Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Just In Case You Missed It....

Last Friday 18th July morning I woke up to this article by Katie Hamspon in the West Australian newspaper... note the hilarious cartoon by Alston
This is the advertorial featuring me that they were bitching about. An advertorial that I was fully aware of and had given LandCorp permission to use my name and quotes in...unlike the West Article.
Then on Monday 21st July Katie Hamspon writes a follow up story in the West.
Hmmm...yeah I think I know what Gordon Ramsey would say too....;)
Here is my response thanks to the Bunbury Mail.
Bunno Mail also made their own cartoon...and I must say, I couldn't agree more!
All that is left to say is
My Save Our City myspace page is still up and running, please join it!
Public comment on the Eastside Precinct closes next Tuesday the 5th August so please don't forget to Have Your Say!
Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Monday, 21 July 2008


Know what I hate? People who flash their lights at incoming traffic to warn speeding motorists of speed cameras. It shits me. People who speed are breaking the law and are putting every other road users lives at risk, why the fuck would you want to warn them? Let the fuckers get caught! Let them lose their licence for a while. We'd be better off without them on the road.

I also hate people who bitch about speed cameras and say "Err Carrie, but speed cameras are just a tool the government uses to get money off us LOL!"

I have a really awesome idea for you people then. Don't speed, then you won't get fined, then the government can't take your money!


Love 'n'stuff Caz xoxo xxxx

Friday, 18 July 2008

I'm Baaaaaaaaack!

Sorry about that breif hiatus...something suddenly came up... :)

Anyway I am back better than ever and posting will resume as soon as I have something cool to write about...and I can be bothered writing it... etc

Love lots CazMinx xoxo xxxx

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Why I want the Bunbury Waterfront Development...

So I think it's about time I blogged about this seeing as I have been bitching about it and making myspace pages about it all over the shop...

First up I am in hospitality as you all know. I want to open my own restaurant one day. I kinda want it to be in Bunbury however as Bunbury is at the moment, it just isn't financially viable to open a restaurant here. There isn't enough people going out to run a successful restaurant. I think the development of the waterfront will firstly bring more tourists into the town to dine at my restaurant and secondly it will get more locals out of their houses during the week to enjoy our beautiful waterways.

I think that without this development Bunbury will remain stuck in the past where it and a lot of its residents stubbornly refuse to leave. Bunbury will become a town for old people with old fashioned views. This development gives Bunbury an opportunity to breathe some fresh air. To become modern, vibrant, stylish and fun for all ages.

Don't get me wrong here, I don't want Bunno to become another Perth. It will never happen, that is not what Bunno is about. Nor do I want to turn it into a bustling metropolis full of high rise buildings, a concrete jungle, no way,not at all. I know that some of the development will be high rise apartments and that a lot of people are against that and I understand..I will be pissed off to the max if this development goes through and all we get is 10 thousand overpriced apartments. However the plan is to build new hotels and tourist facilities. A new marina (have you seen the marina at the moment it looks like shit), more restaurant, cafe and bar areas that Bunbury desperately needs (ok definitely not more cafes or asian takeaway food stores, I would die if we got even one more of them, but we need better restaurants and bars), beautiful boardwalks and a new jetty, a new lifestyle that is family friendly, tourist friendly and young adult friendly.

Bunbury is considered to be the gateway to the South West. However you will find that tourists on their way down south will totally bypass Bunno. If they do come here it is usually only for a one nighter. They might check out the Dolphin Centre if they have time and might visit the wineries in the Ferguson Valley. However there is nothing obvious here that makes visitors want to stay more then a night. Most things to do in Bunbury you don't know about till you get here. This development will entice visitors to want to stop and stay in Bunbury. We will become more than just a fuel stop on the way to Busselton and Margaret River and we will be a destination instead of a drive by.

This increase in visitors to Bunbury will bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue to our economy, money that can then be spent in improving Bunbury even more and making us all the more attractive.

The new development will create hundreds if not thousands of jobs, from the initial construction to the new business that will move into the area, to the extra staff existing business will need to keep up with the extra consumers that our tourist trade will create. This can only be positive for Bunbury.

People have been worried that the development will mean we lose valuable land that families use to picnic and play with their kids. First of all this pisses me off. People who say this are probably the same people who don't want 7 day trading because "Sunday is family day" and are probably the same people who come into my restaurant I work in every Sunday with their kids and the 68934654 other families who come in and bitch at me because their well done steak didn't come out 5 minutes after they ordered it. Then who ring and get pissed off because we aren't open on Christmas Day-sorry I didn't get the memo that said all hospitality workers must renounce their own families so they can work on all holidays to serve other families.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah losing "family time" land. Ok secondly this is silly. The land that most people are complaining about, the empty grassed area across from the cinema NEVER GETS USED ever. Seriously I have rarely seen anybody out there unless it's been set up for a planned event, like a festival (which can just be moved to one of the other 79879456 parks Bunbury has). Steven and I sat out there ONCE and ate Noodle Box and yeah it was nice but we can go do that somewhere else. It is a waste of space that is never used and would be better utilised with this development.

In fact the two places I would worry about losing if I was in the family way is Koombana Bay and Jetty Baths. Two places in the development area that are constantly used by residents and tourists alike and guess what? Neither of these areas will be adversely affected by the development. Nothing is happening to that beach and Jetty Baths is just getting a minor facelift...don't worry! We can still get drunk there on Australia Day!

All in all if this development doesn't go ahead I for one don't see a future for me in Bunbury. I'll eventually leave and won't come back... Without this facelift Bunbury will be doomed to be boring and old fashioned and crap forever. with the same old crappy restaurants, same crappy nightclubs and bars, same crappy bushpig reputation.

For a city (yeah that's right Bunbury is a fucking city not a country town) with so much potential, it is a damn sad shame that its residents will do this to it. So don't let them. Get vocal. Say it loud. Say it proud. Save our city! Let it grow and prosper and shake off the filth. Down under there is a cool sleek Bunno trying to get out, lets help it on its way! Write to the newspaper! Write to the council! Tell your friends! Tell your family!


Love and empowerment

Caz xoxo xxxx

p.s. the end of that totally sounded like a gay rights parade hey?

P.P.S. go and join my myspace page about this...the link is at the start of this post if you weren't paying attention.

I am a bitch!!

So it has recently come to my attention that I am in fact a bitch... or well that upon meeting me people get the impression that I don't like them. Woops! Here is the story...

So Kylie was here on Sunday and bought a friend with her for us all to meet. I liked her, I thought she was cool, she was a bit quiet but she got my stamp of first impression approval :) Yay! Fox says that her friend thought I didn't like her! Then Tim said "yeah Fran thought that about you at first too"

Shit! So I have been giving off these not so good "I dont like you" vibes without realising it!

Tim says not to worry about it and I'm not too worried, it's not really in my nature to be all talkative and in your face with people I have just met and I am kinda shy and fail at small talk but I guess the point of this blogpost is to say...

If you have met me and I seemed like I didn't like you you may be wrong. I am just kinda slow to warm up to people sometimes. Then again maybe you are right...maybe I didn't like you...fucking loser.

Love lots Caz xoxo xxxx

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Anybody want to buy a phone?

Today I got a new Nokia N95...its a long story but basically I wanted a new phone so i rang my phone company and they didnt have any good Sony Ericssons so the guy said I should get this Nokia and I said ok because he had a hot voice and anyway...

I got it today and I hate it. I mean its got all these fancy features and its pretty fucking cool but its not a Sony and i love sony's. So if someone wants to buy this Nokia off me they can have it for $500 which is a bargain coz i've looked it up on Ebay 'n' shit and they are all way more expensive.

Then I can go buy myself a new pretty Sony Ericsson! I want a Sony C902 it is awesome!

If you want it hit me back with a message

Love Caz xoxo xxxx