Wednesday, 20 February 2008

*changes the station*

Does anyone else have those songs they hate so much that they'd rather listen to adverts on a different radio station or listen to nothing than hear that song?? I have many, I also realised I just have artists I'd rather throw a brick at my radio than listen to over it.

Here is my list!!

Anything by Hinder...I fucking hate Hinder, as you already know if you read my earlier blog about them. Shit songs, annoying out on voice= bad bad bad!!

Anything by Pete Murray...seriously Pete Murray is so fucking boring. He makes me want to slit my wrists then take way too many sleeping pills then jump off a cliff. Not really but you get my point. All his song are boring and complaining that his girlfriend hates him. PETE GET OVER IT!! Srsly.

Misery by Good Charlotte... this was the first song HotFm played in 2008 and apparently I will be plagued by it for the rest of the year. It is so shit. "Don't you know that misery loves company!!??" Apparently they want us all to be miserable. What a horrific shitty song.

Soulja Boy..I think the song is called Crank that (Soulja Boy)...whatever I hate it on many levels. First because Soulja Boy is such a shit name. Oooh check how fuckig clever I am!! It sounds like Soldier but its spelt Soulja coz I gots so much Soul in my music, what-fucking-ever, yeah it takes a lot of Soul to "Superman dat ho" which leads me to my next point. "Superman dat ho" is disgusting, for those who don't know, to "Superman" a girl means to sprog on her back while she's asleep and put the sheet over her back so your spooge dries and the sheet sticks to her back and in the morning she has a cute little "cape". Seriously if my boyfriend dared to do this to me I would backhand him and tell him to fuck right off. What kind of a disrespectful cunt does that? Soulja Boy apparently. I also hate Soulja Biy and his shitty song for two more reasons... why oh why is everyone wearing shirts that are 87987456 sizes too big for them in the filmclip??? This is the dumbest fashion trend ever. Ever. As if it is attractive it looks stupid "oh you cant shop for yourself...loser". Now finally the last reason I hate it so much.... he says his name about 79809809560456 times in the song. Any artist who needs to constantly repeat their name in their music is shit. SHIT I TELL YOU!

That song my Beyonce and Shakira...I cant remember what its called but I dont like that either. They also do the annoying "lets say our name in our own song" thing. We know your names...seriously.

That is all i can think of for the moment... oh but on a more positive note...i am currently obsessed with the song Ballroom Blitz by Sweet. It is so awesomely cool!!

Oh and do yourselves a favour... go listen to American Badass by Kid Rock. Listen to the words. It is the funniest song ever, it makes me giggle all the time. My two favourite lines are... "I'm gonna fuck some ho's after I rock this place" and "I know it smells in here coz i'm the shit" Kid Rock=Lyrical Genius!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Reconciliation Day

Today we took a huge step forward by apologising to the Aborigines of Australia by apologising for the stolen generation.

I would also like to add my own extra apology to the Aborigines. I am sorry that we came into your country and took over thinking that we knew better. I am sorry that we murdered you. I am sorry that we forced you into colonies, forced you to learn english. I'm sorry that we introduced you to alcohol. I am sorry that we tried to kill your culture and modernise you. I am sorry that we took away your children. I am sorry that an unbelievable amount of my generation are ignorant and think that we shouldn't have to apologise. I am sorry that you are still mistreated.

I hope that after today people begin to lose the ignorant attitude. I am so so so so disappointed in my generation, I thought that the majority of them would be proud of todays apology but after reading the comments over at the Australia Hub reconciliation blog I can see that I am wrong.

It is time to wisen up people. I ask all my friends who feel the way i do about this to repost this blog, write your own and even go show your support over at the hub.

Any of my friends who read this and don't agree, anyone who thinks that this apology was not needed. Don't try to argue your point with me. I don't want to hear it. Just delete me from your friend list.

Love and peace to you all Carrie xoxo xxxx