Friday, 18 January 2008


I got paid today and I only have $0.75 in my bank account...but despite the fact I have less than a dollar to live on for the next two weeks I am in an epic crazy awesome mood....maybe its the 9840980546 lollys i bought today at the lolly shop...whatever it is. Its great.

Love you all lots 'n' lots!

Come visit me at work tonight

love Caz xoxo xxxx

Wednesday, 16 January 2008


I am watching Jerry Springer and there is a pregnant chick giving a guy a lap dance in a blue bikini. The name of the show is "I am pregnant and I need to strip".

Most of the stuff on JS I can laugh off as just headfucked americans wanting there 15 seconds of fame but bitches bringing their unborn children into this is disgusting. As she danced I could almost see that babies future...wrapped around a strippers pole, with a husband who cheats on her calls her fat and beats her.

Congratufuckinglations you are retarded and you are starting your kid off way way behind the starting line. I just hope that kid can somehow grow up with a brain and can not only catch up to the rest of us but can excel and go even further and can be an inspiration to the children of other headfucked bitches.

Caz xoxo xxxx