Friday, 30 October 2009

I would like to introduce...

I have had a spider living in my right hand side car mirror for a really long time. In fact I think it has lived there the entire time I have owned the car. Mum and my sisters think it's disgusting but I was never really bothered by it, all I ever saw of the spider was the web so I didn't care...that is until today!

Today while I was driving along with my window open I looked over at my mirror and saw a couple of hairy black legs with little orange bands poking out. This was my spider. I kinda freaked out. I think not seeing him made me not care that a hairy spider was living with me. I wound up my window which I think scared him, he pulled his little legs out of my view.

Now I thought, I thought about this spider and the adventures we have shared together in our beast of a car Hogan. I was a bit scared, I was contemplating hosing him the hell out of my car as soon as I got home but I changed my mind. This spider has been with me through thick and thin and who am I to decide that just because his hairy legs scared the shit out of me I should evict him from his home and perhaps even kill him off?

Then my imagination went into overdrive, I imagined him chilling out waiting for me to come down and start the car, get all excited and say to himself "ooh I wonder where we are going today! I hope some cool insects will get stuck in my web!" and then he sings along to the music on the radio, complaining whenever Beyonce comes on "why does everyone love her? If I met her I'd bite her see how she likes that". Yeah my spider is totally awesome, living the carefree bachelor life. I have even given him a name, Dustin.

So here everyone please meet Dustin, and if you are travelling in my car give him a hello and please, leave his web alone.

Caz xoxo xxxx

Monday, 26 October 2009

Get Served!

I have started a new blog!

Now don't worry it doesn't mean I'll be abandoning this one... I am sure I will neglect both of you equally. I have been wanting to start a new blog for a while and I had more than a few ideas running through my head about what to write about and where to start till one day, after an extra shitty day at work, I finally made up my mind.

So allow me to introduce you to...

Get Served: Diary of a Hospitality Worker

I am hosting it over at wordpress because it's a little more professional than blogger and wordpress follows my stats so i don't have to use a third party tracker like google analytics to see my page visits etc. So it's easier for me!

As the name suggests it is all about my experiences as a hospitality worker and I am writing it as if I am writing in my personal diary. There won't be much/if at all any, personal information in it, that's what RainbowBlogStar is for, I am just hoping that people will find my experiences amusing and who knows! Maybe it'll educate a few people to not be such arseholes when they are dealing with us! ;)

So go check it out! Once I am finished with uni i'm going to schedule posts for it so they will pop up at regular intervals. Just trying to decide how often I want it to update...because i have lots of stories guys...lots and lots of horrible horrible stories :)

Till next time

Caz xoxo xxxx

p.s. ok ok ok ok the news people are waiting for. Clubbers Guide to Bunbury Part coming soon...

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Hi guys!

I know I have been somewhat neglecting !RainbowBlogStar! lately and I am sorry! I have been way busy with Uni and work and with all the stress work is causing me at the moment. However yesterday morning I had an epiphany!

I realised that I actually only have 6 weeks of uni left this semester. ONLY 6! Well, 4 weeks of class one week study break and then one week of exams. Which means that after 6 weeks I am officially a free woman! I will have waaaaay more time to see all my friends who I have been neglecting whilst working full time then going to uni. More time to update my blogs. More time to spend out in the sun! Oh I am so excited about it!

So all I need to do is really truely get my shit together for the next 6 weeks. So I will be a bit absent. I want to do really well in my exams so my plan is to just buckle down and work work work and be a hermit and pass all my units.

Then my friends it will be time to celebrate!

So I will be a bit quiet for a while but I will let you know that there will be an AntonioPaul update coming soon (their gig at The Price was awesome and if you weren't there then sucked in because you missed out), and there will be details about the new blog I have started over on WordPress. I'll tell you more about that once there are a few more posts up and I have it down the way i want it.

Orright cool!

Thanks for the patience guys!

Love you long time

Caz xoxo xxxx

p.s. I am at Uni and have to use shitty Internet Explorer and apparently it doesn't have spell check I am sorry about how bad my spelling will be and I assure you that I can spell. It's the typing that is my undoing because I type fast and don't pay attention to what I am doing.