Sunday, 20 September 2009


You may have noticed my blog now has music! Allow me to introduce you to my new favourite local band AntonioPaul!

Marc and Michael have been making sweet music together for years in various bands before forming AntonioPaul. They have a great Indie Pop sound and they put on a great live set.

I met the boys earlier this year through my lovely friend Mikaela’s younger sister Liberty who told me they were interested in playing at Mash, the boys bought in their demo and I’ve loved them ever since!

The boys are playing at the Prince this Friday the 25th of September supporting Emily Barker, They start at 7pm so get down there!

I’ll be posting all upcoming gigs on RainbowBlogStar so keep an eye out and support the boys!

Check out their official sites…

Official Myspace

AntonioPaul on Facebook

Triple J Unearthed



Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Todays To-Do List (or why Carrie is a stressball with no life who gets sick all the time)

Today I have approximately 89098093424 things to do and I am going to share them with you because it will make me feel better. Although I am sure there will be MANY people who pick it to pieces saying “Err Carrie you don’t NEED to do that one and Err if you did that earlier you’d be fine today LOL”. To those people I would just like to say


Anyway here we go…

1. Make sure 60+ person function for this Saturday night gets sorted out at work (yay for extremely late notice bookings) despite the fact that today is my day off.

2. Await email replies from Uni group mates, fix changes to Surveys, await response again. Print out 25 copies and fin

d people to fill them in.

3. Clean my hideously untidy room. Including cleaning out my closet of all the clothes I don’t wear anymore. Try to fit in new clothes.

4. Sort out bookshelf that I messed up the other week and never got around to fixing.

5. Study for Law mid semester test that is this Friday. Yay. I think I shall talk about ducks as my default answer.

6. Write blog post about AWESOME local band AntonioPaul

7. Clean out handbag I took to Darwin that is full of shit because we didn’t have enough room in our suitcases for some things and my handbag had to suffer the consequences.

8. Stop everything I am doing at 2.45 because I have a dental appointment at 3pm.

9. Marketing assignment

10. Assorted uni catch up.

11. Maybe see Bayley at some point today?

I think that is just about it. Oh I also need to pay some bills but I can do that online assuming that I have money. Also did I mention that I am really sick and feel like death?

UPDATE: we can now take off the function one and the dentist one but can add on help Lee with engagement party arrangements :)

Love Cazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz xoxo xxxx

Dear Bookface, You are not Twitter and you NEVER will be.

Bookface tries to be twitter Today, just 5 minutes ago, I was writing on the wall for Psypets and when I pushed “share” facebook popped up with THAT little “hey tag a friend” thing.

Sigh, oh Bookface, it happened to Myspace and now its happening to you. You are slowly being superseded by an easier, less stressful and more attractive model.

Just go gracefully

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Good Morning Mr Excell

Just a quick post because I think I am actually going to attempt to get to bed before midnight tonight. I would just like to do a big shout out to Mr Excell’s English students at Newton Moore Senior High.

Their amazing teacher (and one of my best best friends) Timothy Excell has started up a blog for them and it’s their job to update it. Brilliant!

It’s kinda depressing for me actually because it makes me feel about 78 years old. These kids were born in like 1994/95!

Good luck kiddies and now despite the fact that none of you asked for it I am going to use my 78 year old wisdom and impart some advice on you. Things that I wish I knew when I was your age/ things I was told by some old person and totally ignored then later found out I totally should have listened to them because they were amazing and correct…

1.Enjoy being a kid and don’t try to grow up fast. Being old SUCKS. You have to worry about money and having full time work and all your friends start getting married and having babies and then you feel like you should and euuggh! Being young is awesome you guys are so lucky! Take full advantage of it.

2. Smoking, drinking, taking drugs and  having sex are all completely overrated. Smoking makes you smell and nobody likes people who stink. It also slowly kills you and being alive is pretty awesome.

Drinking can often make you do things you wouldn’t normally do and as well as the mammoth hangovers you can also wake up with massive guilt and/or massive holes in your memory. I am not saying don’t drink ever. But being “the trashed kid” at every social event is waaaay uncool. Drink in moderation, have fun without going overboard. P.s. yes I do know that you are all underage but I am not stupid.

Drugs are for losers. This includes weed. Unless of course you want to be a smelly hippy all your life. No seriously, I personally was never ever interested in drugs so i gotta tell you that I never saw the appeal. I don’t really “get it” so I don’t know exactly how to convince you to just say no. So I will just tell you that when I am out and about whenever you see someone of their head you are NEVER saying “wow that guy/girl is so awesome they are so off their head thats really cool” no you are saying “WTF is that person on and what a loser” 

Sex is not that important. It is always way better when it’s with someone you love and you will feel much better if you wait for that person. Sleeping with many people makes you a slut whether you are a guy or a girl. I know that many pop artists and “feminists” want you girls to believe that “oh my god how come boys can sleep around and they are awesome but if a girl does it they are a slut? That’s so sexist I think it’s it should be awesome for girls to sleep around to”. That is probably the most dangerous and stupid message ever sent out to women ever. How about instead we just stop calling those boys awesome and start calling them sluts too? Sleeping around is silly. Your body is one of the only things that is truely yours. Respect it, look after it, love it and don’t go sharing it with just anybody.

3. On the subject of sex, there is no such thing as “accidentally” getting pregnant. The purpose of sex is procreation. If you don’t want to procreate you can either DON’T HAVE SEX or USE PROTECTION. I am a big fan of the pill and if you are on the pill and having sex I always recommend backup. Seriously boys and girls condoms are your friend. Use them and use them well. As I always say “If it’s not on, it’s NOT ON!”. ALWAYS USE PROTECTION!!

4. Honestly try not to stress out when it’s time to decide what you want to do later in life. At the risk of Mr Excell killing me (though let’s face it, he probably already has considering I’ve been talking to you about sex and drugs) it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have your future career planned out by then end of year 10. If you finish school without doing your TEE then decide you want to go to uni there are other ways to get it. It takes longer, you usually have to wait a few years but it can be done. don’t stress!

5. Do your homework. Don’t do what I do and wait till the last day because that is stressful and stupid and you stay up all night freaking out when the whole situation could have easily been avoided if you just stopped screwing around on facebook and did your homework! I am the biggest hypocrite because it has taken me until now to actually put this into practice but my god. So.Much.Easier!

6. Don’t make things hard on yourself. I do this thing sometimes where if I have an assignment I go “oh hey I’ll do it like this because it’s a bit harder and therefore my teacher will think I am way cool” then I realise that IT IS WAY HARDER WHY AM I DOING THIS? Honestly sometimes it’s fun to challenge yourself but sometimes you end up putting all this extra pressure on yourself to get the same result you could have achieved doing something much easier. Keep.It.Simple!

7. Be nice to all your schoolmates. You know what, once high school is over nobody cares if you were the popular kid, nobody cares if you weren’t. So cut the crap! Just because someone wears there hair different to you or like different music or seems a bit weird doesn’t mean they aren’t a nice person or that they deserve your ridicule. The weirdoes are often the most interesting people. Bullies are just losers with low self esteem who have to put other people down to make themselves feel better about their own lives. We all have our strengths and we all have our weaknesses. Whether you are the bullier or the one being bullied, just remember that. Nobody is perfect. I’m not saying you have to like everyone because lets face it, some people just don’t get on. However just because you don’t get on with someone doesn’t mean you have to be horrible to them ok? Play nice guys play nice.

8. Ok I might make this the last one because my “quick post before bed” has turned epic. Remember how I said that being young is awesome and you guys are lucky? It can also be really hard. I was depressed when I was a kid. For no discernable reason either. As fun as this time will be for you it’s also the time for a lot of firsts. First boyfriends and first breakups (oh man the first break up is ALWAYS HORRIBLE and you feel like you just want to die and that the world is ending and “how could this happen we were so in love and I am so upset” Guys. You don’t die. It doesn’t kill you. It really sucks and is horrendously painful but IT WILL BE OK BELEIVE ME. I practically wrote the book on break ups. I should totally write a blog post about that.) fights with friends, fights with parents (you parents are just looking out for you, seriously, they may seem like servants of the devil but really, parents ALWAYS have your best interests at heart. I always recommend trying to  compromise with them) and all sorts of things happen in this time. Physical changes, mental changes, it can be hard and some people handle it better than others. It can be difficult to work up the courage to say something, to reach out for help but I implore you that if you are feeling lost, helpless, confused, angry, alone,  please tell someone. A teacher ( I happen to know that Mr Excell is a fantastic listener, oh the things he knows about me!), your parents, your sister/brother, a friend, your doctor, call a helpline. There is absolutely 100% no shame in asking for help. We all need it at some point. Watch out for your friends and if your friend comes to you for help don’t ignore them! Encourage them to talk to an adult. As much as you hate to hear it when you are young but we have been in your position. We know what it is like! Talk to someone!

Ok well that just about does it. If by any chance you want my awesome advice on any other subject well just let me know ;)

To my non high school readers… have you got any advice for the lovely kids of  Newton Moore? If you do leave it in the comments for them!

So boys and girls I hope you have enjoyed today’s lesson. Here is the address of that blog again just in case you missed the link at the top of the page. Go visit I Was in Mr X's English Class 09!

Class Dismissed

Caz xoxo xxxx

P.s. did you notie how I didn’t swear in that entire post? At least I didn’t say “the F word” did I? It’s because I know that schoolkids never ever swear ever and I wanted to respect that. I am SUCH a good role model. ;)

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I Am Ready Early!

Somehow I am completely ready for uni one whole hour early which is great because I had time to eat an maybe spit out a blog post. Hoorah!

So the lovely Miss Kat has inspired me, she was telling me the other day how  once she moves to Perth, she wants to go out and have a drink in every single pub and club there and write a blog about it! Which I think will be totally awesome and it reminded me about how ages ago I wanted to start a new blog reviewing restaurants in the area, so I have decided to do it!

You guys know about my passion for food and going out and any poor sucker who has gone out for dinner with me would know how I Being a waitress myself for the past 6ish years I know what is good service and what is shit but the fact that I hate wank means that I don’t expect perfection and hate wanky waitstaff who are all up in your grill feeding you bullshit. I think my blog will be a good guide for people who love great food and appreciate good service without it being pretentious.

All I need now is a name for it? HELP ME OUT! What should I call it? What kind of things do you want me to look at when reviewing? I already have an idea in my head of what I look for when I go out but what matters to you people?  Give me some feedback folks! I’m going to set it up in the next few days and the first review will be in about two weeks. I am pretty excited about it. I always love a new excuse to go out. Though this does mean I will have to revisit places that i already know are shit… Oh well!

Love lots Caz xoxo xxxx

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I’m Home, Home is Fucking Cold!

I am back from my holiday in Darwin and fuck me it is cold here!! Seriously, is it just me or has Winter gone on for waaaaay longer than usual? It feels like it has been cold forever, shouldn’t it be warming up now?? All I see is rain rain cold cold crap crap! Come on Spring! Show us some love!

Darwin was awesome. Seriously get up there at some time in your life. The weather is beautiful (that being said I love HOT weather it may not be everyones cup of tea) and there is heaps to see and do while up there. Oh and the food is amazingly cheap, and it’s nice cheap not shitty quality cheap. We were getting steaks up there like $10 cheaper than we get here for the same quality! It was great.

We stayed at Steven’s Dad and Stepmums house. I like them but next time we seriously need to stay in a hotel. Anyone who knows me knows how I NEED my Carrie time. Lest I go totally batshit insane. By the end of this holiday I was getting to that point. We spent two nights in a hotel and those two nights were the best!

We did lots of sightseeing, shopping swimming and chilling out. My favourite place was Crocodylus Park . It has about 10,000 crocodiles! We had a feeding tour with a guy names Rubin, who was so awesome, he taught us all how to feed a croc and gave us a go at it (Steven stole my feeding pole and then lost the food on the first go and I was way pissed off at  him about it, I still am, Bastard!). He also jumped into the pen of a 5 metre croc!! INSANE! He taught us lots of interesting things about Crocodiles, for instance, Crocs can jump, they use their tails to propel themselves out of the water, if you are sitting in a 3 metre high tree branch overhanging water and a 4 meter Crocodile spots you, well… you are dead because they can jump almost their entire body length! Also Crocodile tastes like chicken (it really does, just a little bit sweeter I tried it yummm!) this is because Crocodile farms where the meat comes from mostly feeds their crocs chicken. You are what you eat! This is why humans taste shit (sharks and crocs rarely eat humans, sharks take a bite then reject us, Crocs take a bite then bury us under the mud to use as bait for fish and other marine life) We eat shit, we taste shit!

Wanna Go For a Swim?

Never Smile at A Crocodile

Baby Croc Croc Orgy

We also went to Litchfield National Park which I was told is much better than Kakadu (to the point where locals refer to Kakadu and Kakdon’t). It was pretty cool, the falls had dried up a little to what they usually are but they were still pretty amazing. It is one thing to see these places in photos, but to see them in real life is honestly mind blowing. The size and he beauty is just amazing. I have to recommend that everyone see’s  something like this in real life once in their life. Just amazing! We swam at Wangi Falls which was beautiful and home to Freshwater Crocodiles! Obviously they don’t really hang around the main watering hole because of all the people but it still feels a little scary knowing they are there!

Wow The Entry Sign  Aaaaaaah Crocodiles!

Darwin 034 Darwin 042 Darwin 060

Crocosaurus Cove is a Croc park in the middle of the city. Pretty cool, one of the Crocs got sights of Bayley and started heading towards us, slightly freaky!

Albino Croc Who Wanted to Eat Bayley

Baby Camera-Whore Crocs IMG_2076

Berry Springs is nice but I wasn’t a huge fan of swimming there because the water was at random different depths and the rocks were way slippery and there were fish everywhere and it looked like the place they shot the movie “Rogue” (it was actually filmed in the N.T. but I am not sure exactly where) so yeah I didn’t swim much but Steve and Bayley did!

Darwin 087

Hi! I Look Like a Scene from Rogue

We went on a Crocodile Jumping Cruise. basically they take you out into Crocodile infested waters and feed Crocs with this big pole with meat attached and the crocs jump and grab it. Very Very Very cool! I loved it! The crocs were huuuuuge! They also fed a bird calle a Kite (I think…) and I got an AWESOME action shot of it.

Darwin 154

30082009(002) 30082009(003) Darwin 168

Darwin 169

Darwin 166

The Territory Wildlife Park was kinda boring to be honest. It was massive you had to catch trams to get from one part to another. There was this cool bit with a simulated monsoon (it pissed down with rain, there was “lightning” and a cool thunder and frog sound track) buuuut the rest of it was so so. We petted some cute Wallabies and saw a birds of prey show. That was pretty cool. Crocodylus Park is waaaaay better though in my opinion.

Darwin 136

Darwin 150

Darwin 128

Darwin 126

We did heaps of other things too. Lots of going out for dinner. Lots of swimming in the parents swimming pool. Went to the Fish Feeding and fed come big fish and SHARKS! Lots of Carrie being paranoid Bayley was going to fall into deep water lots of Steven assuring me he is fine. Two annoying people who assumed Bayley was a girl, does curly blonde hair on an infant automatically mean girl all of a sudden?? Especially when he is dressed in blue, green,black and red most of the time. I don’t get it? Fucking wierdos.

Oh Skywest! I LOVE Skywest Airlines! Our flight attendants for alllll our flights were so lovely. On the way to Darwin Bayley was an angel he slept almost the whole time and didn’t cause any trouble. On the way back though geeeeez! He wasn’t really loud or causing trouble for any of the other passengers he was just mainly driving me insane. We just wanted him to go to sleep, it was a long day our flight didn’t leave till 5pm He only had a short nap during the day we knew we wouldn’t get home till midnight. All we wanted was for him to sleep. He didn’t. Not only that but he insisted on crawling all over me the whole time. Climbing on my lap climbing off. Climbing on his chair then back on me then back on the chair then the floor then me oh my god it was painful bless his little heart. But the attendants were amazing, and understanding and so helpful and they’d come play peek a boo with him and give him biscuits and extra bread rolls and they let us switch to a row of three seats, because the plane wasn’t very full, so Bayley could have his own seat (Bayley travelled for free as an infant under two which means he doesn’t get a seat he sits on one of our laps). They were lovely and I would travel with Skywest again anytime!

So all in all it was an awesome holiday! Darwin is a really beautiful great place and I can’t wait to go back again (and stay in a hotel). I miss the gorgeous HOT weather, the weather here is shitting me to tears, I got a hot tan while I was away and CAN’T SHOW IT OFF! I went two weeks wearing hardly any make-up if not none which is amazing considering my skin hang ups I have annnnd I got to be with my two gorgeous boys for two lovely weeks! Big thanks to Steve and Bayley for sharing the experience with me!

Next year I think we are doing Broome (if Nic is still there) Darwin and Queensland. After my Euro adventure of course (don’t you worry Jarryd my Eurotrip fund is steadily rising!).

I had fully intended to write another post tonight but it is 3.24am so I am going to have to call it a night. Will try get on tomorrow morning for another post. If I’m not looking after Bayley tomorrow night you may even get  few more posts! Oh and an entirely new blog! Info to come soon! Yay!!

Love lots Carrie-Anne Gallo

P.s. Notice I’ve started putting watermarks on my photos? I just think it looks cool. Oh and we have a new title pic that I hastily whipped up. I think I am actually going to change the whole style of the blog. Design my own or something. I dunno yet. I just don’t like using other people’s designs ya know?

P.P.S. Night night!