Monday, 31 March 2008

Dear WWE

So I just watched Wrestlemania and I'm a bit in two minds about it....well actually no it kinda sucked. I am super happy that the Undertaker took home the gold but please tell me this means he'll stop with the boring undead crap thing he has been doing for way too long. You should put him back on a massive arse motorbike next time Chuck Palombo comes out on his and Undertaker can beat the shit out of him for stealing his old routine...seriously thats pretty fucking weak.

Anyway I am happy that John Cena didn't win the championship because he is a massive tool. Oh dear I hate him so much. There where these people in the front row wearing "we hate John Cena" T-Shirts and man did I want to buy those people a beer! However why did you have to let Randy Orton win? He has had it for soooooo long surely it is time for The Game to have it back? He is the best wrester in the WWE. Or you could have at least made it a better was kind of a crap way to end the match...

Another thing that pissed me off was the fucking Floyd Mayweather bullshit match. Oh my god why was he allowed to win? That was the most fucked thing ever ever!! NOBODY wanted him to win, you could tell by the thousands of people in the audience booing, he is an arrogant midget shithead and deserved to get his arse kicked by Big Show. I just can't believe that he won. So shit.

The Ric Flair v HBK match was great, it was a really cool way for Ric to go out. Even though I think everyone knew that it was going to go down that way it still was a great match and wasn't boring at all.

OK so maybe it didn't suck that much...but it sure as hell could have been better for a Wrestlemania... I don't know I was just expecting a lot more.

Thats my feedback, can't wait till I'm watching Wrestlmania front row and centre!


Love Caz xoxo xxxx