Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Windows Live Writer

So I have just downloaded Windows Live Writer and this is my first post to test it out and make sure it works properly! If it does then hopefully it will make me post more regularly. Yay!!

So I couldn't donate blood today because the blood donor centre isn't open today.. So I am going next Monday instead hopefully. Seriously the donor place have the most random opening hours, its only open the first Tuesday of every month and all the other days of the week have different opening hours....I don't think any of them are the same, it's bizarre. I am making Mummy dear come with me to donate and Karen from work is coming and so far that all who has agreed to come. Nobody else wants to part with their blood...or meet with a big arse needle! Understandably, I also hate needles but I will suck it up and get over it :)

What else...Stevo got a new car, it' like his old one cept in 70984309834534 times better condition and it's a station wagon so it's extra roomy. Which will be good for trips away.

I bought an electric blanket today to help combat the freezing freezing house that  live in. Seriously, I don't understand why our house is so cold. It's not normal.

Ummmmm...I am meant to be taking Misty for a drive in my car today but she hasn't called me yet. I think I will give her a buzz in a second and see if she is still in.

Thats all really! Sorry this post wasn't very exciting but nothing too exciting is going on lately! I hope this Live Writer works good though because then I can write posts while I'm away and have no internet connection then can just send them all off when I get home! Brilliant!

Love you all Caz xoxo xxxx


Saturday, 14 June 2008


So I am going to go donate blood on Tuesday probably. I would love it if anyone wanted to come along with me and help save some lives!

Just give me a text and we'll work out a time 'n' shit.

It is free...and they give you drinks and snacks afterwards its awesome to the max!!

Let me know people come on!

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Friday, 13 June 2008

La la la lazy??

So...today, I had to go get waxed at Australind Beauty Works, (best beauticians ever highly recommend them), and I had to put fuel in my car too, but I really couldn't be bothered putting fuel in my car so I just walked down to the beauticians... So although it was lazy to not just go out fuel in my car I think the fact that I walked down to the beautician cancels out that laziness... Right? Right?

I'll get fuel later!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Just in case....

Ummmm this is what a keyboard looks like... just in case you ever decided to randomly take off all of your keys and then didn't know what order they go back on... you can feel safe knowing that all you need to do is come to my blog and look at this picture...unless of course you can't get to my blog because you need your keyboard keys to do that...in which case well...good luck with that...

Love lots and lots The Minx xoxo xxxx

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

We need a sign....

I posted this on the wall of my works Facebook group and I thought I would share it with everyone else...

So...we need a sign for the front door...and here is where we can suggest what it needs to say. I think something like....

"Please wait to be seated, All table service-don't try to order at the bar, we are a brewery not a wine bar or a cafe-if you want a large variety of wine to choose from please fuck off to Casellas where you will be the only customer, if you would just like a coffee-that big ugly green building right next door is called Dome-I believe they are a cafe, $15 lunch specials do not apply on weekends or public holidays-yes i does say that on the menu-look harder, kids meals are for children under 12 ONLY-not for the elderly-or for adults who have the taste maturity of a five year old, if table has a reserved sign on it-you cant sit there- it doesnt mean you can point at it and ask "can i sit there?"-the answer is quite obviously NO! If you try to get into the restaurant and the doors wont open it generally means we are closed-they will not magically open for you i you keep trying-shaking of leaning on the doors to make them open just makes you look stupid, we don't do separate billing-if you and your friends can't come to some sort of arrangement re:money and the bill then maybe you should get some friends who aren't such tightarses, now after reading this and you still feel you qualify to stay at Mash then please come forward and one of our lovely staff will be with you soon, thankyou"

What you reckon? Did I miss anything?

Epic...though i know that nobody would read the sign anyway, they'd all just walk the fuck past it!

Also we have a new winter menu starting soon and it looks really good. Waaaaaay better than the current one. I am very excited about it so you all should come in and visit me and eat!

Love lots Caz xoxo xxxx