Friday, 20 November 2009

Exams (and therefore Uni) are OVER mofo's!

Helllooooooo my friends!!

Yes that is correct no more exams and no more University until next year and you should know what that means! It means regular updates here and on my other blog Get Served!

It feels good to have more spare time. I loved going to uni and I think I did well this year, results aren't out for another week or so, but between work, uni, Bayley, Steven and trying to have any sort of social life, it was hard for me to get time to do the things that I wanted to do for myself. So I am pretty happy.

I already have more than a few things planned to write about so sit tight my pretties! You'll hear more from me soon!

Love lots Carrie xoxo xxxx

Saturday, 7 November 2009

The Circus featuring Britney Spears

I'll start this up by saying one thing. Yes, I did know she would be miming the whole thing, I knew it when I bought my tickets, I knew it going in, Brit doesn't sing live, I KNOW THIS. Anyone going into the concert expecting her to sing live and then being upset that she didn't is a complete idiot. Ok glad I got that out of the way.

I was however expecting her performance to make up for the non singing. I was expecting an amazing show, and I didn't want to miss out on seeing Britney Spears, love her or hate her you cannot deny that the woman is an icon of today's music and her name will go down in history, whether it will be nice things or nasty things we'll be saying about her in the future remains to be seen. Her raise to fame and her highly publicised fall is a story we have all heard. The Circus was meant to be her big comeback tour, to show her fans and her critics that she's still got it! I am sorry to say however that she left this fan hanging.

We arrived just as DJ Havana Brown was finishing up her set. Found ourselves what we thought was a good spot in the standing area and waited for the coutdown to hit zero. The Big Apple Circus started things off, it was pretty cool however the stage wasn't raised and being the midget that I am it was VERY hard to see anything (I don't want to harp on too much about the whole not being able to see thing so i'll get it out of the way, you either had to be in the first few lines, or really tall, or stand waaay back in order to see anything, we eventually did move back and could see way better, but if the stage was raised just a little bit, it would have been perfect). Then Britney comes out in her red ringmaster costume and the first song is Circus. The stage was set up in the middle of the crowd ie; there were people on three sides of the stage so she had to move around to perform to each side, ignore morons crying "waaaah she had her back to us!", she had her back to everyone at some point and everyone got their fair share of Britney time.

The show continued and I don't know, it was good, it was ok, it just didn't seem to me like she was putting that much effort in. In kind of felt like her heart wasn't in it, like she's lost her passion, anyone who watches Tyra Banks on Americas Next Top Model will know how she always says that thing about pushing it that little bit extra to make it "fierce", well Brit was the before picture. I think with just a little more fire she would have been amazing but I just got the vibe that her fire is out.

The sets and props were cool, the dancers and circus performers were amazing, the video montages during costume/set changes were awesome (she has a great one set to Marilyn Manson's cover of Sweet Dreams, Brit looks HOT!).

She barely interacted with the audience, about halfway through she FINALLY said hi to us, told us it was so great to be in Australia (wow thats a whole country...could you not have mentioned the word Perth?? Do you know what city you are in??) and then at the very end she yelled goodbye over the music and ran No fucking encore! BULLSHIT! I am sorry but for a concert as big and as hypes as this I expected a fucking encore, after Womaniser we were waiting around for the encore...waiting...waiting... then the fucking lights came on! NO encore. Ridiculous.

The music was odd, other concerts I have been to the music tended to kinda pulsate through your bones but I don't know what they did with Brits sound but it just seemed slightly off, my ears weren't even ringing after the show. Weird.There were also no big screens to show her up close which would have made it sooo much better!

Ash and Lee think that she actually sang Everytime, the song was after she spoke to the crowd and she used the same mike so it did look like she was really singing it, however I think it was just a clever trick, I think she spoke, then they cut her mike, it just sounded too perfect for me, so if she was singing it then she did a really really good job, but I don't think she did and that sucks because if she was singing, her reputation for miming has made me question her.

I guess I know why her tour is called The Circus featuring Britney Spears, as oppose to Britney Spears: The Circus. It often felt like the focus was on everything else and not on Britney herself.

So in summary? Stage needed to be higher and we needed screens and better music. Not enough fire and passion in the performance, more interaction, AN ENCORE, and Brit, would it kill you to sing a few songs live, just a few? A disappointing show, could have been way better, knowing what I know now would I go again? Yeah probably, but I'd either get right in front or stand back for the whole thing and I probably wouldn't spent $199.95 on a ticket either.

Good luck on the rest of your tour BritBrit and please do yourself a big favour, after this tour take a holiday! A nice relaxing holiday with your boys forget about performing and music and just chill out. I think you need it.

Caz xoxo xxxx