Friday, 18 December 2009

Matkhls' Movie Yak


My lovely friend Mitchell has started his own movie review blog, well he is in denial about it being a blog, but hello it’s on blogger. It’s a blog. Go tell him that.

Annyway this is what he says about starting the blog…

Why I made this page, which I'm trying to avoid calling a blog, is because after several horribly failed attempts to find a movie reviewer I agreed with I began to think I was the only intelligent person left in the world. For the record these are simply my opinions of these movies, if you still want to see a movie go ahead, I wont tell you not to, and if you disagree with me, comment. I love to argue :P.

Don’t you love him already? Mitchell and I met at Uni this past semester and he is one of the coolest funniest guys I have ever met. I knew that whether I agreed with his opinions on the movies or not, the reviews would be a great read.

Damn was I right.

Go check him out and comment and encourage him to write more!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Google Wave

Two questions…

One: Does anybody out there (other than Steven Mcg, I know you have one, you’re my only friend!) have a google wave account?

Two: If you answered yes to the above question can you please please explain what the point of it is? I don’t get it. Am I not hipster enough? Not down with the current trends? To me it just seems like a big fat waste of time and effort.

Somebody please enlighten me

Caz xoxo xxxx

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Family Christmas and Birthday Fun


I’ve had a big weekend. Saturday night was the Gallo family Christmas party! We have started having out family Christmas parties a few weeks early, with so many of us it is too hard for everyone to be available on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Having it early means that the majority of the family can come together.

I haven’t been able to make it to a family Christmas party for I think about 5 years. Since then there has been A LOT of new additions to the family. Most of the little kids in that photo above I met for the first time on Saturday! Others I hadn’t seen since they were very very little. So this meant that I had NO IDEA who half the kids were or who they belonged to! Figured it all out in the end, some were easy like Frazer, Milan, Zac and Jet (thank you Marissa and Son for being on facebook!) others were slightly harder haha but it all worked out.

It was really nice to see all the family again, now I am older and can appreciate it a lot more. Uncle Mario made another awesome movie with a bit of family history and stats. There are 70 people in the family as of now with another one on the way and I am sure plenty more to come and Ash and I scored a hug from little Jet Grosser, which was gorgeous and made me miss Bayley.

It was really nice…then the cousins wanted to go hit the city so we headed into Leederville and went to the Leederville Hotel. Oh man, what a cesspool. It is like 3 Monkeys except approximately 9890813123 times worse! Yes worse! Can you believe it! Part of me thinks it deserves it’s own Clubbers Guide entry but the other part of me wants to repress all memories of being there. Euuuggghh so foul. So we left after an hour and went back to Nonnas where we had to wait on her veranda for 30 minutes in the cold getting bitten by mosquitoes till Dad came home.

The next day was my Birthday yay! I got my new camera in the morning so i could take photos at breakfast (the usual tradition in our family is to exchange gifts after tea which I like but I really missed having a camera).


There’s Nonna! One of the first photos I took with my new camera which is a Canon Powershot SX120 IS it is awesome!

So I went to Funtastico for breakfast with Ash, Mikaela, Sonic, Fox, Timmy and Fran. Company was great, food was fairly average, I think they would be great for lunch or dinner but breakfast? Not so much. Oh well! Then we went looking for the Cold Rock Ice Creamery which is the best ice cream place on Earth only to be told that it has moved! MOVED! I was devo. It was crazy hot so Ash and I decided to head back to Nonnas and come back to Australind.

IMG_0022 IMG_0010 IMG_0011 IMG_0019

On arrival home I felt like death, before you ask, no, not from drinking, it felt like I had been hit by some sort of truck so I went and had a nanna nap. It’s my birthday and I can be boring if i want to!

Then Stevo showed up with Bayley bear and that made me feel a million times better! Awesome birthday gift! The boys gave me a birthday card and Bayley had even drawn in it for me :) made me very happy!


He got all dressed up in his tuxedo shirt too. Gorgeous boy he is!

BBQ for dinner yummy ice cream cake and some hilarious photos using my tripod (which Ashleigh referred to as an ipod) finished up the night and a great weekend!

Oh presents! Mum, Dad and Stevo got me my camera, Ash got me some awesome hubcaps and a chromie (sp?) for Hogan, he looks amazing, I will take a photo once I have given Hogan a much needed trip through the car wash. Nanna got me a cool headband and slide clips plus the new Lady Gaga CD (sweeet!), and Lee and G got me a really cool skirt, I’ll put up a pic, it has little shorts underneath! It’s so cool! Oh and Mika and Sonic gave this amazing painting Sonja did a while ago that I am obsessed with. It is now hanging in my room. I’ll get a pic of that up in the next few days.

  IMG_0042 IMG_0037IMG_0057IMG_0054 IMG_0055

So that was my weekend. I am really really glad I asked for Monday off so I could relax, try get over this Black Plague or whatever the hell it is that is causing me to cough up my lungs but back to the reality of Mash tomorrow.

Oh well, the break was fun while it lasted!!

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Monday, 14 December 2009

New Look Blog!

So you have probably noticed that I have a new look happening here at RainbowBlogStar. Going for a cleaner for minimalistic look. Hope you guys like it!

Love Caz xoxo

Monday, 7 December 2009

What’s Pissing Me Off This Week

You know how I wrote that post a while ago? The one about all the things that I love and i wrote it because my sisters were bugging me about being too negative?? Well that post was great, I like it a lot, I meant every word of it. However you know what?? There is a lot of shit that I hate too. So welcome to the things that are giving me the shits at the moment!

1. Roadworks.

I cannot leave my house and drive ANYWHERE without coming across roadworks. There is literally nowhere I can go…unless i drive around the block or just up the road or something ridiculous.

Don’t get me wrong here ok, I know that roadworks are important… they are upgrading roads, putting in new sewerage lines, building new bridges etc. That’s great stuff. Oh and i appreciate that you need to slow down ok, people are working close to the road and we don’t want to hit them. I GET IT.

What I don’t get, or appreciate is when they drop the speed limit from 70 to 40 when there is no fucker anywhere near the road AND they haven’t altered the path in any way. Case in point, the roadworks on Estuary Drive. Up until today where they have turned part of the road into gravel,  I have not understood the point in dropping the limit to 40.  Nobody is working near the road. The road hasn’t changed. Just leave the speed limit alone.

As if driving into Bunbury from Australind every bloody day wasn’t annoying enough already.

2. People Who Can’t Drive/Are Annoying Drivers

Don’t worry, this whole post isn’t going to be me writing down my road rage, but I can’t let this one go. Today I was driving along Ocean drive and the fucker on front of me was driving 40km, kept intermittently braking for no reason. Then when we neared my turn off at the Hungry Hollow he decided “OH HEY I MIGHT TURN TOO BUT I WON’T INDICATE” then he said “HEY I FEEL HUNGRY AND THIRSTY I MIGHT ABRUPTLY PULL OVER AND PARK AT THE HUNGRY HOLLOW BUT ONCE AGAIN I WON’T INDICATE. INDICATING IS FOR PUSSIES” at which point I had to slam on my brakes in order to avoid slamming into him. Arsehole.

I hate people who drive way under the speed limit (20km=way under). I don’t speed and I sometimes drive slightly slower than the limit, usually on highways because I get worried that Hogan will fall apart if I drive him too fast. Highways are double lanes so at least people can overtake me. The worst people are the ones that wake up in the morning and say to themselves “hey… I am going to drive 70km today all day no matter what the signs say on the road”. so I am following them on Koombana Drive getting pissed off that they are going 10km under then when it drops to 60km they zoom off. If you can’t read speed signs you should not be driving.

P.s. Dear everyone, just FYI you can’t change lanes in the middle of a fucking roundabout. You decide what way you are going, you get in the right lane and you STAY in that lane. Its not hard, they have fucking arrows on the floor. What is wrong with you people?

3. Hypocritical Bitches


You know what? I am a bitch. I bitch about people. I bitch about everything. You got this far in my post if you haven’t figured that shit out by now then you are clearly misinterpreting my writing. I own the fact I am a bitch. I try not to bitch about people too much but fuckit, some people are idiots and I need to bitch about that fact. So I don’t hate bitches, some of my favourite people are bitches.

I do however hate bitches who are hypocrites. You all know the ones. The ones that will happily talk shit about everyone but then when people are talking about them it’s all “OMG UR LYK A TOTAL BITCH, Y DONT U GROW THE FUCK UP U BITCH GOD” and you are like “what the fuck, hey pot I think you just called the kettle black”. Man it shits me. Or those girls who will bitch with you about someone then will run off and tell that person that you were bitching about them “ZOMG LYK CARRIE WAS TOOOOOTALLY TALKING SHIT ABOUT U THE OTHER DAY, WHAT DID I SAY?? OH… UH… I LYK WAS TOTES JUST GOING ALONG WITH IT SO I COULD TELL U LOL!” Whatever.

Moral? I don’t hate bitches, but I do hate bitches who are in denial of being total bitches. Stop playing the victim and own up to yourselves you hypocrites.

4. Annoying customers who ask for annoying things and get pissed off when we don’t have them.

I work in a brewery. A brewery. We make Beer. Well theoretically we make beer anyway. Ok so it really really shits me off when people are all “oh, you don’t have a very good wine list” or “what do you mean you don’t have Bundy (because its a redneck drink), or Jim Beam or UDL’s”.

Ahhh you are in a BREWERY have a beer or FUCK OFF. In fact you should fuck off over to Mojo’s who have an amazing range of wines and spirits and cocktails, you know why?? Because they ARE NOT a brewery. There’s the door, get out.

Somebody actually asked me for Patron the other day. patron is a fancy expensive tequila. As if we have Patron. What the hell was he thinking?

Oh and another classic… “So can I just get like a Corona or do I have to drink your beer?” I think serving other people beer might just defeat the entire purpose of being a boutique brewery so uh NO you can’t “just get like a corona”

What is just as bad if not worse are the annoying bitches who want coffee. “your coffee machine is broken, oh dear what kind of place is this” ok number one, it is a brewery kind of place, those vats aren’t full of coffee beans sweetheart, secondly…. WE SHARE A BUILDING WITH DOME COFFEEHOUSE, YOU CAN WALK LESS THAN 5 METRES AND GET YOUR PRECIOUS COFFEE AND NO YOU CANNOT BRING IT BACK IN HERE. HAVE A GODDAMN BEER.

People in this category also often ask for things that are clearly not on the menu. “I know it’s not on here but do can you guys do carbonara??” NO WE CAN’T. “Hey you know that mexican menu out the front? is that available today?” “No I’m sorry that’s only on Wednesday night” “oh…so like I can’t get a burrito??” NO YOU CAN’T.



Ok, I don’t know why I hate him so much. Well I am lying i am about to tell you why  hate him so much… but you see, I don’t know why he bothers me so much. Akon shits me to tears and I barely even hear his shitty music on the radio! I hate him more than I hate Beyonce and if any of you have been around me when Single Ladies has come on…you’ll know that me saying that is a big freaking deal.

Akon is one classy fuck with a real respect for women. You can tell this by all his awesome songs like “I Wanna Fuck You” (find the lyrics here), “Sexy Bitch”,  “Smack That”.

Then he has a really lovely voice. It sounds like the Chipmunks… if the chipmunks were sleazy stripper fucking arseholes.

Ewwww I can’t even be sarcastic anymore, he is so gross! Singing about all the strippers he wants to fuck and how they all want him because he is Akon. No shit, of course a stripper would want to have sex with you, she wants your money you stupid prick.

I swear…if I ever meet Akon I want to punch him right in the balls.

Disgusting disgusting offensive little boy.


Well that’s all for now. That is what is currently pissing me off.

Aaah, I feel better already, and in closing I’d like to dedicate this post to two people who piss me off more than anyone. Tegan and Steve McG… just kidding I love you guys. Thanks for keeping me motivated via Twitter just now, hope you enjoy the post!

Peace out lovers!

Caz xoxo xxxx

Friday, 20 November 2009

Exams (and therefore Uni) are OVER mofo's!

Helllooooooo my friends!!

Yes that is correct no more exams and no more University until next year and you should know what that means! It means regular updates here and on my other blog Get Served!

It feels good to have more spare time. I loved going to uni and I think I did well this year, results aren't out for another week or so, but between work, uni, Bayley, Steven and trying to have any sort of social life, it was hard for me to get time to do the things that I wanted to do for myself. So I am pretty happy.

I already have more than a few things planned to write about so sit tight my pretties! You'll hear more from me soon!

Love lots Carrie xoxo xxxx

Saturday, 7 November 2009

The Circus featuring Britney Spears

I'll start this up by saying one thing. Yes, I did know she would be miming the whole thing, I knew it when I bought my tickets, I knew it going in, Brit doesn't sing live, I KNOW THIS. Anyone going into the concert expecting her to sing live and then being upset that she didn't is a complete idiot. Ok glad I got that out of the way.

I was however expecting her performance to make up for the non singing. I was expecting an amazing show, and I didn't want to miss out on seeing Britney Spears, love her or hate her you cannot deny that the woman is an icon of today's music and her name will go down in history, whether it will be nice things or nasty things we'll be saying about her in the future remains to be seen. Her raise to fame and her highly publicised fall is a story we have all heard. The Circus was meant to be her big comeback tour, to show her fans and her critics that she's still got it! I am sorry to say however that she left this fan hanging.

We arrived just as DJ Havana Brown was finishing up her set. Found ourselves what we thought was a good spot in the standing area and waited for the coutdown to hit zero. The Big Apple Circus started things off, it was pretty cool however the stage wasn't raised and being the midget that I am it was VERY hard to see anything (I don't want to harp on too much about the whole not being able to see thing so i'll get it out of the way, you either had to be in the first few lines, or really tall, or stand waaay back in order to see anything, we eventually did move back and could see way better, but if the stage was raised just a little bit, it would have been perfect). Then Britney comes out in her red ringmaster costume and the first song is Circus. The stage was set up in the middle of the crowd ie; there were people on three sides of the stage so she had to move around to perform to each side, ignore morons crying "waaaah she had her back to us!", she had her back to everyone at some point and everyone got their fair share of Britney time.

The show continued and I don't know, it was good, it was ok, it just didn't seem to me like she was putting that much effort in. In kind of felt like her heart wasn't in it, like she's lost her passion, anyone who watches Tyra Banks on Americas Next Top Model will know how she always says that thing about pushing it that little bit extra to make it "fierce", well Brit was the before picture. I think with just a little more fire she would have been amazing but I just got the vibe that her fire is out.

The sets and props were cool, the dancers and circus performers were amazing, the video montages during costume/set changes were awesome (she has a great one set to Marilyn Manson's cover of Sweet Dreams, Brit looks HOT!).

She barely interacted with the audience, about halfway through she FINALLY said hi to us, told us it was so great to be in Australia (wow thats a whole country...could you not have mentioned the word Perth?? Do you know what city you are in??) and then at the very end she yelled goodbye over the music and ran No fucking encore! BULLSHIT! I am sorry but for a concert as big and as hypes as this I expected a fucking encore, after Womaniser we were waiting around for the encore...waiting...waiting... then the fucking lights came on! NO encore. Ridiculous.

The music was odd, other concerts I have been to the music tended to kinda pulsate through your bones but I don't know what they did with Brits sound but it just seemed slightly off, my ears weren't even ringing after the show. Weird.There were also no big screens to show her up close which would have made it sooo much better!

Ash and Lee think that she actually sang Everytime, the song was after she spoke to the crowd and she used the same mike so it did look like she was really singing it, however I think it was just a clever trick, I think she spoke, then they cut her mike, it just sounded too perfect for me, so if she was singing it then she did a really really good job, but I don't think she did and that sucks because if she was singing, her reputation for miming has made me question her.

I guess I know why her tour is called The Circus featuring Britney Spears, as oppose to Britney Spears: The Circus. It often felt like the focus was on everything else and not on Britney herself.

So in summary? Stage needed to be higher and we needed screens and better music. Not enough fire and passion in the performance, more interaction, AN ENCORE, and Brit, would it kill you to sing a few songs live, just a few? A disappointing show, could have been way better, knowing what I know now would I go again? Yeah probably, but I'd either get right in front or stand back for the whole thing and I probably wouldn't spent $199.95 on a ticket either.

Good luck on the rest of your tour BritBrit and please do yourself a big favour, after this tour take a holiday! A nice relaxing holiday with your boys forget about performing and music and just chill out. I think you need it.

Caz xoxo xxxx

Friday, 30 October 2009

I would like to introduce...

I have had a spider living in my right hand side car mirror for a really long time. In fact I think it has lived there the entire time I have owned the car. Mum and my sisters think it's disgusting but I was never really bothered by it, all I ever saw of the spider was the web so I didn't care...that is until today!

Today while I was driving along with my window open I looked over at my mirror and saw a couple of hairy black legs with little orange bands poking out. This was my spider. I kinda freaked out. I think not seeing him made me not care that a hairy spider was living with me. I wound up my window which I think scared him, he pulled his little legs out of my view.

Now I thought, I thought about this spider and the adventures we have shared together in our beast of a car Hogan. I was a bit scared, I was contemplating hosing him the hell out of my car as soon as I got home but I changed my mind. This spider has been with me through thick and thin and who am I to decide that just because his hairy legs scared the shit out of me I should evict him from his home and perhaps even kill him off?

Then my imagination went into overdrive, I imagined him chilling out waiting for me to come down and start the car, get all excited and say to himself "ooh I wonder where we are going today! I hope some cool insects will get stuck in my web!" and then he sings along to the music on the radio, complaining whenever Beyonce comes on "why does everyone love her? If I met her I'd bite her see how she likes that". Yeah my spider is totally awesome, living the carefree bachelor life. I have even given him a name, Dustin.

So here everyone please meet Dustin, and if you are travelling in my car give him a hello and please, leave his web alone.

Caz xoxo xxxx

Monday, 26 October 2009

Get Served!

I have started a new blog!

Now don't worry it doesn't mean I'll be abandoning this one... I am sure I will neglect both of you equally. I have been wanting to start a new blog for a while and I had more than a few ideas running through my head about what to write about and where to start till one day, after an extra shitty day at work, I finally made up my mind.

So allow me to introduce you to...

Get Served: Diary of a Hospitality Worker

I am hosting it over at wordpress because it's a little more professional than blogger and wordpress follows my stats so i don't have to use a third party tracker like google analytics to see my page visits etc. So it's easier for me!

As the name suggests it is all about my experiences as a hospitality worker and I am writing it as if I am writing in my personal diary. There won't be much/if at all any, personal information in it, that's what RainbowBlogStar is for, I am just hoping that people will find my experiences amusing and who knows! Maybe it'll educate a few people to not be such arseholes when they are dealing with us! ;)

So go check it out! Once I am finished with uni i'm going to schedule posts for it so they will pop up at regular intervals. Just trying to decide how often I want it to update...because i have lots of stories guys...lots and lots of horrible horrible stories :)

Till next time

Caz xoxo xxxx

p.s. ok ok ok ok the news people are waiting for. Clubbers Guide to Bunbury Part coming soon...

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Hi guys!

I know I have been somewhat neglecting !RainbowBlogStar! lately and I am sorry! I have been way busy with Uni and work and with all the stress work is causing me at the moment. However yesterday morning I had an epiphany!

I realised that I actually only have 6 weeks of uni left this semester. ONLY 6! Well, 4 weeks of class one week study break and then one week of exams. Which means that after 6 weeks I am officially a free woman! I will have waaaaay more time to see all my friends who I have been neglecting whilst working full time then going to uni. More time to update my blogs. More time to spend out in the sun! Oh I am so excited about it!

So all I need to do is really truely get my shit together for the next 6 weeks. So I will be a bit absent. I want to do really well in my exams so my plan is to just buckle down and work work work and be a hermit and pass all my units.

Then my friends it will be time to celebrate!

So I will be a bit quiet for a while but I will let you know that there will be an AntonioPaul update coming soon (their gig at The Price was awesome and if you weren't there then sucked in because you missed out), and there will be details about the new blog I have started over on WordPress. I'll tell you more about that once there are a few more posts up and I have it down the way i want it.

Orright cool!

Thanks for the patience guys!

Love you long time

Caz xoxo xxxx

p.s. I am at Uni and have to use shitty Internet Explorer and apparently it doesn't have spell check I am sorry about how bad my spelling will be and I assure you that I can spell. It's the typing that is my undoing because I type fast and don't pay attention to what I am doing.

Sunday, 20 September 2009


You may have noticed my blog now has music! Allow me to introduce you to my new favourite local band AntonioPaul!

Marc and Michael have been making sweet music together for years in various bands before forming AntonioPaul. They have a great Indie Pop sound and they put on a great live set.

I met the boys earlier this year through my lovely friend Mikaela’s younger sister Liberty who told me they were interested in playing at Mash, the boys bought in their demo and I’ve loved them ever since!

The boys are playing at the Prince this Friday the 25th of September supporting Emily Barker, They start at 7pm so get down there!

I’ll be posting all upcoming gigs on RainbowBlogStar so keep an eye out and support the boys!

Check out their official sites…

Official Myspace

AntonioPaul on Facebook

Triple J Unearthed



Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Todays To-Do List (or why Carrie is a stressball with no life who gets sick all the time)

Today I have approximately 89098093424 things to do and I am going to share them with you because it will make me feel better. Although I am sure there will be MANY people who pick it to pieces saying “Err Carrie you don’t NEED to do that one and Err if you did that earlier you’d be fine today LOL”. To those people I would just like to say


Anyway here we go…

1. Make sure 60+ person function for this Saturday night gets sorted out at work (yay for extremely late notice bookings) despite the fact that today is my day off.

2. Await email replies from Uni group mates, fix changes to Surveys, await response again. Print out 25 copies and fin

d people to fill them in.

3. Clean my hideously untidy room. Including cleaning out my closet of all the clothes I don’t wear anymore. Try to fit in new clothes.

4. Sort out bookshelf that I messed up the other week and never got around to fixing.

5. Study for Law mid semester test that is this Friday. Yay. I think I shall talk about ducks as my default answer.

6. Write blog post about AWESOME local band AntonioPaul

7. Clean out handbag I took to Darwin that is full of shit because we didn’t have enough room in our suitcases for some things and my handbag had to suffer the consequences.

8. Stop everything I am doing at 2.45 because I have a dental appointment at 3pm.

9. Marketing assignment

10. Assorted uni catch up.

11. Maybe see Bayley at some point today?

I think that is just about it. Oh I also need to pay some bills but I can do that online assuming that I have money. Also did I mention that I am really sick and feel like death?

UPDATE: we can now take off the function one and the dentist one but can add on help Lee with engagement party arrangements :)

Love Cazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz xoxo xxxx

Dear Bookface, You are not Twitter and you NEVER will be.

Bookface tries to be twitter Today, just 5 minutes ago, I was writing on the wall for Psypets and when I pushed “share” facebook popped up with THAT little “hey tag a friend” thing.

Sigh, oh Bookface, it happened to Myspace and now its happening to you. You are slowly being superseded by an easier, less stressful and more attractive model.

Just go gracefully

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Good Morning Mr Excell

Just a quick post because I think I am actually going to attempt to get to bed before midnight tonight. I would just like to do a big shout out to Mr Excell’s English students at Newton Moore Senior High.

Their amazing teacher (and one of my best best friends) Timothy Excell has started up a blog for them and it’s their job to update it. Brilliant!

It’s kinda depressing for me actually because it makes me feel about 78 years old. These kids were born in like 1994/95!

Good luck kiddies and now despite the fact that none of you asked for it I am going to use my 78 year old wisdom and impart some advice on you. Things that I wish I knew when I was your age/ things I was told by some old person and totally ignored then later found out I totally should have listened to them because they were amazing and correct…

1.Enjoy being a kid and don’t try to grow up fast. Being old SUCKS. You have to worry about money and having full time work and all your friends start getting married and having babies and then you feel like you should and euuggh! Being young is awesome you guys are so lucky! Take full advantage of it.

2. Smoking, drinking, taking drugs and  having sex are all completely overrated. Smoking makes you smell and nobody likes people who stink. It also slowly kills you and being alive is pretty awesome.

Drinking can often make you do things you wouldn’t normally do and as well as the mammoth hangovers you can also wake up with massive guilt and/or massive holes in your memory. I am not saying don’t drink ever. But being “the trashed kid” at every social event is waaaay uncool. Drink in moderation, have fun without going overboard. P.s. yes I do know that you are all underage but I am not stupid.

Drugs are for losers. This includes weed. Unless of course you want to be a smelly hippy all your life. No seriously, I personally was never ever interested in drugs so i gotta tell you that I never saw the appeal. I don’t really “get it” so I don’t know exactly how to convince you to just say no. So I will just tell you that when I am out and about whenever you see someone of their head you are NEVER saying “wow that guy/girl is so awesome they are so off their head thats really cool” no you are saying “WTF is that person on and what a loser” 

Sex is not that important. It is always way better when it’s with someone you love and you will feel much better if you wait for that person. Sleeping with many people makes you a slut whether you are a guy or a girl. I know that many pop artists and “feminists” want you girls to believe that “oh my god how come boys can sleep around and they are awesome but if a girl does it they are a slut? That’s so sexist I think it’s it should be awesome for girls to sleep around to”. That is probably the most dangerous and stupid message ever sent out to women ever. How about instead we just stop calling those boys awesome and start calling them sluts too? Sleeping around is silly. Your body is one of the only things that is truely yours. Respect it, look after it, love it and don’t go sharing it with just anybody.

3. On the subject of sex, there is no such thing as “accidentally” getting pregnant. The purpose of sex is procreation. If you don’t want to procreate you can either DON’T HAVE SEX or USE PROTECTION. I am a big fan of the pill and if you are on the pill and having sex I always recommend backup. Seriously boys and girls condoms are your friend. Use them and use them well. As I always say “If it’s not on, it’s NOT ON!”. ALWAYS USE PROTECTION!!

4. Honestly try not to stress out when it’s time to decide what you want to do later in life. At the risk of Mr Excell killing me (though let’s face it, he probably already has considering I’ve been talking to you about sex and drugs) it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have your future career planned out by then end of year 10. If you finish school without doing your TEE then decide you want to go to uni there are other ways to get it. It takes longer, you usually have to wait a few years but it can be done. don’t stress!

5. Do your homework. Don’t do what I do and wait till the last day because that is stressful and stupid and you stay up all night freaking out when the whole situation could have easily been avoided if you just stopped screwing around on facebook and did your homework! I am the biggest hypocrite because it has taken me until now to actually put this into practice but my god. So.Much.Easier!

6. Don’t make things hard on yourself. I do this thing sometimes where if I have an assignment I go “oh hey I’ll do it like this because it’s a bit harder and therefore my teacher will think I am way cool” then I realise that IT IS WAY HARDER WHY AM I DOING THIS? Honestly sometimes it’s fun to challenge yourself but sometimes you end up putting all this extra pressure on yourself to get the same result you could have achieved doing something much easier. Keep.It.Simple!

7. Be nice to all your schoolmates. You know what, once high school is over nobody cares if you were the popular kid, nobody cares if you weren’t. So cut the crap! Just because someone wears there hair different to you or like different music or seems a bit weird doesn’t mean they aren’t a nice person or that they deserve your ridicule. The weirdoes are often the most interesting people. Bullies are just losers with low self esteem who have to put other people down to make themselves feel better about their own lives. We all have our strengths and we all have our weaknesses. Whether you are the bullier or the one being bullied, just remember that. Nobody is perfect. I’m not saying you have to like everyone because lets face it, some people just don’t get on. However just because you don’t get on with someone doesn’t mean you have to be horrible to them ok? Play nice guys play nice.

8. Ok I might make this the last one because my “quick post before bed” has turned epic. Remember how I said that being young is awesome and you guys are lucky? It can also be really hard. I was depressed when I was a kid. For no discernable reason either. As fun as this time will be for you it’s also the time for a lot of firsts. First boyfriends and first breakups (oh man the first break up is ALWAYS HORRIBLE and you feel like you just want to die and that the world is ending and “how could this happen we were so in love and I am so upset” Guys. You don’t die. It doesn’t kill you. It really sucks and is horrendously painful but IT WILL BE OK BELEIVE ME. I practically wrote the book on break ups. I should totally write a blog post about that.) fights with friends, fights with parents (you parents are just looking out for you, seriously, they may seem like servants of the devil but really, parents ALWAYS have your best interests at heart. I always recommend trying to  compromise with them) and all sorts of things happen in this time. Physical changes, mental changes, it can be hard and some people handle it better than others. It can be difficult to work up the courage to say something, to reach out for help but I implore you that if you are feeling lost, helpless, confused, angry, alone,  please tell someone. A teacher ( I happen to know that Mr Excell is a fantastic listener, oh the things he knows about me!), your parents, your sister/brother, a friend, your doctor, call a helpline. There is absolutely 100% no shame in asking for help. We all need it at some point. Watch out for your friends and if your friend comes to you for help don’t ignore them! Encourage them to talk to an adult. As much as you hate to hear it when you are young but we have been in your position. We know what it is like! Talk to someone!

Ok well that just about does it. If by any chance you want my awesome advice on any other subject well just let me know ;)

To my non high school readers… have you got any advice for the lovely kids of  Newton Moore? If you do leave it in the comments for them!

So boys and girls I hope you have enjoyed today’s lesson. Here is the address of that blog again just in case you missed the link at the top of the page. Go visit I Was in Mr X's English Class 09!

Class Dismissed

Caz xoxo xxxx

P.s. did you notie how I didn’t swear in that entire post? At least I didn’t say “the F word” did I? It’s because I know that schoolkids never ever swear ever and I wanted to respect that. I am SUCH a good role model. ;)

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I Am Ready Early!

Somehow I am completely ready for uni one whole hour early which is great because I had time to eat an maybe spit out a blog post. Hoorah!

So the lovely Miss Kat has inspired me, she was telling me the other day how  once she moves to Perth, she wants to go out and have a drink in every single pub and club there and write a blog about it! Which I think will be totally awesome and it reminded me about how ages ago I wanted to start a new blog reviewing restaurants in the area, so I have decided to do it!

You guys know about my passion for food and going out and any poor sucker who has gone out for dinner with me would know how I Being a waitress myself for the past 6ish years I know what is good service and what is shit but the fact that I hate wank means that I don’t expect perfection and hate wanky waitstaff who are all up in your grill feeding you bullshit. I think my blog will be a good guide for people who love great food and appreciate good service without it being pretentious.

All I need now is a name for it? HELP ME OUT! What should I call it? What kind of things do you want me to look at when reviewing? I already have an idea in my head of what I look for when I go out but what matters to you people?  Give me some feedback folks! I’m going to set it up in the next few days and the first review will be in about two weeks. I am pretty excited about it. I always love a new excuse to go out. Though this does mean I will have to revisit places that i already know are shit… Oh well!

Love lots Caz xoxo xxxx

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I’m Home, Home is Fucking Cold!

I am back from my holiday in Darwin and fuck me it is cold here!! Seriously, is it just me or has Winter gone on for waaaaay longer than usual? It feels like it has been cold forever, shouldn’t it be warming up now?? All I see is rain rain cold cold crap crap! Come on Spring! Show us some love!

Darwin was awesome. Seriously get up there at some time in your life. The weather is beautiful (that being said I love HOT weather it may not be everyones cup of tea) and there is heaps to see and do while up there. Oh and the food is amazingly cheap, and it’s nice cheap not shitty quality cheap. We were getting steaks up there like $10 cheaper than we get here for the same quality! It was great.

We stayed at Steven’s Dad and Stepmums house. I like them but next time we seriously need to stay in a hotel. Anyone who knows me knows how I NEED my Carrie time. Lest I go totally batshit insane. By the end of this holiday I was getting to that point. We spent two nights in a hotel and those two nights were the best!

We did lots of sightseeing, shopping swimming and chilling out. My favourite place was Crocodylus Park . It has about 10,000 crocodiles! We had a feeding tour with a guy names Rubin, who was so awesome, he taught us all how to feed a croc and gave us a go at it (Steven stole my feeding pole and then lost the food on the first go and I was way pissed off at  him about it, I still am, Bastard!). He also jumped into the pen of a 5 metre croc!! INSANE! He taught us lots of interesting things about Crocodiles, for instance, Crocs can jump, they use their tails to propel themselves out of the water, if you are sitting in a 3 metre high tree branch overhanging water and a 4 meter Crocodile spots you, well… you are dead because they can jump almost their entire body length! Also Crocodile tastes like chicken (it really does, just a little bit sweeter I tried it yummm!) this is because Crocodile farms where the meat comes from mostly feeds their crocs chicken. You are what you eat! This is why humans taste shit (sharks and crocs rarely eat humans, sharks take a bite then reject us, Crocs take a bite then bury us under the mud to use as bait for fish and other marine life) We eat shit, we taste shit!

Wanna Go For a Swim?

Never Smile at A Crocodile

Baby Croc Croc Orgy

We also went to Litchfield National Park which I was told is much better than Kakadu (to the point where locals refer to Kakadu and Kakdon’t). It was pretty cool, the falls had dried up a little to what they usually are but they were still pretty amazing. It is one thing to see these places in photos, but to see them in real life is honestly mind blowing. The size and he beauty is just amazing. I have to recommend that everyone see’s  something like this in real life once in their life. Just amazing! We swam at Wangi Falls which was beautiful and home to Freshwater Crocodiles! Obviously they don’t really hang around the main watering hole because of all the people but it still feels a little scary knowing they are there!

Wow The Entry Sign  Aaaaaaah Crocodiles!

Darwin 034 Darwin 042 Darwin 060

Crocosaurus Cove is a Croc park in the middle of the city. Pretty cool, one of the Crocs got sights of Bayley and started heading towards us, slightly freaky!

Albino Croc Who Wanted to Eat Bayley

Baby Camera-Whore Crocs IMG_2076

Berry Springs is nice but I wasn’t a huge fan of swimming there because the water was at random different depths and the rocks were way slippery and there were fish everywhere and it looked like the place they shot the movie “Rogue” (it was actually filmed in the N.T. but I am not sure exactly where) so yeah I didn’t swim much but Steve and Bayley did!

Darwin 087

Hi! I Look Like a Scene from Rogue

We went on a Crocodile Jumping Cruise. basically they take you out into Crocodile infested waters and feed Crocs with this big pole with meat attached and the crocs jump and grab it. Very Very Very cool! I loved it! The crocs were huuuuuge! They also fed a bird calle a Kite (I think…) and I got an AWESOME action shot of it.

Darwin 154

30082009(002) 30082009(003) Darwin 168

Darwin 169

Darwin 166

The Territory Wildlife Park was kinda boring to be honest. It was massive you had to catch trams to get from one part to another. There was this cool bit with a simulated monsoon (it pissed down with rain, there was “lightning” and a cool thunder and frog sound track) buuuut the rest of it was so so. We petted some cute Wallabies and saw a birds of prey show. That was pretty cool. Crocodylus Park is waaaaay better though in my opinion.

Darwin 136

Darwin 150

Darwin 128

Darwin 126

We did heaps of other things too. Lots of going out for dinner. Lots of swimming in the parents swimming pool. Went to the Fish Feeding and fed come big fish and SHARKS! Lots of Carrie being paranoid Bayley was going to fall into deep water lots of Steven assuring me he is fine. Two annoying people who assumed Bayley was a girl, does curly blonde hair on an infant automatically mean girl all of a sudden?? Especially when he is dressed in blue, green,black and red most of the time. I don’t get it? Fucking wierdos.

Oh Skywest! I LOVE Skywest Airlines! Our flight attendants for alllll our flights were so lovely. On the way to Darwin Bayley was an angel he slept almost the whole time and didn’t cause any trouble. On the way back though geeeeez! He wasn’t really loud or causing trouble for any of the other passengers he was just mainly driving me insane. We just wanted him to go to sleep, it was a long day our flight didn’t leave till 5pm He only had a short nap during the day we knew we wouldn’t get home till midnight. All we wanted was for him to sleep. He didn’t. Not only that but he insisted on crawling all over me the whole time. Climbing on my lap climbing off. Climbing on his chair then back on me then back on the chair then the floor then me oh my god it was painful bless his little heart. But the attendants were amazing, and understanding and so helpful and they’d come play peek a boo with him and give him biscuits and extra bread rolls and they let us switch to a row of three seats, because the plane wasn’t very full, so Bayley could have his own seat (Bayley travelled for free as an infant under two which means he doesn’t get a seat he sits on one of our laps). They were lovely and I would travel with Skywest again anytime!

So all in all it was an awesome holiday! Darwin is a really beautiful great place and I can’t wait to go back again (and stay in a hotel). I miss the gorgeous HOT weather, the weather here is shitting me to tears, I got a hot tan while I was away and CAN’T SHOW IT OFF! I went two weeks wearing hardly any make-up if not none which is amazing considering my skin hang ups I have annnnd I got to be with my two gorgeous boys for two lovely weeks! Big thanks to Steve and Bayley for sharing the experience with me!

Next year I think we are doing Broome (if Nic is still there) Darwin and Queensland. After my Euro adventure of course (don’t you worry Jarryd my Eurotrip fund is steadily rising!).

I had fully intended to write another post tonight but it is 3.24am so I am going to have to call it a night. Will try get on tomorrow morning for another post. If I’m not looking after Bayley tomorrow night you may even get  few more posts! Oh and an entirely new blog! Info to come soon! Yay!!

Love lots Carrie-Anne Gallo

P.s. Notice I’ve started putting watermarks on my photos? I just think it looks cool. Oh and we have a new title pic that I hastily whipped up. I think I am actually going to change the whole style of the blog. Design my own or something. I dunno yet. I just don’t like using other people’s designs ya know?

P.P.S. Night night!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

I need to be in bed…

It is 1.40am. I am so so tired. I’ve worked all weekend, all day today, tomorrow I have to get up early and finish cleaning the house before my parents get back from Italy on Wednesday. I also have Uni tomorrow arvo.


I don’t know. I seem to have this crazy disorder where I know I am tired and should just go the fuck to sleep but I just don’t. For no reason. I am not actually even doing anything apart from eating some reallllllly good blue cheese and watching cartoons. And now look at me! I am writing a fucking blog regarding the fact I fail at going to sleep. Only to prolong getting there! Clearly I have a mental problem.

Anyway guys I have been thinking about this blog a lot. I installed Google Analytics so I can find out a little more about my readers. The results have been a little depressing with the most popular post being (not surprisingly) my post about 3 Monkeys :) So I have been feeling the pressure lately to do a follow up but I gotta tell you, don’t start holding your breathe until it warms up a little more. Being the dedicated blogger that I am, I can’t bring myself to write a blog based on old memories so if you want a follow up, it means I’m going to have to do a research trip into Bunno “nightlife” . See the pain I am willing to put myself through for you guys!! Haha but if I have to go out i am not doing it till its  bit warmer. As if it’s not bad enough that you people are making me go to Fitzgeralds and Exit, to make me do it in freezing weather would just be cruel! So do not fret I have not forgotten about my Cubbers Guide!!

Don’t know what the fuck i am talking about?? TRY CLICKING HERE!

I also have a few other post ideas in mind. I have one about sex in mind. It’ll be interesting to see what people think about it. I want to do another video as well. Oh an I have a draft of all the 7879823 social network sites I am a member of that I have been meaning to publish for ages.

Sigh for now I think I will finally get to bed.

Night night for now

Caz xoxo xxxx

Oh you guys can follow me on Twitter now. My favourite SN site and the one I use the most frequently. FIND ME HERE!

Peace out!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

My Top Ten - Movies

First in my top ten posts!

1. In America - I am not a crier. Not when it comes to movies or in general really. This movie makes me cry like a bitch and I love it. Lovely film about an Irish family who move to the US after the death of their only son. Narrated by the oldest daughter who I think is about 7ish? Adorable and beautiful. It’s a must watch.

2. Labyrinth- Hello it has David Bowie in it and Jim Henson puppets. What’s not to love?? LUDO FRIIIEND!

3. Lords Of Dogtown - based on true events this movie follows the early careers of Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta and Jay Adams. The Z- Boys as they were known helped shape freestyle skating into the sport that it is today. Do I look like someone who likes skate movies? Fuck no. But this is awesome and Heath Ledger stars as Skip Engblom- surfboard shaper and the guy who made the Z-boys. He is really fucking cool. This is just a great film I love it.

4. The Resident Evil series -  my favourite of the three is the 2nd- Apocalypse. The original is awesome except I hate Michelle Rodriguez with an intense burning passion. Fucker. Extinction is fucking cool too. I probably like that second best. Yep- Aplocalypse then extinction then Original. Anyway why do I love them?? Zombies + Milla Jovovich + explosions ‘n’ shit = instant awesomeness. No question.

5. Buffy The Vampire Slayer - I know a certain person who will disagree with me but the original Buffy movie shits allllllll over the series. Thats not to say I didn’t enjoy the series, I did! But the movie is epic. I do like how the series took over where the movie ended. Joss is good like that. He didn’t just pretend the movie didn’t happen. If you are a Buffy fan make sure you check out this movie. You should have already really…shouldn’t have you!

6. The Underworld series - So we’ve had Zombies, we’ve had vampires so clearly we need werewolves! Ok so Underworld has Vampires and Werewolves. Awesome combination. Honestly I don’t really know how else I can explain why these movies are great…it has vampires and werewolves oh and Kate Beckinsale who is HOT. I just saw the third in the series Rise of the Lycans which was a prequel and I liked that too. Great movies!

7. The Neverending Story – I don’t know if you have noticed… but I like my movies to not be based in reality ;) The original Neverending Story is the best. It’s fun to watch it now I am older. I yell at the screen. FOR FUCKS SAKE BASTION JUST SAY HER FUCKING NAME GEEEEEZ! Anyway it’s awesome. I want a Falcor

8. American History X – My head isn’t totally in the clouds you guys. Edward Norton and Eddie Furlong. This movie is utterly heartbreaking and thats all I am going to say because you really need to watch it.

9. Repo! The Genetic Opera – I wasn’t going to include this but you know what? I am listening to the soundtrack right now and DAMN this movie is so cool. Ok ok ok I will pre warn you. It is a rock opera and it has… Paris Hilton in it. DO NOT LET THAT DETER YOU I AM LOOKING AT YOU LEE-MAREE GALLO! It’s full of awesome (ok Lee I think you will actually hate it I gotta be honest) but it’s sick. Blood and gore and slutty costumes and rock music. Mmmmmm yes please!!

10. I am going to be honest here, I have probably forgotten some awesome movie here. I don’t know what to make my number ten. Maybe I will think of it and I'll come back and edit this… or at least tack it on the end. I think with these lists, for me at least, its hard to think of the awesome movies, or whatever, you like when put on the spot. I can think of lots of movies I like, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Shrek, The Simpsons, Ice Age, The Lord of the Rings, Kill Bill etc etc etc but nothing is standing out to me as awesome enough to add to this list.

So you’ll just have to make do with 9 for now ;)

WATCH THESE FILMS! Tell me what you think!

Love Carrie-Anne xoxo xxxx

Technology SHUTDOWN

I have been thinking for a while now of doing the 40 hour famine..but instead of food…because that it’d be easy.. I'd do my mobile phone and internet access and instead of 40 hours it’ll be more like a whooooole weekend! Can you imagine?? I’d be dying after like 5 minutes.

So the 40 hour famine is the 21-23 of August which doesn’t work for me because I'll be in Darwin and it’ll be too easy to be without the internet on holiday because I'll be doing lots of other shit. I want to make this hard! So I’ll be choosing a different weekend to do it but I’d like your help!

I was discussing this at work today with Steve (lover) and Steve MCG and we decided we need to set some rules. What exactly I’ll have to go without. How we’ll make sure I don’t cheat. How we can record my feeling through it etc

I’m thinking make it a total technology loakout. No mobile, no internet, no house phone, no tv, no videogames, but should we go as far as no electric blanket? No heating? No anything connected to a powerpoint??? I need to think about the other people who live in my house though…should they sufffer or will I just have to confine myself to my room when they are watching tv etc?

I think we decided I’ll have to hand over my phone and computer to someone else so I can’t cheat and I’ll have to have some kind of supervision at all times. But how will you know how much pain I am in throughout? I thought I could hand over the reins of my blog to a friend. But uh I don’t know if I want to let someone loose on here… So then we though hey! I can just write everything down, captains log style, then someone can scan it for me. Then you can see my pain in my writing :) I can fully imagine me doing verbal twitter updates and giving everyone the shits “CazMinx misses technology and is bored” then a bit later “CazMinx misses technology and is bored – 5 mintues ago via her mouth” JUST IN CASE YOU MISSED IT THE FIRST TIME!

Haha ok so I turn it over to you guys. Give me some ideas. What have I overlooked? How can we make it fun? Will any of you people even sponser me if I attempt this? What charity should reap the benefits? I want your input!!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx




Monday, 13 July 2009

Hottest 100

Triple J’s hottest 100 of all time was on today and it made for a very good afternoon at work! Smells Like Teen Spirit was number one, much to the surprise of nobody. Anyway it reminded me that I have been wanting to do a top ten list blog for ages and have never got around to it! Soooo it will be coming soon. I can’t do it off the top off my head because I know i’ll miss shit.

So categories. I’m gonna do Songs, Movies, Bands? I don’t know what else. If you’ve got any ideas let me know.


Seeeeeeya Caz xoxo xxxx


Friday, 26 June 2009

First Ever Video Blog

Ok you guys it's my first one so I apologise that it's fairly shit. It's kinda like being on an awkward first date with someone you don't really know. You don't really know what to say. You are self conscious, and you don't want to look them in the eye too long in case it freaks them out or you blush or something.

Video blogs are not easy!! I am going to try do them more often though as they are faster than typing so think of this as me losing my vidblog virginity!!

Oh and the sound isn't matching with the video when I watch it so if that happens for everyone then sorry! I'll probably try fix it in a few days. I'll ask someone smarter than me to help me with it.

Till then enjoy this crappy one! I promise I am trying to write more often! I've just had a lot on. Work+Bayley+Steven takes up 99% of my time and the rest of the time I am eating or sleeping!

Love lots you guys!

Caz xoxo xxxx

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Saturday, 30 May 2009

We're on our way...

Timmy and I are heading to Perth to see Pussycat Dolls and Lady Gaga! Tim made a mix tape of the Dolls so i might actually know some of the words to the songs. So thoughtful! We have just passed Cockburn. The town who is in denial about the pronunciation of their name. I also love how when i type cock in my phone the other word option is anal. It's like my phone is trying to tell me something... Nothing too exciting has happened on the trip. We passed an old lady being pulled over by the police. Proving that you are never to old to be a hoon. We also did some traffic light pest control... Where i opened my door and hit a baby cockeroach out of the car... At least i think it went out the car... It may just be crawling through my belongings on the floor... Now we are off to have cooked sandwiches with the lovely Mikaela! Catch ya! Love The Minx xoxo p.s. Check out my hot new long hair!

Friday, 8 May 2009

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Rainbows and Puppies!!

Sooooo Lee and Ash have complained that I am toooo negative on this blog… Which is totally true i am negative. I am bitchy. But it’s my blog it’s my release so that isn’t really going to change. However, in an attempt to appease them I am going to write this.

This is 10 things I love… (number thanks to Mikaela)

1. We have this beach house in Myalup. It is my favourite place in the whole entire world. We used to go there a lot when I was a kid with my Uncle Dom, Aunty Lynn and Jason, Leanne and Peter. I had wicked crush on this guy who was always at the ski club and Lee would give me shit about it. We used to fights in the back room but I sometimes wasn’t allowed because I was too little. We play the alphabet game to help go to sleep because there are gaps in the walls so we can here each other perfectly from room to room. We go fishing at the beach in the arvo and by the time night fell it would be freezing. We’d have to pee in the sand dunes until Dad finally decided he’d caught enough fish then we’d go back to the house, all piled in the back of the Ute, and we’d have a BBQ on this home made BBQ made out of a drum. To this day I believe no BBQ cooks a better feed than that drum. We don’t go as often now and that sucks. I always sleep better there. I come home feeling healthy and energised and full of life. I love the fresh air, the sounds of the trees and the birds. I love it when it’s sunny i love it when it rains. I love the sand textured walls. I LOVE the bunk beds. It’s my little piece of heaven on Earth and if i could I would go live in that house for the rest of my life. I love Myalup.

2. I love cordial. It makes water easier to drink. I like the ones that taste fruity, the orangey coloured ones a re usually the best bet for me. I love variety in my cordial, a different one every week. I drink so much cordial and it may be full of sugar but to me drinking lots of cordial is better than not because if i didn’t then I wouldn’t drink water either. Cordial is full of win.

3. I like to fish. Fishing is fun. Even when I am not actually catching anything. It is relaxing. It is peaceful and it is exciting when you hook into something! I have a fishing rod, it has a green tip, very Carrie :) I also have a tackle box, also green, sitting in the back of my car probably in disarray as I haven’t used it in a long time. Fishing is fun!

4. I love to daydream. I daydream a lot. It is an escape from the often hectic and stressful life I lead. I think everyone should stop what they are doing for 20 minutes or so everyday and have a nice little daydream. Go to your happy place. I dream about all sorts of things. About my future restaurant. About being famous. About being a superhero. About getting married. It’s good stuff. So if you see me staring off into space don’t worry I am just on another planet for a little while but I’ll come back soon. Day dreaming is lovely.

5. I like filling in forms. You know like tax forms, quizzes, census, etc. They are fun. Online or on paper. I love doing the cash up at work because I get to fill in forms. I should be an office worker. I don’t even know why i like it i just do. I like checking over them to make sure it’s all filled in correctly. I like to use the correct coloured pen. I like signing here and there. I like to check the boxes. Oooh it’s just fun! Give me a form to fill in please! Forms are fabulous!

6. I like to read. I can devour books. I recently read the Twilight saga. I won’t go into what I thought of it. However I will say that I managed to finish each book in less than about two days. That is even when I had to fit it around work. Books just suck me in, I think it goes back to the day dreaming thing. my imagination works in overtime and i connect with the characters. I become a part of them I don’t want to know what happens next i NEED to know.

My favourite author is Traci Harding. Her books, especially the Ancient Future and Celestial Triad series, quite literally helped to shape my outlook on life. She is brilliant and if anybody would like to borrow them just ask and I will happily lend mine out. My two favourite books though are Dragonsbane by Patricia C. Wrede, which is about a wayward princess who shuns her royal responsibilities and runs away to be a dragons princess, and Wednesday is Spaghetti Day by Maryann Cocca-Leffler, which is a children's picture book about a household cat who has a Italian feast with her other cat friends every Wednesday, maybe it’s because I’m Italian I don’t know but I have just always loved the story and the pictures, it is a fun book. I recommend Fishpond for all your literary needs. They are Australian based and guarantee to be cheaper than Amazon. I also like that they don’t wait for your whole order to be ready before they ship it. they just ship what you have ordered as soon as it’s available. Which is nice when you order lots at a time like me :) Reading is good for the body, mind and soul.

7. I like a good bitch. Look it may come as a surprise to most of you but  am actually a very positive person. I don’t like negative thinking. Negativity only breeds more negativity, I think in general everyone needs to be a bit more positive and happy. I bitch and I rant but I do it to get it out of my system. Once it’s gone I don’t have to think about it anymore. For me keeping in all that frustration and anger is detrimental my health and wellbeing. How much better do you feel after a hard days work, you get home and you rant and bitch about it then that’s it, it is like you are letting go, it’s a release. It is good for you! Bitch and let go, rant and forget. Get that negative energy out of your body and replace it with positive. I love it, a bitch is my version of a stiff drink or a joint. Your inner bitch will set you free.

8. Foooooood. Oh man I love food. I love cooking it. I love eating it. I love food programs. I love talking about food. Food is one of my big passions. I love trying new foods and eating old favourites. I love seafood. I love a nice steak. Nothing gets me going like a beautifully cooked meal whether it is in a restaurant or lovingly cooked by my Steven or my Mum or Dad. I love when Mum and Dad are away and Ashleigh cooks her special pasta and makes little menus and her icing biscuits. I love getting together with the family for seafood extravaganza or just a good old BBQ. I seriously get excited on Sundays when I know I’ll be going home to an amazing bowl of pasta and I daydream about what will be in the sauce. I love soup. It is one of my favourite things about Winter, soup is such a winter food. So warming. I make Pastina when I'm feeling sick and it’s like a healing elixir. Nobody in my family is remotely capable of making enough food for only one person. We ALWAYS make far too much which is good because then the rest of the family gets to dig in.

My favourite foods, Pasta, specifically Mum or Nonna’s pasta. Nobody on Earth can make it like they can NOBODY! Chilli Mussels, my Dad makes the best chilli mussels you will ever eat in  your life. Beef  Tataki, made by Dave Allen, my favourite chef in the world, not just because of his amazing cooking talent but also because he is the best chef I have ever worked with. He is patient, he always takes time to explain things, he doesn’t crack it with the staff when we make mistakes, he is just an all round awesome awesome guy. If I ever decided to be a chef, this is the guy I would BEG to teach me.  His Beef Tataki honestly probably deserved it’s own number in this love list. It is like an orgasm in your mouth, it is to die for. If you ever ever get the chance to try it, do it, do it without question, do it without even thinking about it. You will not regret it. Oh man now I am really hungry. Food.Is.My.Life.

9. I love a quick chat that turns into a conversation hours long without anybody realising. I do this a lot with Tegan who I work with. We start talking and we just don’t stop and it’s always interesting and insightful and I never get that “oh just be quiet I want to go home” feeling. I don’t know if she does… Haha :) I love when you can just talk and talk with someone and it’s never forced, you never run out of things to say, you agree, disagree, agree to disagree and then suddenly you say “wow that's the time it flew by!” and then you leave with a sense of fulfilment. I even do this with people I barely know, and it always leaves me with a smile on my face. Random power chats lift your spirits.

10. Lucky last and you’ll notice that I haven’t mentioned the obvious love for my friends and family. You guys know I love you and I don’t need to say it here. I am going to mention one person though and I am sure some of you may guess but others won’t. Number 10 is reserved for Bayley. When Steven and I first found out he was having a son with another woman we were obviously freaked out. In very different ways. Our relationship was only new and although Bayleys conception happened long before I even knew Steven, there was not deception or betrayal to me or Carly on Stevens part. It was still a hard pill to swallow. My boyfriend is having another woman's baby. When/if we have kids, ours will never be his first. What if he doesn’t like me? What if I am a shit stepmum? What if this baby and I get attached and then Steven and I break up? What happens then? Do I stay and risk that, stay and help raise this baby? Or do I run far far away now and find someone else? Is Steven the one? How am I meant to know this early in the piece and what will my parents say? My sisters? What will the extended family think? How do I explain this situation to them?? It was a messy few months. I stayed. It was the best decision I ever made.

Bayley is my little ray of sunshine. The fact he is not my biological child is of no relevance. I love him as if he were my own and I know I will always be the number 2 woman in his life to his Mum Carly, it doesn’t matter to me. Bayley will always have two sets of parents who will love him unconditionally. I love trying to figure out what he is thinking. I love his little facial expressions. I love that he will attempt to eat anything. I love it when he does his little shy face and buries his face in Stevens shoulder. I love how he gets food all over his face and in his hair whenever he eats. I love when he pushes the button on his ABC snail then looks up at us as if to say “sing?!” and we do, then he pushes it again, and again, and again and again…… I love how we buy him all sorts of crazy cool toys and all he wants to play with is the empty coke bottle or the dustpan and spade. I love his little laugh, I love how he tries to crawl away whenever change his nappy, I love it when i give him a bath and he splashes so much that I am soaked.I love the look of accomplishment he gets whenever he achieves something new. I love when he falls asleep in my arms. I love when he smiles at me. I love when he reaches out for me to pick him up. I love when i finally figure out what he is crying about and he stops crying and is happy again. I love this little man now and I will love him forever and i wouldn’t change this, despite the strange circumstances, for anything in the world. Bayley has my heart.

Hope you enjoyed it Ash and Lee

Love lots and lots

Carrie-Anne Gallo xoxo xxxx