Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Reasons why I hate you #542

You leave disgusting things like this on your table and expect me to be cool with picking it up and throwing it out for you. This one is an empty panadiene blister, cigarette papers, an empty m&m pack and what looks like half a lung coughed up on a tissue. I am not a garbage disposal unit. Throw your shit out your damn self!

Monday, 1 December 2008

Moon me!

You guys go look at the moon, do it now! The moon is out tonight with his friends Venus and Jupiter and they are smiling at us! I think it is the universes way of telling us to be happy and I'll repeat here what I sent to my friends tonight.

Isn't it cool that no matter where we all are, we can still look up and see the same thing? Makes you forget about the little things. Love you guys and miss you when you aren't around

Love lots and lots Carrie xoxo xxxx

New Layout!!

As you may have noticed the blog has a brand spankin new layout! If you click on that orange band across the top of the page it will direct you to the site I got it from, they have lots of cool shit and I am sooo happy that they had the perfect layout to go with my blog name, !RainbowBlogStar!

I am sorry about all the annoying picture blogs you have been getting lately, I know they haven't been as exciting for you as they were for me! I am going to try get on here more often and entertain you with my fabulous wit :)

Till then hope you are all well and don't catch the Bah Humbugs this Christmas!

Love always

CazMinx xoxo xxxx

It's a Christmas tree...not fashion statement

I don't know what it is but with December and Christmas also comes drama, bitchiness and anger. At least it does amongst my family and friends, I don't quite understand it because I LOVE December! I love Christmas! Apparently everyone else just gets stressed the fuck out.

In my family one of the most stressful and complicated things about Christmas is putting up the Christmas tree now naive little Carrie thought that now Lee isn't here Christmas tree decorating would be easy and carefree!! (No offence Lee but admit it, you are a Christmas tree nazi) I WAS WRONG! Apparently Mum has taken over as the resident Christmas tree queen.

I think I know why we have such tree drama, I think it is because we all have a different vision on how a Christmas tree should look. I remember when we were little, our tree would be littered with all sorts of decorations, things we made at school out of paper and clay, ornaments of every colour under the sun, so much tinsel you could barely see the leaves of the tree, we'd decorate till the tree looked like an explosion of kiddie art and colour. I LOVED THAT TREE! Nowadays all anybody cares about is the tree fitting in with colour schemes "should we have a gold tree or silver? How about just red? No that shade of green is different to this shade" it drives me crazy! This year our tree is going to be decorated in silver. Gone are the cool things we made, no paper chains, no handmade ornaments, no life, no personality, no cheer, no fun, no coloured lights just plain ones and it makes me sad. It doesn't feel like Christmas with this lifeless tree.

Oh and the decorating, oh the pain! We haven't decorated yet but Mum has put the tree up with the lights, and has already dropped the F-bomb a few times in the process she is also shitty at the fact that Ash has gone out to her friends house so we haven't been able to put the decorations up. I tried to point out to her that the tree isn't going anywhere and we still have plenty of time before Christmas day but apparently "that isn't the point". Our family Christmas tree decorating usually varies from us laughing until we cry, to yelling that "that bit of tinsel is in the wrong spot!/no Carrie you can't put that colour on it doesn't match/there's an empty space over there!" and hating each other. Then Dad puts the star on and we all thank Jesus himself that we won't have to go through this for another whole year.

Love and Christmas cheer

Carrie xoxo xxxx

oh and p.s..... chill the fuck out everyone ok?