probably important to mention that once inside Monkeys you will find yourself constantly travelling backwards and forwards through time. It seems that the building was built on some sort of ancient time machine. Strange huh?! Now because of this time anomaly you will rarely hear a song played in Monkeys that was released this year....or in the last few years for that matter. It seems the time machine mainly transfers you between the mid to late 90's with a bit of a visit to the 80's. So if you love to "boom shake shake shake the room" are in need of a bit of "California love" and you've "got the chill's" and "they're multiplyin" you are in the right place.

As well as transporting you to different times, 3 Monkeys will also transfer you to different places. Over the weekend I got transported to a gay club in the early 90's, it was playing that "Blow my whistle BITCH" song... all I needed was 40 thousand glow sticks, a whistle, test tube shooters and a day glo T shirt and hot pants and I would have right at home! Often you will get transferred to a place I like to call "Bogan Australia" Regulars to Monkeys will know how to act when this happens. But for all you visitors let me help you out. When the following songs are played you have been transported to "Bogan Australia"

  • "Place your hands" by Reef
  • "Run to paradise" by Choirboys
  • "Cotton Eye Joe" by Rednex
  • "Khe Sanh" by Cold Chisel
  • "I would walk 500 miles" by The Proclaimers

There are a few more...believe me you will know them when you hear them. Now when these songs start you need to scream or yell your appreciation and head to the dancefloor. DO NOT DANCE. Just yell the words to the song loudly and drunkenly whilst spilling your drink on as many of the people around you as you can. If you are a boy now is a good time to hit on chicks by putting your arms around girls you don't know and singing along whilst still spilling booze everywhere (specifically down the chest of the chicks you are trying to impress). In the case of Cotton Eye Joe you must try to get on the stage and once there stamp your feet along in time to the music. Don't forget to spill your drink. Pretend you are at a hoedown just go nuts.

In regards to dancing it is important to know where you stand. There are five types of dancers at Monkeys.

  1. I am a (usually way too fat for my outfit) dirty slut pretending to be a lesbian so boys will think I am hot and you are my pole
  2. I am far to fake and pretty to actually dance so I will just stand here in the middle of the DF and kind of sway whilst looking at everyone with contempt and taking up room so people with ACTUAL dancing skillz have no room
  4. I am not going to be as obvious as number 3, I will just dance and when a girl comes near me I will try dance with her by just grabbing on to her hips and gyrating up against her, this is a surefire way to score.
  5. I am trying to dance but there are too many sluts/fakes/drunks/sleazes everywhere!!

It is up to you which one you want to be...

Dress code is VERY important at Monkeys. If you are a girl it is imperative you wear as little as possible even when it is freezing cold...in fact when it is cold you should wear less because that is just hot as! Always remember to wear stilettos. Even when they don't match the rest of your outfit, even better if you can't walk in them properly, stilettos are really good at Monkeys because they always fall down the cracks in the floorboards outside and stumbling is a very good look (especially when the Monkey shaker you are holding falls to the ground and smashes). If it is a theme night (or a super classy flirt party) YOU MUST DRESS TO THEME and when I say dress I of course mean place a appropriately coloured fabric so it just covers your vag/penis and breasts. At 3 Monkeys LESS IS MORE! Boys, you don't really have to worry about what you wear...as long as it's enough to get you through the front door, because well the girls who you have a chance with will be too trashed to give a shit what you are wearing and the girls who do notice how you dressed in the dark, you don't have a chance with anyway.

Speaking of Monkey Shakers. These are an integral part of the Monkeys experience. I am not quite sure exactly what is in them, I believe it is Midori, pineapple juice, lemonade, roofies and horse tranquilliser. They are sold by skanky bargirls who come around every 5 seconds or so asking "do you want a monkey shaker?" You are meant to drink these using the little shot cups they give you, you pour a shot for you and your friends then drink it yay! However that is obviously the pussy way of drinking them. The kool kids just drink it straight out of the shaker, then spew it up in the toilets/garden/right where they are standing/footpath/doorway later on in the night. Shakers=awesome.

So I think I have covered all my bases here. I hope you are now more equipped to venture into the wonder that is 3 Monkeys bar. Now for a quick recap, cover all your entry points to discourage airborne STDs, be prepared for time warps, know the right way to act in Bogan Australia, choose your dancing style and stick with it, dress appropriately (by appropriately I of course mean "lightly") and drink at least 10 monkey shakers. There you go, stay tuned for Part 2 of the Clubbers Guide to Bunbury where I will cover Fitzgeralds Irish Bar, which recently featured on the top 20 list of most violent bars in W.A. what a selling point!

Lots of love CazMinx xoxo xxxx

Friday, 29 August 2008

Oh My God!!!

Quickly while I am here...have any of you watched Simply Ming before? It's a cooking show with this American dude who is of asian descent and he tried to cook all asian food and I hate him sooooo much. His food is always really really shit and he has a really annoying accent and he thinks he is so awesome but he is just crap.

Oh and that cooking show with Tamasin someone...she has really long fluffy hair and she never ties it up and she cooks and t makes me want to throw up. Oh and she doesn't wear a bra either... the bra I can forgive.. they aren't for everyone... but the hair! Lady you are cooking! Tie that fuzzy shit up! I can just imagine eating one of her meals (which are always pies or stews and other foods that I hate) and finding a giant long bit of her hair in it. Foul!

Ok time for bed now just had to share that

love Caz xoxo xxxx


Sorry I have been so god awful boring as of late. I have started working full time at the brewery so i don't have a lot of time to blog...however...working full time has put me in a great position to realise how annoying and dumb people are and you can rest assured that when i get time I will be writing some awesome posts for you guys...

love you lots and lots

Caz xoxo xxxx

Thursday, 14 August 2008


I figured it was about time I put some new photos of me up...so here is a few of a photo shoot Timmy and I did a while ago...enjoy!

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Uh yeah go Shirley

I just watched a little bit of The View, they were talking to Shirley Maclain and it was hilarious. She has written a book and one lady was asking her about radionics, something that she has mentioned in her book, and Shirley is all like "I don't know what you are talking about" and the chick goes "...it's in your book there's a chapeter on it" and Shirley goes "well i'd have to have a look because I don't know what you are talking about" and she was being a real bitch to this poor woman ad here I am thinking.... If you did actually write this book yourself and you are so damn proud of yourself then maybe you should remember the shit you put in it.

Crazy bitch!

Oh then she is talking about this jewellery she makes and some guy puts "chi" into it and it helps to balance you. Then one of the ladies says "so what is chi just so everyone knows?" and Shirley says in a bitch voice "you know like tai chi?"

Yeah Shirlz...just like Tai Chi

Here is her jewellery... Chakra Sky Jewellery

Ahhhhh good times

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Just In Case You Missed It....

Last Friday 18th July morning I woke up to this article by Katie Hamspon in the West Australian newspaper... note the hilarious cartoon by Alston
This is the advertorial featuring me that they were bitching about. An advertorial that I was fully aware of and had given LandCorp permission to use my name and quotes in...unlike the West Article.
Then on Monday 21st July Katie Hamspon writes a follow up story in the West.
Hmmm...yeah I think I know what Gordon Ramsey would say too....;)
Here is my response thanks to the Bunbury Mail.
Bunno Mail also made their own cartoon...and I must say, I couldn't agree more!
All that is left to say is
My Save Our City myspace page is still up and running, please join it!
Public comment on the Eastside Precinct closes next Tuesday the 5th August so please don't forget to Have Your Say!
Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Monday, 21 July 2008


Know what I hate? People who flash their lights at incoming traffic to warn speeding motorists of speed cameras. It shits me. People who speed are breaking the law and are putting every other road users lives at risk, why the fuck would you want to warn them? Let the fuckers get caught! Let them lose their licence for a while. We'd be better off without them on the road.

I also hate people who bitch about speed cameras and say "Err Carrie, but speed cameras are just a tool the government uses to get money off us LOL!"

I have a really awesome idea for you people then. Don't speed, then you won't get fined, then the government can't take your money!


Love 'n'stuff Caz xoxo xxxx

Friday, 18 July 2008

I'm Baaaaaaaaack!

Sorry about that breif hiatus...something suddenly came up... :)

Anyway I am back better than ever and posting will resume as soon as I have something cool to write about...and I can be bothered writing it... etc

Love lots CazMinx xoxo xxxx

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Why I want the Bunbury Waterfront Development...

So I think it's about time I blogged about this seeing as I have been bitching about it and making myspace pages about it all over the shop...

First up I am in hospitality as you all know. I want to open my own restaurant one day. I kinda want it to be in Bunbury however as Bunbury is at the moment, it just isn't financially viable to open a restaurant here. There isn't enough people going out to run a successful restaurant. I think the development of the waterfront will firstly bring more tourists into the town to dine at my restaurant and secondly it will get more locals out of their houses during the week to enjoy our beautiful waterways.

I think that without this development Bunbury will remain stuck in the past where it and a lot of its residents stubbornly refuse to leave. Bunbury will become a town for old people with old fashioned views. This development gives Bunbury an opportunity to breathe some fresh air. To become modern, vibrant, stylish and fun for all ages.

Don't get me wrong here, I don't want Bunno to become another Perth. It will never happen, that is not what Bunno is about. Nor do I want to turn it into a bustling metropolis full of high rise buildings, a concrete jungle, no way,not at all. I know that some of the development will be high rise apartments and that a lot of people are against that and I understand..I will be pissed off to the max if this development goes through and all we get is 10 thousand overpriced apartments. However the plan is to build new hotels and tourist facilities. A new marina (have you seen the marina at the moment it looks like shit), more restaurant, cafe and bar areas that Bunbury desperately needs (ok definitely not more cafes or asian takeaway food stores, I would die if we got even one more of them, but we need better restaurants and bars), beautiful boardwalks and a new jetty, a new lifestyle that is family friendly, tourist friendly and young adult friendly.

Bunbury is considered to be the gateway to the South West. However you will find that tourists on their way down south will totally bypass Bunno. If they do come here it is usually only for a one nighter. They might check out the Dolphin Centre if they have time and might visit the wineries in the Ferguson Valley. However there is nothing obvious here that makes visitors want to stay more then a night. Most things to do in Bunbury you don't know about till you get here. This development will entice visitors to want to stop and stay in Bunbury. We will become more than just a fuel stop on the way to Busselton and Margaret River and we will be a destination instead of a drive by.

This increase in visitors to Bunbury will bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue to our economy, money that can then be spent in improving Bunbury even more and making us all the more attractive.

The new development will create hundreds if not thousands of jobs, from the initial construction to the new business that will move into the area, to the extra staff existing business will need to keep up with the extra consumers that our tourist trade will create. This can only be positive for Bunbury.

People have been worried that the development will mean we lose valuable land that families use to picnic and play with their kids. First of all this pisses me off. People who say this are probably the same people who don't want 7 day trading because "Sunday is family day" and are probably the same people who come into my restaurant I work in every Sunday with their kids and the 68934654 other families who come in and bitch at me because their well done steak didn't come out 5 minutes after they ordered it. Then who ring and get pissed off because we aren't open on Christmas Day-sorry I didn't get the memo that said all hospitality workers must renounce their own families so they can work on all holidays to serve other families.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah losing "family time" land. Ok secondly this is silly. The land that most people are complaining about, the empty grassed area across from the cinema NEVER GETS USED ever. Seriously I have rarely seen anybody out there unless it's been set up for a planned event, like a festival (which can just be moved to one of the other 79879456 parks Bunbury has). Steven and I sat out there ONCE and ate Noodle Box and yeah it was nice but we can go do that somewhere else. It is a waste of space that is never used and would be better utilised with this development.

In fact the two places I would worry about losing if I was in the family way is Koombana Bay and Jetty Baths. Two places in the development area that are constantly used by residents and tourists alike and guess what? Neither of these areas will be adversely affected by the development. Nothing is happening to that beach and Jetty Baths is just getting a minor facelift...don't worry! We can still get drunk there on Australia Day!

All in all if this development doesn't go ahead I for one don't see a future for me in Bunbury. I'll eventually leave and won't come back... Without this facelift Bunbury will be doomed to be boring and old fashioned and crap forever. with the same old crappy restaurants, same crappy nightclubs and bars, same crappy bushpig reputation.

For a city (yeah that's right Bunbury is a fucking city not a country town) with so much potential, it is a damn sad shame that its residents will do this to it. So don't let them. Get vocal. Say it loud. Say it proud. Save our city! Let it grow and prosper and shake off the filth. Down under there is a cool sleek Bunno trying to get out, lets help it on its way! Write to the newspaper! Write to the council! Tell your friends! Tell your family!


Love and empowerment

Caz xoxo xxxx

p.s. the end of that totally sounded like a gay rights parade hey?

P.P.S. go and join my myspace page about this...the link is at the start of this post if you weren't paying attention.

I am a bitch!!

So it has recently come to my attention that I am in fact a bitch... or well that upon meeting me people get the impression that I don't like them. Woops! Here is the story...

So Kylie was here on Sunday and bought a friend with her for us all to meet. I liked her, I thought she was cool, she was a bit quiet but she got my stamp of first impression approval :) Yay!

Then....today Fox says that her friend thought I didn't like her! Then Tim said "yeah Fran thought that about you at first too"

Shit! So I have been giving off these not so good "I dont like you" vibes without realising it!

Tim says not to worry about it and I'm not too worried, it's not really in my nature to be all talkative and in your face with people I have just met and I am kinda shy and fail at small talk but I guess the point of this blogpost is to say...

If you have met me and I seemed like I didn't like you you may be wrong. I am just kinda slow to warm up to people sometimes. Then again maybe you are right...maybe I didn't like you...fucking loser.

Love lots Caz xoxo xxxx

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Anybody want to buy a phone?

Today I got a new Nokia N95...its a long story but basically I wanted a new phone so i rang my phone company and they didnt have any good Sony Ericssons so the guy said I should get this Nokia and I said ok because he had a hot voice and anyway...

I got it today and I hate it. I mean its got all these fancy features and its pretty fucking cool but its not a Sony and i love sony's. So if someone wants to buy this Nokia off me they can have it for $500 which is a bargain coz i've looked it up on Ebay 'n' shit and they are all way more expensive.

Then I can go buy myself a new pretty Sony Ericsson! I want a Sony C902 it is awesome!

If you want it hit me back with a message

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Windows Live Writer

So I have just downloaded Windows Live Writer and this is my first post to test it out and make sure it works properly! If it does then hopefully it will make me post more regularly. Yay!!

So I couldn't donate blood today because the blood donor centre isn't open today.. So I am going next Monday instead hopefully. Seriously the donor place have the most random opening hours, its only open the first Tuesday of every month and all the other days of the week have different opening hours....I don't think any of them are the same, it's bizarre. I am making Mummy dear come with me to donate and Karen from work is coming and so far that all who has agreed to come. Nobody else wants to part with their blood...or meet with a big arse needle! Understandably, I also hate needles but I will suck it up and get over it :)

What else...Stevo got a new car, it' like his old one cept in 70984309834534 times better condition and it's a station wagon so it's extra roomy. Which will be good for trips away.

I bought an electric blanket today to help combat the freezing freezing house that  live in. Seriously, I don't understand why our house is so cold. It's not normal.

Ummmmm...I am meant to be taking Misty for a drive in my car today but she hasn't called me yet. I think I will give her a buzz in a second and see if she is still in.

Thats all really! Sorry this post wasn't very exciting but nothing too exciting is going on lately! I hope this Live Writer works good though because then I can write posts while I'm away and have no internet connection then can just send them all off when I get home! Brilliant!

Love you all Caz xoxo xxxx


Saturday, 14 June 2008


So I am going to go donate blood on Tuesday probably. I would love it if anyone wanted to come along with me and help save some lives!

Just give me a text and we'll work out a time 'n' shit.

It is free...and they give you drinks and snacks afterwards its awesome to the max!!

Let me know people come on!

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Friday, 13 June 2008

La la la lazy??

So...today, I had to go get waxed at Australind Beauty Works, (best beauticians ever highly recommend them), and I had to put fuel in my car too, but I really couldn't be bothered putting fuel in my car so I just walked down to the beauticians... So although it was lazy to not just go out fuel in my car I think the fact that I walked down to the beautician cancels out that laziness... Right? Right?

I'll get fuel later!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Just in case....

Ummmm this is what a keyboard looks like... just in case you ever decided to randomly take off all of your keys and then didn't know what order they go back on... you can feel safe knowing that all you need to do is come to my blog and look at this picture...unless of course you can't get to my blog because you need your keyboard keys to do that...in which case well...good luck with that...

Love lots and lots The Minx xoxo xxxx

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

We need a sign....

I posted this on the wall of my works Facebook group and I thought I would share it with everyone else...

So...we need a sign for the front door...and here is where we can suggest what it needs to say. I think something like....

"Please wait to be seated, All table service-don't try to order at the bar, we are a brewery not a wine bar or a cafe-if you want a large variety of wine to choose from please fuck off to Casellas where you will be the only customer, if you would just like a coffee-that big ugly green building right next door is called Dome-I believe they are a cafe, $15 lunch specials do not apply on weekends or public holidays-yes i does say that on the menu-look harder, kids meals are for children under 12 ONLY-not for the elderly-or for adults who have the taste maturity of a five year old, if table has a reserved sign on it-you cant sit there- it doesnt mean you can point at it and ask "can i sit there?"-the answer is quite obviously NO! If you try to get into the restaurant and the doors wont open it generally means we are closed-they will not magically open for you i you keep trying-shaking of leaning on the doors to make them open just makes you look stupid, we don't do separate billing-if you and your friends can't come to some sort of arrangement re:money and the bill then maybe you should get some friends who aren't such tightarses, now after reading this and you still feel you qualify to stay at Mash then please come forward and one of our lovely staff will be with you soon, thankyou"

What you reckon? Did I miss anything?

Epic...though i know that nobody would read the sign anyway, they'd all just walk the fuck past it!

Also we have a new winter menu starting soon and it looks really good. Waaaaaay better than the current one. I am very excited about it so you all should come in and visit me and eat!

Love lots Caz xoxo xxxx

Tuesday, 6 May 2008


I just went back and skimmed over the other posts I have written on here and have come up with the following-

  • I am fucking hilarious...if I do say so myself
  • I am also kinda a bitch sometimes
  • and a little emo at times (boo hoo some guy doesn't like me *cries*)
  • I miss Jake, working with him and our late night msn chats. Damn good times!
  • I still hate vegetarians who think eating meat is cruel.
  • I still hate long machiattos
  • I still love Jarryd and always will
  • I am fucking hilarious...if i do say so myself :)
  • I need to write on here more often
Love n' stuff The Minx xoxo xxxx

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The Logies

I watched the Logies last night. The whoooole thing and man it was so fucking boring. The Logies are the most boring drawn out award show ever. Worse than watching the awards being given out at the end if a Helen Gough jazz ballet graduation.

I watched it though because I wanted to see who would win and because i wanted to see the musical acts...what a waste of fucking time. I have a question. The Logies are a celebration of Australian television. Its all about Australia. So.why.the.fuck. did the only two musical acts the whole night not come from fucking Australia?? Like wouldn't you want to cross promote Australias other entertainment industry? Our music industry? Nooooo of course not..instead we get that band that sings that "pictures of you" song (yeah I was so interested that I didn't even remember their name) pretty sure they are American but don't quote me on that. The other band was bloody Westlife! Are you serious Westlife? What were the producers thinking?? "hmm we need a band to liven up the night...lets use Westlife!" Yeah they are real lively. I almost had a heart attack I was so excited.


I guess you could call that thing Chris Lilly did a musical act...but it was kinda shit to be honest, don't get me wrong I like Chris Lilly but don't think it really works in a live format but whatev!

However despite how fucking eye bleedingly boring the show was it did have a few good moments. It reminded me how much i love Adam Hills, he was hilarious, apparently the audience didn't think so...but I thought he was GOLD! Also the tribute to the Aussie television stars and staff we have lost was really nicely done, was quite emotional. Oh and the Umbilical brothers skit about Sally Fletcher was awesome!

Yeah that about it, note to the Logie organisers, next time use Australian music,and more of it. More actual entertainment because your show is crazy boring. OK cool!

Love lots Caz xoxo xxxx

P.s. oh man how hot are all the guys from Underbelly. SO HOT! I am going to buy the DVD's...not because they are hot but because it is a awes show...though the hottness helps...

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So...I should apologise....

Remember how a while back was saying how i hate Ashlee Simpson...something about bad regrowth and jealousy over her hot boyfriend... well I officially apologise to Ashlee Simpson because.....

I love her new album...i haven't quite finished listening to it yet but I am a huge fan so far. So you guys should all go buy it coz its tops.

Oh and also...
She has been rocking this new dark long hair and she looks hot. So I'm not jealous anymore...she needs to marry Pete and have some babies because they will be the hottest babies in the world. Then Brad Pitt and Angelina "revolting crackwhore" Jolie will lose their stupid worlds most beautiful baby title. Not that their kid is even that beautiful..I mean its cute but all babies are bloody cute.

Anyway I have gone off topic, my point is-

Sorry for being a bitch Ashlee Simpson, you are looking hot, your new album rocks, go get married and stay married and stay normal and cool and awesome.


Love lots Caz xoxo xxxx

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The Departement for Planning and Infrastructure can fuck off!

So the DPI has managed to fuck up my licence AGAIN! I knew my licence expired sometime around the start of the year and have been expecting my renewal form to come for a while, today I though "hey I might check to see when it expires" *looks* Oh It's the 22nd of fucking February!! So I'm like "oh shit why haven't they sent me my form...oh I know why! I bet they fucked up my address thing again" for those of you who don't know the issues I have had with the morons who work at the DPI let me quickly fill you in...

When I moved out of home I had to renew my licence at the same time so I thought may as well change my address too, after about 2 months I still hadn't been sent my new drivers licence so I ring them up and apparently the moron who wrote my address down put in "Unit 5 Upper Esplanade" what a dick! Do you know how many Unit 5's there are on that street?? At least like 10! But instead of the dude fixing it on the phone I had to go down to the licensing centre, wait in line for ten hours and change the address in person. Then a few weeks later I get my licence and a few weeks after that they send me a little sticker with the same address DUMB!

Then when I moved back home I went in and changed my address again back to my home address then I forgot all about it till one day at least 3 months later I get a letter in the mail. The smart people at the Department for Planning and Infrastructure sent the sticker with my new address on it to my old home address. Oh man how dumb can you possibly be!!

So anyway I ring up the DPI today ready to kill them and the chick is like "oh you only changed your residential address and not your postal address" and I'm like "whatever bitch I'm not retarded why would I do that? Obviously the monkeys in your office fucked it up" (didn't actually say it in those words) and she goes "well i can pull up the paperwork you filled out but that could take a few weeks" then I burst into flames because as much as making her pull up the forms to prove her dept is shit would be fun but I'm pretty sure i don't want to wait that fucking long. Anyway she says "you'll have to go down to the licensing centre change your postal address and pay your license there, oh and you shouldn't be driving because your licence has expired"


So now I have to got to the dumb licensing centre, wait 809809565 years for the slow slow slow slow slow bitches down there, then explain in a slow clear voice why I hate them so much and oh dear lord if they think they are going to charge me for changing my address they will be in for it so bad. I will spit it big time!

Anyway so that was my day!

Love lots Caz xoxo xxxx

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Isnt that nice?

I was totally going to come on here and right this big rant about how much people at my new work annoy me (customers not staff), I even wrote a fair bit out, but then I was talking to Timmy and he put me in a really good mood somehow with his rainbow powers and now I don't feel like bitching! So unfortunately for you, you dont get to have a post about me ranting on in my hilarious bitchy way!! I will however give you a life update....and maybe I will end up bitchin lets just see how things roll ;)

So I am not working at Mojos anymore! I have a brand spankin new job, and i mean brand spanking as in just built, just opened, first load of staff new job. Its very exciting its also very stressful going into a new place where you don't know how people will react, you don't know how you'll get on with the staff, your new bosses, the owners etc I am finding it a bit hard at the moment because I have been supervising for so long and now I am not...its really hard to stop yourself from telling people what to do and telling people to stop chit chatting and throwing rubbish in the sink and shit like that. So I sometimes worry that I am coming across as a bossy bitch but then I realise that I don't care if people think I am bossy if it means they'll stop fucking around haha!

Feedback has been ok. Its been mixed, some people are really loving it and some people are far from impressed...i haven't had a chance to see if we have any reviews on Eating W.A. I might have a look now actually (there was nothing)... Anyway everyone who knows me knows that I am my own biggest critic so this is what i think about my new workplace...

The menu is pretty good I have eaten a few things and have been happy with them. Some of the things are shit though and are being taken off the menu thank god. With the changes that we are making to the menu there is now nothing that i wouldn't recommend and the serving sizes are pretty big which is great because there is nothing worse than paying $30 for a meal that is tiny, i am all about quality over quantity but you also need to be realistic! So the food is generally good but keep in mind its not fine dining so it's not too fancy its just good feel good food I would call it.

Service is okay. Its hard for me to say because I have only been in once properly as a diner and that was opening night so it was a shit fight. I know that we don't quality heck as well as we need to. I try, and I think it is something that needs to be bought up because i think one of the most important things to do in a restaurant is to quality check your meals...for so many reasons! Apart from that if its busy you will wait a while for your meals, the kitchen is only small and as great as our chefs are they are only human and we get really really busy so if you can see that it is packed expect a wait on your food and don't complain about it ok? General other service is ok, its less stellar than i am used to but I am used to more fine dining and thats not what we are about so i guess its cool. I would like to see it improved though. The way we are set up there is no excuse for people needing to wait to have orders taken.

The beers are great! I drink beer now...but not lots because you know I dont drink much anyway...my favourite is the Haze but the Belgian is also great. The other ones are ok but I'm not really a huge beer drinker soo...I think its really up to the kind of style of beer you like! We don't have a big wine and spirit selection. This is because we are a brewery. So if you don't like beer then instead of complaining to me about the lack of wine variety, why don't you ask yourself why the fuck you decided to go have a drink at a brewery...you dickhead*.

*seriously you would not believe the amount of people who have been snooty at me about the small wine list. "why dont you have many wines not everyone drnks beer you know". Yeah I do know that...those people shouldn't go out to a fucking brewery seriously...its just common sense, a value that a lot of Bunbury people are severely lacking!

What else yeah thats it about my new work. Thats what I think but you should come in and try it out for yourself!!

Ok now get ready for my bitch!!

I already told you the first one. The whole "i don't drink beer why don't you have lots of wine?" Seriously people are dumb. I understand not everyone drinks beer but don't go to a BREWERY and complain you don't drink beer. Like if you hate beer that much then why fucking go to a brewery, obviously you are the retarded one not me.

Seriously Bunbury people are obsessed with going out for coffee...I mean its nice to go have a coffee but Bunbury people feel the need to go have a coffee anywhere and everywhere. The amount of people who come in saying "can i just have a coffee?" is crazy in my head I am always like "ok 1- we are a brewery not a cafe and 2- Dome is next fucking store why dont you go there??" but out loud I say "yeah sure why the fuck not hey?" there are about 7809805654 cafes in Bunbury...why do you people need to come to a brewery for a coffee??

Chips. Bunbury loves chips and wedges and tomato sauce and sour cream and sweet chilli. I REFUSE to have chips and wedges at my future restaurant. I have a news flash for you, chips and wedges are 10% potato and 90% fat. They are also NOT A MEAL. So many young girls come in for dinner and order a plate of wedges or chips and I mean teenage girls, I can't understand why the fuck people don't eat properly these days or why parents allow their children to have chips as a meal. No wonder people are getting so fat.

I hate people who walk in, ignore all the staff, sit down, then crack the shits when they don't get served. WAIT TO BE FUCKING SEATED seriously. People are so rude, the amount of times I have greeted people only to be fully ignored is insane. We need to get a sign that says "Please wait to be seated, it is table service you cannot order from the bar, we do not do separate billing"

Separate billing oh my god separate billing. We DON'T do it. I don't know ANYWHERE that does it. Am going to say this. If you and your friends can't work out for yourself how much you each want to throw in for the bill then clearly you are shit friends. What the fuck is a few dollars between mates? Why do you need to have it separated down to the last cent? Seriously this annoys me so much. if you want to pay separate, tell us before you start and we'll get you your own tab but if you think that I am going to let you and your ten friends come up to me individually and rattle off what you ate and make me work it all out for you you can fuck off coz it aint gonna happen! This is what you do you find out the total, you divide it by how many people are at your table then you all throw that much money in and voila!! You have your money for the bill!! IT IS THAT EASY!

Hmm ok thats all I can think of at the moment. The moral of the story is stop being a pleb come down to the Brewery and don't be a cunt!

Cool well I will try post more regularly for ya'll I was trying to set it up by mobile but its not working so you'll just have to wait till I get time to write.

Till next time!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

I wonder if what i am trying to do here

Ok so what i was trying to do didn't work.... I tried to email a blog here from my phone but it failed! Well actually what I sent is the subject of this blog.

I can't seem to work out how to make it work properly!!

Monday, 31 March 2008

Dear WWE

So I just watched Wrestlemania and I'm a bit in two minds about it....well actually no it kinda sucked. I am super happy that the Undertaker took home the gold but please tell me this means he'll stop with the boring undead crap thing he has been doing for way too long. You should put him back on a massive arse motorbike next time Chuck Palombo comes out on his and Undertaker can beat the shit out of him for stealing his old routine...seriously thats pretty fucking weak.

Anyway I am happy that John Cena didn't win the championship because he is a massive tool. Oh dear I hate him so much. There where these people in the front row wearing "we hate John Cena" T-Shirts and man did I want to buy those people a beer! However why did you have to let Randy Orton win? He has had it for soooooo long surely it is time for The Game to have it back? He is the best wrester in the WWE. Or you could have at least made it a better win....it was kind of a crap way to end the match...

Another thing that pissed me off was the fucking Floyd Mayweather bullshit match. Oh my god why was he allowed to win? That was the most fucked thing ever ever!! NOBODY wanted him to win, you could tell by the thousands of people in the audience booing, he is an arrogant midget shithead and deserved to get his arse kicked by Big Show. I just can't believe that he won. So shit.

The Ric Flair v HBK match was great, it was a really cool way for Ric to go out. Even though I think everyone knew that it was going to go down that way it still was a great match and wasn't boring at all.

OK so maybe it didn't suck that much...but it sure as hell could have been better for a Wrestlemania... I don't know I was just expecting a lot more.

Thats my feedback, can't wait till I'm watching Wrestlmania front row and centre!


Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

*changes the station*

Does anyone else have those songs they hate so much that they'd rather listen to adverts on a different radio station or listen to nothing than hear that song?? I have many, I also realised I just have artists I'd rather throw a brick at my radio than listen to over it.

Here is my list!!

Anything by Hinder...I fucking hate Hinder, as you already know if you read my earlier blog about them. Shit songs, annoying out on voice= bad bad bad!!

Anything by Pete Murray...seriously Pete Murray is so fucking boring. He makes me want to slit my wrists then take way too many sleeping pills then jump off a cliff. Not really but you get my point. All his song are boring and complaining that his girlfriend hates him. PETE GET OVER IT!! Srsly.

Misery by Good Charlotte... this was the first song HotFm played in 2008 and apparently I will be plagued by it for the rest of the year. It is so shit. "Don't you know that misery loves company!!??" Apparently they want us all to be miserable. What a horrific shitty song.

Soulja Boy..I think the song is called Crank that (Soulja Boy)...whatever I hate it on many levels. First because Soulja Boy is such a shit name. Oooh check how fuckig clever I am!! It sounds like Soldier but its spelt Soulja coz I gots so much Soul in my music, what-fucking-ever, yeah it takes a lot of Soul to "Superman dat ho" which leads me to my next point. "Superman dat ho" is disgusting, for those who don't know, to "Superman" a girl means to sprog on her back while she's asleep and put the sheet over her back so your spooge dries and the sheet sticks to her back and in the morning she has a cute little "cape". Seriously if my boyfriend dared to do this to me I would backhand him and tell him to fuck right off. What kind of a disrespectful cunt does that? Soulja Boy apparently. I also hate Soulja Biy and his shitty song for two more reasons... why oh why is everyone wearing shirts that are 87987456 sizes too big for them in the filmclip??? This is the dumbest fashion trend ever. Ever. As if it is attractive it looks stupid "oh you cant shop for yourself...loser". Now finally the last reason I hate it so much.... he says his name about 79809809560456 times in the song. Any artist who needs to constantly repeat their name in their music is shit. SHIT I TELL YOU!

That song my Beyonce and Shakira...I cant remember what its called but I dont like that either. They also do the annoying "lets say our name in our own song" thing. We know your names...seriously.

That is all i can think of for the moment... oh but on a more positive note...i am currently obsessed with the song Ballroom Blitz by Sweet. It is so awesomely cool!!

Oh and do yourselves a favour... go listen to American Badass by Kid Rock. Listen to the words. It is the funniest song ever, it makes me giggle all the time. My two favourite lines are... "I'm gonna fuck some ho's after I rock this place" and "I know it smells in here coz i'm the shit" Kid Rock=Lyrical Genius!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Reconciliation Day

Today we took a huge step forward by apologising to the Aborigines of Australia by apologising for the stolen generation.

I would also like to add my own extra apology to the Aborigines. I am sorry that we came into your country and took over thinking that we knew better. I am sorry that we murdered you. I am sorry that we forced you into colonies, forced you to learn english. I'm sorry that we introduced you to alcohol. I am sorry that we tried to kill your culture and modernise you. I am sorry that we took away your children. I am sorry that an unbelievable amount of my generation are ignorant and think that we shouldn't have to apologise. I am sorry that you are still mistreated.

I hope that after today people begin to lose the ignorant attitude. I am so so so so disappointed in my generation, I thought that the majority of them would be proud of todays apology but after reading the comments over at the Australia Hub reconciliation blog I can see that I am wrong.

It is time to wisen up people. I ask all my friends who feel the way i do about this to repost this blog, write your own and even go show your support over at the hub.

Any of my friends who read this and don't agree, anyone who thinks that this apology was not needed. Don't try to argue your point with me. I don't want to hear it. Just delete me from your friend list.

Love and peace to you all Carrie xoxo xxxx

Friday, 18 January 2008


I got paid today and I only have $0.75 in my bank account...but despite the fact I have less than a dollar to live on for the next two weeks I am in an epic crazy awesome mood....maybe its the 9840980546 lollys i bought today at the lolly shop...whatever it is. Its great.

Love you all lots 'n' lots!

Come visit me at work tonight

love Caz xoxo xxxx

Wednesday, 16 January 2008


I am watching Jerry Springer and there is a pregnant chick giving a guy a lap dance in a blue bikini. The name of the show is "I am pregnant and I need to strip".

Most of the stuff on JS I can laugh off as just headfucked americans wanting there 15 seconds of fame but bitches bringing their unborn children into this is disgusting. As she danced I could almost see that babies future...wrapped around a strippers pole, with a husband who cheats on her calls her fat and beats her.

Congratufuckinglations you are retarded and you are starting your kid off way way behind the starting line. I just hope that kid can somehow grow up with a brain and can not only catch up to the rest of us but can excel and go even further and can be an inspiration to the children of other headfucked bitches.

Caz xoxo xxxx