Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The Departement for Planning and Infrastructure can fuck off!

So the DPI has managed to fuck up my licence AGAIN! I knew my licence expired sometime around the start of the year and have been expecting my renewal form to come for a while, today I though "hey I might check to see when it expires" *looks* Oh It's the 22nd of fucking February!! So I'm like "oh shit why haven't they sent me my form...oh I know why! I bet they fucked up my address thing again" for those of you who don't know the issues I have had with the morons who work at the DPI let me quickly fill you in...

When I moved out of home I had to renew my licence at the same time so I thought may as well change my address too, after about 2 months I still hadn't been sent my new drivers licence so I ring them up and apparently the moron who wrote my address down put in "Unit 5 Upper Esplanade" what a dick! Do you know how many Unit 5's there are on that street?? At least like 10! But instead of the dude fixing it on the phone I had to go down to the licensing centre, wait in line for ten hours and change the address in person. Then a few weeks later I get my licence and a few weeks after that they send me a little sticker with the same address DUMB!

Then when I moved back home I went in and changed my address again back to my home address then I forgot all about it till one day at least 3 months later I get a letter in the mail. The smart people at the Department for Planning and Infrastructure sent the sticker with my new address on it to my old home address. Oh man how dumb can you possibly be!!

So anyway I ring up the DPI today ready to kill them and the chick is like "oh you only changed your residential address and not your postal address" and I'm like "whatever bitch I'm not retarded why would I do that? Obviously the monkeys in your office fucked it up" (didn't actually say it in those words) and she goes "well i can pull up the paperwork you filled out but that could take a few weeks" then I burst into flames because as much as making her pull up the forms to prove her dept is shit would be fun but I'm pretty sure i don't want to wait that fucking long. Anyway she says "you'll have to go down to the licensing centre change your postal address and pay your license there, oh and you shouldn't be driving because your licence has expired"


So now I have to got to the dumb licensing centre, wait 809809565 years for the slow slow slow slow slow bitches down there, then explain in a slow clear voice why I hate them so much and oh dear lord if they think they are going to charge me for changing my address they will be in for it so bad. I will spit it big time!

Anyway so that was my day!

Love lots Caz xoxo xxxx

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Isnt that nice?

I was totally going to come on here and right this big rant about how much people at my new work annoy me (customers not staff), I even wrote a fair bit out, but then I was talking to Timmy and he put me in a really good mood somehow with his rainbow powers and now I don't feel like bitching! So unfortunately for you, you dont get to have a post about me ranting on in my hilarious bitchy way!! I will however give you a life update....and maybe I will end up bitchin lets just see how things roll ;)

So I am not working at Mojos anymore! I have a brand spankin new job, and i mean brand spanking as in just built, just opened, first load of staff new job. Its very exciting its also very stressful going into a new place where you don't know how people will react, you don't know how you'll get on with the staff, your new bosses, the owners etc I am finding it a bit hard at the moment because I have been supervising for so long and now I am not...its really hard to stop yourself from telling people what to do and telling people to stop chit chatting and throwing rubbish in the sink and shit like that. So I sometimes worry that I am coming across as a bossy bitch but then I realise that I don't care if people think I am bossy if it means they'll stop fucking around haha!

Feedback has been ok. Its been mixed, some people are really loving it and some people are far from impressed...i haven't had a chance to see if we have any reviews on Eating W.A. I might have a look now actually (there was nothing)... Anyway everyone who knows me knows that I am my own biggest critic so this is what i think about my new workplace...

The menu is pretty good I have eaten a few things and have been happy with them. Some of the things are shit though and are being taken off the menu thank god. With the changes that we are making to the menu there is now nothing that i wouldn't recommend and the serving sizes are pretty big which is great because there is nothing worse than paying $30 for a meal that is tiny, i am all about quality over quantity but you also need to be realistic! So the food is generally good but keep in mind its not fine dining so it's not too fancy its just good feel good food I would call it.

Service is okay. Its hard for me to say because I have only been in once properly as a diner and that was opening night so it was a shit fight. I know that we don't quality heck as well as we need to. I try, and I think it is something that needs to be bought up because i think one of the most important things to do in a restaurant is to quality check your meals...for so many reasons! Apart from that if its busy you will wait a while for your meals, the kitchen is only small and as great as our chefs are they are only human and we get really really busy so if you can see that it is packed expect a wait on your food and don't complain about it ok? General other service is ok, its less stellar than i am used to but I am used to more fine dining and thats not what we are about so i guess its cool. I would like to see it improved though. The way we are set up there is no excuse for people needing to wait to have orders taken.

The beers are great! I drink beer now...but not lots because you know I dont drink much anyway...my favourite is the Haze but the Belgian is also great. The other ones are ok but I'm not really a huge beer drinker soo...I think its really up to the kind of style of beer you like! We don't have a big wine and spirit selection. This is because we are a brewery. So if you don't like beer then instead of complaining to me about the lack of wine variety, why don't you ask yourself why the fuck you decided to go have a drink at a brewery...you dickhead*.

*seriously you would not believe the amount of people who have been snooty at me about the small wine list. "why dont you have many wines not everyone drnks beer you know". Yeah I do know that...those people shouldn't go out to a fucking brewery seriously...its just common sense, a value that a lot of Bunbury people are severely lacking!

What else yeah thats it about my new work. Thats what I think but you should come in and try it out for yourself!!

Ok now get ready for my bitch!!

I already told you the first one. The whole "i don't drink beer why don't you have lots of wine?" Seriously people are dumb. I understand not everyone drinks beer but don't go to a BREWERY and complain you don't drink beer. Like if you hate beer that much then why fucking go to a brewery, obviously you are the retarded one not me.

Seriously Bunbury people are obsessed with going out for coffee...I mean its nice to go have a coffee but Bunbury people feel the need to go have a coffee anywhere and everywhere. The amount of people who come in saying "can i just have a coffee?" is crazy in my head I am always like "ok 1- we are a brewery not a cafe and 2- Dome is next fucking store why dont you go there??" but out loud I say "yeah sure why the fuck not hey?" there are about 7809805654 cafes in Bunbury...why do you people need to come to a brewery for a coffee??

Chips. Bunbury loves chips and wedges and tomato sauce and sour cream and sweet chilli. I REFUSE to have chips and wedges at my future restaurant. I have a news flash for you, chips and wedges are 10% potato and 90% fat. They are also NOT A MEAL. So many young girls come in for dinner and order a plate of wedges or chips and I mean teenage girls, I can't understand why the fuck people don't eat properly these days or why parents allow their children to have chips as a meal. No wonder people are getting so fat.

I hate people who walk in, ignore all the staff, sit down, then crack the shits when they don't get served. WAIT TO BE FUCKING SEATED seriously. People are so rude, the amount of times I have greeted people only to be fully ignored is insane. We need to get a sign that says "Please wait to be seated, it is table service you cannot order from the bar, we do not do separate billing"

Separate billing oh my god separate billing. We DON'T do it. I don't know ANYWHERE that does it. Am going to say this. If you and your friends can't work out for yourself how much you each want to throw in for the bill then clearly you are shit friends. What the fuck is a few dollars between mates? Why do you need to have it separated down to the last cent? Seriously this annoys me so much. if you want to pay separate, tell us before you start and we'll get you your own tab but if you think that I am going to let you and your ten friends come up to me individually and rattle off what you ate and make me work it all out for you you can fuck off coz it aint gonna happen! This is what you do you find out the total, you divide it by how many people are at your table then you all throw that much money in and voila!! You have your money for the bill!! IT IS THAT EASY!

Hmm ok thats all I can think of at the moment. The moral of the story is stop being a pleb come down to the Brewery and don't be a cunt!

Cool well I will try post more regularly for ya'll I was trying to set it up by mobile but its not working so you'll just have to wait till I get time to write.

Till next time!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

I wonder if what i am trying to do here

Ok so what i was trying to do didn't work.... I tried to email a blog here from my phone but it failed! Well actually what I sent is the subject of this blog.

I can't seem to work out how to make it work properly!!