Tuesday, 11 August 2009

I need to be in bed…

It is 1.40am. I am so so tired. I’ve worked all weekend, all day today, tomorrow I have to get up early and finish cleaning the house before my parents get back from Italy on Wednesday. I also have Uni tomorrow arvo.


I don’t know. I seem to have this crazy disorder where I know I am tired and should just go the fuck to sleep but I just don’t. For no reason. I am not actually even doing anything apart from eating some reallllllly good blue cheese and watching cartoons. And now look at me! I am writing a fucking blog regarding the fact I fail at going to sleep. Only to prolong getting there! Clearly I have a mental problem.

Anyway guys I have been thinking about this blog a lot. I installed Google Analytics so I can find out a little more about my readers. The results have been a little depressing with the most popular post being (not surprisingly) my post about 3 Monkeys :) So I have been feeling the pressure lately to do a follow up but I gotta tell you, don’t start holding your breathe until it warms up a little more. Being the dedicated blogger that I am, I can’t bring myself to write a blog based on old memories so if you want a follow up, it means I’m going to have to do a research trip into Bunno “nightlife” . See the pain I am willing to put myself through for you guys!! Haha but if I have to go out i am not doing it till its  bit warmer. As if it’s not bad enough that you people are making me go to Fitzgeralds and Exit, to make me do it in freezing weather would just be cruel! So do not fret I have not forgotten about my Cubbers Guide!!

Don’t know what the fuck i am talking about?? TRY CLICKING HERE!

I also have a few other post ideas in mind. I have one about sex in mind. It’ll be interesting to see what people think about it. I want to do another video as well. Oh an I have a draft of all the 7879823 social network sites I am a member of that I have been meaning to publish for ages.

Sigh for now I think I will finally get to bed.

Night night for now

Caz xoxo xxxx

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Peace out!