Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Australia Day!!

I had a lovely Australia Day! After working (it was slightly busier than I though it would be, crazy people going out on Australia Day instead of drinking with their friends at mates houses) I headed out with some lovely work crew and met up with Timmy in town for the Bunno festivities!

Alana (her first Oz Day) played the clowns (her first time!!) and I won a little Kangaroo and she won some dice and then we swapped because she wanted the Kangaroo :) Then we bought some cool alien sipper cups with this cordial shit in them and I have been drinking everything out of mine ever since and it's helping to keep me hydrated :) Then Stevo and I played that game where that guy is being obnoxious and loud on his microphone and you get a ticket and open the little boxes and if you have the right number you get to pick a prize?? Steven won me a biiiiiiig dragon!! Theeeen we went wandering around the markets and man they had some shit... Arty umbrellas?? Really??? Hovever I found this really cool Rooster that I bought for my Mama and Steven bought himself a ring yay!!


Oh I bought some fairy floss too! How could I forget that?? I bought the biggest one they had. Man I love Fairy Floss. That is what I looked like if you saw me in town on Oz Day...or if I hit you with my giant dragon (I did that a lot)

The fireworks were awesome. I love fireworks. Fireworks are the best. I remember when I used to have to work at Mojo's on Oz Day I would always run out the back and watch the fireworks for as long as I could before I got told off. So they were wicked but I severely had to pee in the middle of them (thanks to the Alien sippy cup) and was worried I'd miss the finale but LUCKILY I didn't miss it. Yay!

So that was my Oz Day oh two stupid dickhead kids tried to ruin it for me by having a fight. Who the fuck starts a fist fight, on Australia Day, at a FAMILY EVENT?? There were little kids there for fucks sake. It really pissed me off. Then later I saw some guy almost stand on a baby because he was in such a huge hurry he wasn't paying attention to anything and almost crashed into this poor ladies pram. Cunt. Believe me if someone did that to me with Bayley I would have glassed them in the face (yes I know that is a giant hypocrisy considering I just called those kids dickheads for being violent at a family event). There you go that was my redneck coming out to say helloo!!

So how was your Australia Day? What did you do? Do you like fairy floss?

Love lots 'n' lots Carrie Xoxo xxxx

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Songs i currently hate with an intense passion

You guys who know me know how much I hate certain songs. Therefore I bring to you the first of many "songs I hate this week" though ya know I probably won't post a new one each week...it'll be more like "Songs i currently hate with an intense passion" actually...i'll go ahead and change the title to that instead...

Here they are, with reasons if necessary. Enjoy!

1) "Single Ladies" by Beyonce- words cannot express how much I hate this song, I hate the song, I hate Beyonce and I HATE HATE HATE the film clip. What the fuck is with the robot hand?? Are you part robot? Are you trying to start some kind of one piece bathing suit+robot hand glove fashion statement? Because I don't think it's going to catch on Beyonce. Oh and the song is so repetitive and stupid and that stupid hand wave dance thing people do to it. How I hate this song and everything to do with it. Fuck you Beyonce!

2) "Fall for You" by Secondhand Serenade- Eeuugh... ok so maybe it is more the fact that Hot FM plays this song approximately 780980990345 times a day but damn this song sucks. It is sooooo boring and whiny. I don't really know what it's about I just looked up the lyrics and it sounds to me like the guy is either A- a cunt to his girlfriend but it's ok because he loves her or B- he is a pussy whipped little bitch and his girlfriend is having a go at him and he was all like awww ok i love you i'm sorry. Anyway i hate this song and the band sounds too much like that other god awful boring band Simple Plan for my liking.

3) "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" by The Script- now first of all I owe The Script an apology, one of the reasons I hated this song is because I though it said "you'd see me waiting for you on the corner of YOUR street" and I was like "Errrrr if you are waiting on the corner of her street she'll see you like everyday and will probably get some sort of restraining order against you for being a crazy obsessed stalker" then i realised the other day when i was driving home that it is actually "THE street" not "YOUR" so I apologise. However I still hate the song, I reaaaaaly strongly suggest that you suck it up and get over this bitch. She obviously doesn't want to be with you and putting your life on hold to wait on some random street corner will probably make her just think you are an evern bigger loser, so what if she takes you back? You are going to have to sponge of her for god knows how long because you have been living on a street corner and have no money. Also when the big reunion happens you will stink and that probably isn't good impression to give her. So yeah, get over it and move on with your life man. This song is shit.

Thats all I cant think of at the moment... but beleive me there are more out there!

What songs do you hate??

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Friday, 9 January 2009

This is why i hate women

They are incapable of putting rubbish in a bin. No the bin is not full, they just won't push the rubbish down because they have no respect for other peoples property or surroundings. Other toilet sins include toilet paper all over the floor and tampon wrappers on top of the sanitary bins. Stupid lazy fat sluts you can all get fucked!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Signs for the neurologically impaired

I always thought it was common sense to not feed the fucking seagulls... Apparently i was WRONG! So i made there fancy signs... Somehow i don't think i will be allowed to put them up at work...