Tuesday, 6 May 2008


I just went back and skimmed over the other posts I have written on here and have come up with the following-

  • I am fucking hilarious...if I do say so myself
  • I am also kinda a bitch sometimes
  • and a little emo at times (boo hoo some guy doesn't like me *cries*)
  • I miss Jake, working with him and our late night msn chats. Damn good times!
  • I still hate vegetarians who think eating meat is cruel.
  • I still hate long machiattos
  • I still love Jarryd and always will
  • I am fucking hilarious...if i do say so myself :)
  • I need to write on here more often
Love n' stuff The Minx xoxo xxxx

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The Logies

I watched the Logies last night. The whoooole thing and man it was so fucking boring. The Logies are the most boring drawn out award show ever. Worse than watching the awards being given out at the end if a Helen Gough jazz ballet graduation.

I watched it though because I wanted to see who would win and because i wanted to see the musical acts...what a waste of fucking time. I have a question. The Logies are a celebration of Australian television. Its all about Australia. So.why.the.fuck. did the only two musical acts the whole night not come from fucking Australia?? Like wouldn't you want to cross promote Australias other entertainment industry? Our music industry? Nooooo of course not..instead we get that band that sings that "pictures of you" song (yeah I was so interested that I didn't even remember their name) pretty sure they are American but don't quote me on that. The other band was bloody Westlife! Are you serious Westlife? What were the producers thinking?? "hmm we need a band to liven up the night...lets use Westlife!" Yeah they are real lively. I almost had a heart attack I was so excited.


I guess you could call that thing Chris Lilly did a musical act...but it was kinda shit to be honest, don't get me wrong I like Chris Lilly but don't think it really works in a live format but whatev!

However despite how fucking eye bleedingly boring the show was it did have a few good moments. It reminded me how much i love Adam Hills, he was hilarious, apparently the audience didn't think so...but I thought he was GOLD! Also the tribute to the Aussie television stars and staff we have lost was really nicely done, was quite emotional. Oh and the Umbilical brothers skit about Sally Fletcher was awesome!

Yeah that about it, note to the Logie organisers, next time use Australian music,and more of it. More actual entertainment because your show is crazy boring. OK cool!

Love lots Caz xoxo xxxx

P.s. oh man how hot are all the guys from Underbelly. SO HOT! I am going to buy the DVD's...not because they are hot but because it is a awes show...though the hottness helps...

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So...I should apologise....

Remember how a while back was saying how i hate Ashlee Simpson...something about bad regrowth and jealousy over her hot boyfriend... well I officially apologise to Ashlee Simpson because.....

I love her new album...i haven't quite finished listening to it yet but I am a huge fan so far. So you guys should all go buy it coz its tops.

Oh and also...
She has been rocking this new dark long hair and she looks hot. So I'm not jealous anymore...she needs to marry Pete and have some babies because they will be the hottest babies in the world. Then Brad Pitt and Angelina "revolting crackwhore" Jolie will lose their stupid worlds most beautiful baby title. Not that their kid is even that beautiful..I mean its cute but all babies are bloody cute.

Anyway I have gone off topic, my point is-

Sorry for being a bitch Ashlee Simpson, you are looking hot, your new album rocks, go get married and stay married and stay normal and cool and awesome.


Love lots Caz xoxo xxxx