Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Dear Monica Koss...again

So... I see you took notice of my advice from the other day because last night on Today Tonight you looked amazing! You looked so nice and professional I ALMOST believed the crap you were spewing in your shitty stories! See what a good wardrobe and a hairdryer can get you? Credibility!

If I was a guy I would have totally hit on you in that outfit

Good job Monny!! Keep it up!

Love always Caz

xoxo xxxx

Monday, 23 February 2009

Taylor Swift's message to Joe Jonas

I love Taylor Swift.

She is hilarious

I would totally date her if I was a guy

But seeing as I am a girl I would just like to hang out with her 'n' shit

Ah hahaha

Love Caz xoxo

Dear Monica Koss

Now normally I do not watch your show because Today Tonight is a giant load of one sided wank. However I was watching tonight and I have to ask...what the fuck were you wearing and what was with your hair?

Seriously, it looked like you had just got out of the shower, after washing your hair, and you just threw on the nearest shirt you could find and it happened to be your husbands green work shirt. Don't you have make up and hair people who do this kind of shit for you? Who dropped the ball here? What is going on at channel 7? Did the wardrobe department suffer cutbacks from the global economic crisis? Was there a strike? Were you running late to the taping?

I hope someone gets a stern talking to for allowing you out on set looking like that. It's not casual Friday. I want to hear about hard done by nanna's and stupid farmers falling for insanely obvious love traps from someone with nice hair and a snappy business suit.


Kind Regards


xoxo xxxx

Monday, 16 February 2009


I have just joined Twitter.

Sasha at Evil Beet raves about it allll the time and those of you who are my facebook friend know about my fondness for status updates so I thought "what the hell why not"

Soooo you can follow me HERE!

Join Up!!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Today in adorable...

Sooooo adorableSo the story that led to this photo is not so adorable, lets just say it involved one hell of a dirty nappy...  but he had so much fun in his bath splashing and getting water everywhere and to prove how much of an awesome photo poser he is he managed to cover his bits in every single's like he knows we are going to pull these pics out at his 21st :)

Love you BayleyBear

Caz xoxo xxxx