Monday, 16 March 2009

Bayley's First Few Steps

Here is a video I took the other day of little Bayley Bear!

He has just started over the few weeks to try walking and last week managed to take a few steps without holding onto anything. We are sooooooo proud of our little man! It will not be long before he is running all over the place so I think Stevo and I will be in for a good workout!

Enjoy the video!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The Veronicas (and ShortStack and Metrostation)

Oh you guys I had the best weekend ever. We had Veronicas on Sunday night and Soundwave on Monday and they were both soooo awesome! Loved it loved it!

So Steve, Eliah and I headed off to Perth Sunday arvo, stopped in at Kia's 21st @ Old Coast Brewery on the way. If you haven't been out there I highly recommend it. It is so nice, I had the wheat beer which wasn't very nice (Mash's Haze is better) but the Pilsner was pretty good.


Here is a pic of us girls. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIA!!

Caught up with Ash who I haven't seen in YEARS since we all used to go down to Busselton so it was a really cool. She is all grown up and engaged it's crazy!

Anyway we got on our way, made it to the hotel, we stayed at the Goodearth hotel on Adelaide Terrace and I don't recommend it. Despite saying "parking available" on the website it actually means "parking available but not guaranteed and you probably won't get a park because there is literally about 20 car spaces for hotel guests and that is all". The staff were quite rude to and never smiled. I mean I know it sucks to be working on a public holiday (I usually always work them) but it's your job, suck it up and stop being a bitch.



Mikaela and Timothy then arrived to take us to The Veronicas, we went the wrong way about 3 times then finally got there. Mik dropped us and left. We met up with Ash and Matt. Now, I don't know about you but I was honestly expecting a lot of emo faux lesbians to be at Veronicas, holy shit was I wrong! It was full of KIDS!! Kids and parents! I actually was shocked! I think our group were amongst the oldest people there apart from the Mum and Dads!



Our seats were pretty good, we were to the left of the stage in the middleish of the grand stand so we could see everything. We were late so Short Stack were already almost finished. They were pretty good. They said Fuck a lot which I found funny considering all the kids. I thought they'd sensor themselves but I was pretty happy they didn't.

I didn't get a pic of them though sorry!

Then when they finished one of the band tech guys (or whatever they are called) came out to set up for MetroStation and HE LOOKED LIKE STEVEN! It was bizarre. I took a photo but it is dark and blurry so you probably won't be able to see the resemblance.

Steven Look Alike

Then Metrostation started and I thought they would be soooooooo shit. They were average. Not nearly as shit as I thought but definitely not awesome. Trace was wearing the tightest jeans I have ever seen in my life. Mason was wearing sunglasses. Trace sounded like he exaggerated his Californian accent, it seemed a bit toooo full on. I don't think people actually talk like that. He was a bit of a poser in general. Jumping of the drumkit landing. Swinging his guitar around his neck. It was overkill and I think made him look like a douche.


I got the vibe that The Veronicas were not big Metro fans either. Just by the way they invited two of the Short Stack guys on stage with them and said how awesome Short Stack were but made no mention of Metro. Also they dedicated "Secret" to "someone on this tour but we can't say who" so obviously it could have been anybody but I not so secretly think it's Trace Cyrus. That would be awesome. Oh and they don't have Metro as a friend on myspace, but they do have shortstack. So that's my theory, Metro are dickheads and The Veronicas are not huge fans.

Now it was time for The Veronicas. So excited! Dying to pee, didn't want to pee incase they started while I was gone then finally decided to because Ash was going. As soon as we get up the stairs the music starts. Worst.Toilet.Timing.Ever. We watched from up the top then quickly peed.

The girls were AWESOME. They opened with "Take Me On The Floor". They are so tiny! I know I am short. I think they were shorter than me, they definitely wouldn't have been taller than me. They also did not look anorexic. They cop a lot of flack for their weight but I didn't see any problem. They looked gorgeous.

Here are some blurry photos from the show!




They were wearing the coolest pants ever! I loved them and I want some. Not that I will ever have an excuse to wear them. maybe when I head to England to see Jarryd. You can't waste pants that cool on Bunbury.

They played for about two hours, did a bit of an acoustic set, talked a lot in between were very friendly with the crowd. Played every song I really wanted to hear. When they finished everyone got up to leave and I was like "ummm what are you doing they will obviously do an encore" so we stayed and they did their encore. Very very good show indeed. They have such amazing voices. It makes me wish I could sing.

Steven was in love with the drummer. Vik Foxx. Who was pretty ace but I guess Steve would notice that kind of thing more than me. I just noticed when he pointed it out that he was twirling hi sticks and throwing them in the air has he played. It was awesome!

Then they finished for real and jumped down and shook hands with the kids in the front row and I was crazy jealous and we went to our car, it took us FOREVER to get out of the car park, back to the hotel, Steve and I got Maccas which was shit as expected. There were heaps of people there as Future Music had finished up around the same time as Veronicas. Then we tried to sleep but had the shittest sleep ever because Goodearth has crappy concrete pillows and when we "woke up" it was Monday and time for Soundwave yay!!!!

I will have to write tomorrow about Soundwave. It will be so long and I need to sort out photos are what. So keep an eye out for it. Soundwave (or emofest) was so fucking good. It is the best festival and a great venue I hope they don't change it ever. Anyway more about this tomorrow.

If you ever get the chance to see The Veronicas live take it! They are a really really good live act.  Britney, Madonna, Rhianna they can have all the fireworks and costume changes they want but they cannot match the vocal talent of Jess and Lisa.

Thanks for an AWESOME night ladies

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Monday, 2 March 2009

Porn Chemist

So we have stopped to get some ear plugs for Steven. Elia has noticed that the chemist is full of accidental porn! Like this lady who looks like she should have a penis in her mouth. :) they also had the biggest range of condoms ever. I think the chemist is trying to tell us something...


Veronicas were fucking awesome last night! I will write a better post about it when i get home tomorrow arvo and one about today at Soundwave. Having a great weekend!