Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Rainbows and Puppies!!

Sooooo Lee and Ash have complained that I am toooo negative on this blog… Which is totally true i am negative. I am bitchy. But it’s my blog it’s my release so that isn’t really going to change. However, in an attempt to appease them I am going to write this.

This is 10 things I love… (number thanks to Mikaela)

1. We have this beach house in Myalup. It is my favourite place in the whole entire world. We used to go there a lot when I was a kid with my Uncle Dom, Aunty Lynn and Jason, Leanne and Peter. I had wicked crush on this guy who was always at the ski club and Lee would give me shit about it. We used to fights in the back room but I sometimes wasn’t allowed because I was too little. We play the alphabet game to help go to sleep because there are gaps in the walls so we can here each other perfectly from room to room. We go fishing at the beach in the arvo and by the time night fell it would be freezing. We’d have to pee in the sand dunes until Dad finally decided he’d caught enough fish then we’d go back to the house, all piled in the back of the Ute, and we’d have a BBQ on this home made BBQ made out of a drum. To this day I believe no BBQ cooks a better feed than that drum. We don’t go as often now and that sucks. I always sleep better there. I come home feeling healthy and energised and full of life. I love the fresh air, the sounds of the trees and the birds. I love it when it’s sunny i love it when it rains. I love the sand textured walls. I LOVE the bunk beds. It’s my little piece of heaven on Earth and if i could I would go live in that house for the rest of my life. I love Myalup.

2. I love cordial. It makes water easier to drink. I like the ones that taste fruity, the orangey coloured ones a re usually the best bet for me. I love variety in my cordial, a different one every week. I drink so much cordial and it may be full of sugar but to me drinking lots of cordial is better than not because if i didn’t then I wouldn’t drink water either. Cordial is full of win.

3. I like to fish. Fishing is fun. Even when I am not actually catching anything. It is relaxing. It is peaceful and it is exciting when you hook into something! I have a fishing rod, it has a green tip, very Carrie :) I also have a tackle box, also green, sitting in the back of my car probably in disarray as I haven’t used it in a long time. Fishing is fun!

4. I love to daydream. I daydream a lot. It is an escape from the often hectic and stressful life I lead. I think everyone should stop what they are doing for 20 minutes or so everyday and have a nice little daydream. Go to your happy place. I dream about all sorts of things. About my future restaurant. About being famous. About being a superhero. About getting married. It’s good stuff. So if you see me staring off into space don’t worry I am just on another planet for a little while but I’ll come back soon. Day dreaming is lovely.

5. I like filling in forms. You know like tax forms, quizzes, census, etc. They are fun. Online or on paper. I love doing the cash up at work because I get to fill in forms. I should be an office worker. I don’t even know why i like it i just do. I like checking over them to make sure it’s all filled in correctly. I like to use the correct coloured pen. I like signing here and there. I like to check the boxes. Oooh it’s just fun! Give me a form to fill in please! Forms are fabulous!

6. I like to read. I can devour books. I recently read the Twilight saga. I won’t go into what I thought of it. However I will say that I managed to finish each book in less than about two days. That is even when I had to fit it around work. Books just suck me in, I think it goes back to the day dreaming thing. my imagination works in overtime and i connect with the characters. I become a part of them I don’t want to know what happens next i NEED to know.

My favourite author is Traci Harding. Her books, especially the Ancient Future and Celestial Triad series, quite literally helped to shape my outlook on life. She is brilliant and if anybody would like to borrow them just ask and I will happily lend mine out. My two favourite books though are Dragonsbane by Patricia C. Wrede, which is about a wayward princess who shuns her royal responsibilities and runs away to be a dragons princess, and Wednesday is Spaghetti Day by Maryann Cocca-Leffler, which is a children's picture book about a household cat who has a Italian feast with her other cat friends every Wednesday, maybe it’s because I’m Italian I don’t know but I have just always loved the story and the pictures, it is a fun book. I recommend Fishpond for all your literary needs. They are Australian based and guarantee to be cheaper than Amazon. I also like that they don’t wait for your whole order to be ready before they ship it. they just ship what you have ordered as soon as it’s available. Which is nice when you order lots at a time like me :) Reading is good for the body, mind and soul.

7. I like a good bitch. Look it may come as a surprise to most of you but  am actually a very positive person. I don’t like negative thinking. Negativity only breeds more negativity, I think in general everyone needs to be a bit more positive and happy. I bitch and I rant but I do it to get it out of my system. Once it’s gone I don’t have to think about it anymore. For me keeping in all that frustration and anger is detrimental my health and wellbeing. How much better do you feel after a hard days work, you get home and you rant and bitch about it then that’s it, it is like you are letting go, it’s a release. It is good for you! Bitch and let go, rant and forget. Get that negative energy out of your body and replace it with positive. I love it, a bitch is my version of a stiff drink or a joint. Your inner bitch will set you free.

8. Foooooood. Oh man I love food. I love cooking it. I love eating it. I love food programs. I love talking about food. Food is one of my big passions. I love trying new foods and eating old favourites. I love seafood. I love a nice steak. Nothing gets me going like a beautifully cooked meal whether it is in a restaurant or lovingly cooked by my Steven or my Mum or Dad. I love when Mum and Dad are away and Ashleigh cooks her special pasta and makes little menus and her icing biscuits. I love getting together with the family for seafood extravaganza or just a good old BBQ. I seriously get excited on Sundays when I know I’ll be going home to an amazing bowl of pasta and I daydream about what will be in the sauce. I love soup. It is one of my favourite things about Winter, soup is such a winter food. So warming. I make Pastina when I'm feeling sick and it’s like a healing elixir. Nobody in my family is remotely capable of making enough food for only one person. We ALWAYS make far too much which is good because then the rest of the family gets to dig in.

My favourite foods, Pasta, specifically Mum or Nonna’s pasta. Nobody on Earth can make it like they can NOBODY! Chilli Mussels, my Dad makes the best chilli mussels you will ever eat in  your life. Beef  Tataki, made by Dave Allen, my favourite chef in the world, not just because of his amazing cooking talent but also because he is the best chef I have ever worked with. He is patient, he always takes time to explain things, he doesn’t crack it with the staff when we make mistakes, he is just an all round awesome awesome guy. If I ever decided to be a chef, this is the guy I would BEG to teach me.  His Beef Tataki honestly probably deserved it’s own number in this love list. It is like an orgasm in your mouth, it is to die for. If you ever ever get the chance to try it, do it, do it without question, do it without even thinking about it. You will not regret it. Oh man now I am really hungry. Food.Is.My.Life.

9. I love a quick chat that turns into a conversation hours long without anybody realising. I do this a lot with Tegan who I work with. We start talking and we just don’t stop and it’s always interesting and insightful and I never get that “oh just be quiet I want to go home” feeling. I don’t know if she does… Haha :) I love when you can just talk and talk with someone and it’s never forced, you never run out of things to say, you agree, disagree, agree to disagree and then suddenly you say “wow that's the time it flew by!” and then you leave with a sense of fulfilment. I even do this with people I barely know, and it always leaves me with a smile on my face. Random power chats lift your spirits.

10. Lucky last and you’ll notice that I haven’t mentioned the obvious love for my friends and family. You guys know I love you and I don’t need to say it here. I am going to mention one person though and I am sure some of you may guess but others won’t. Number 10 is reserved for Bayley. When Steven and I first found out he was having a son with another woman we were obviously freaked out. In very different ways. Our relationship was only new and although Bayleys conception happened long before I even knew Steven, there was not deception or betrayal to me or Carly on Stevens part. It was still a hard pill to swallow. My boyfriend is having another woman's baby. When/if we have kids, ours will never be his first. What if he doesn’t like me? What if I am a shit stepmum? What if this baby and I get attached and then Steven and I break up? What happens then? Do I stay and risk that, stay and help raise this baby? Or do I run far far away now and find someone else? Is Steven the one? How am I meant to know this early in the piece and what will my parents say? My sisters? What will the extended family think? How do I explain this situation to them?? It was a messy few months. I stayed. It was the best decision I ever made.

Bayley is my little ray of sunshine. The fact he is not my biological child is of no relevance. I love him as if he were my own and I know I will always be the number 2 woman in his life to his Mum Carly, it doesn’t matter to me. Bayley will always have two sets of parents who will love him unconditionally. I love trying to figure out what he is thinking. I love his little facial expressions. I love that he will attempt to eat anything. I love it when he does his little shy face and buries his face in Stevens shoulder. I love how he gets food all over his face and in his hair whenever he eats. I love when he pushes the button on his ABC snail then looks up at us as if to say “sing?!” and we do, then he pushes it again, and again, and again and again…… I love how we buy him all sorts of crazy cool toys and all he wants to play with is the empty coke bottle or the dustpan and spade. I love his little laugh, I love how he tries to crawl away whenever change his nappy, I love it when i give him a bath and he splashes so much that I am soaked.I love the look of accomplishment he gets whenever he achieves something new. I love when he falls asleep in my arms. I love when he smiles at me. I love when he reaches out for me to pick him up. I love when i finally figure out what he is crying about and he stops crying and is happy again. I love this little man now and I will love him forever and i wouldn’t change this, despite the strange circumstances, for anything in the world. Bayley has my heart.

Hope you enjoyed it Ash and Lee

Love lots and lots

Carrie-Anne Gallo xoxo xxxx

Monday, 13 April 2009

Mix and Ron catch a TAXI!

Part of me doesn't want to admit I am friends with these deviants, but this is just fucking hilarious!

You crazy kids I love you both :)

Oh and Paul whevever you are. Good on you for being such a champ!

Love Minx xoxo