Friday, 18 December 2009

Matkhls' Movie Yak


My lovely friend Mitchell has started his own movie review blog, well he is in denial about it being a blog, but hello it’s on blogger. It’s a blog. Go tell him that.

Annyway this is what he says about starting the blog…

Why I made this page, which I'm trying to avoid calling a blog, is because after several horribly failed attempts to find a movie reviewer I agreed with I began to think I was the only intelligent person left in the world. For the record these are simply my opinions of these movies, if you still want to see a movie go ahead, I wont tell you not to, and if you disagree with me, comment. I love to argue :P.

Don’t you love him already? Mitchell and I met at Uni this past semester and he is one of the coolest funniest guys I have ever met. I knew that whether I agreed with his opinions on the movies or not, the reviews would be a great read.

Damn was I right.

Go check him out and comment and encourage him to write more!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Google Wave

Two questions…

One: Does anybody out there (other than Steven Mcg, I know you have one, you’re my only friend!) have a google wave account?

Two: If you answered yes to the above question can you please please explain what the point of it is? I don’t get it. Am I not hipster enough? Not down with the current trends? To me it just seems like a big fat waste of time and effort.

Somebody please enlighten me

Caz xoxo xxxx

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Family Christmas and Birthday Fun


I’ve had a big weekend. Saturday night was the Gallo family Christmas party! We have started having out family Christmas parties a few weeks early, with so many of us it is too hard for everyone to be available on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Having it early means that the majority of the family can come together.

I haven’t been able to make it to a family Christmas party for I think about 5 years. Since then there has been A LOT of new additions to the family. Most of the little kids in that photo above I met for the first time on Saturday! Others I hadn’t seen since they were very very little. So this meant that I had NO IDEA who half the kids were or who they belonged to! Figured it all out in the end, some were easy like Frazer, Milan, Zac and Jet (thank you Marissa and Son for being on facebook!) others were slightly harder haha but it all worked out.

It was really nice to see all the family again, now I am older and can appreciate it a lot more. Uncle Mario made another awesome movie with a bit of family history and stats. There are 70 people in the family as of now with another one on the way and I am sure plenty more to come and Ash and I scored a hug from little Jet Grosser, which was gorgeous and made me miss Bayley.

It was really nice…then the cousins wanted to go hit the city so we headed into Leederville and went to the Leederville Hotel. Oh man, what a cesspool. It is like 3 Monkeys except approximately 9890813123 times worse! Yes worse! Can you believe it! Part of me thinks it deserves it’s own Clubbers Guide entry but the other part of me wants to repress all memories of being there. Euuuggghh so foul. So we left after an hour and went back to Nonnas where we had to wait on her veranda for 30 minutes in the cold getting bitten by mosquitoes till Dad came home.

The next day was my Birthday yay! I got my new camera in the morning so i could take photos at breakfast (the usual tradition in our family is to exchange gifts after tea which I like but I really missed having a camera).


There’s Nonna! One of the first photos I took with my new camera which is a Canon Powershot SX120 IS it is awesome!

So I went to Funtastico for breakfast with Ash, Mikaela, Sonic, Fox, Timmy and Fran. Company was great, food was fairly average, I think they would be great for lunch or dinner but breakfast? Not so much. Oh well! Then we went looking for the Cold Rock Ice Creamery which is the best ice cream place on Earth only to be told that it has moved! MOVED! I was devo. It was crazy hot so Ash and I decided to head back to Nonnas and come back to Australind.

IMG_0022 IMG_0010 IMG_0011 IMG_0019

On arrival home I felt like death, before you ask, no, not from drinking, it felt like I had been hit by some sort of truck so I went and had a nanna nap. It’s my birthday and I can be boring if i want to!

Then Stevo showed up with Bayley bear and that made me feel a million times better! Awesome birthday gift! The boys gave me a birthday card and Bayley had even drawn in it for me :) made me very happy!


He got all dressed up in his tuxedo shirt too. Gorgeous boy he is!

BBQ for dinner yummy ice cream cake and some hilarious photos using my tripod (which Ashleigh referred to as an ipod) finished up the night and a great weekend!

Oh presents! Mum, Dad and Stevo got me my camera, Ash got me some awesome hubcaps and a chromie (sp?) for Hogan, he looks amazing, I will take a photo once I have given Hogan a much needed trip through the car wash. Nanna got me a cool headband and slide clips plus the new Lady Gaga CD (sweeet!), and Lee and G got me a really cool skirt, I’ll put up a pic, it has little shorts underneath! It’s so cool! Oh and Mika and Sonic gave this amazing painting Sonja did a while ago that I am obsessed with. It is now hanging in my room. I’ll get a pic of that up in the next few days.

  IMG_0042 IMG_0037IMG_0057IMG_0054 IMG_0055

So that was my weekend. I am really really glad I asked for Monday off so I could relax, try get over this Black Plague or whatever the hell it is that is causing me to cough up my lungs but back to the reality of Mash tomorrow.

Oh well, the break was fun while it lasted!!

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Monday, 14 December 2009

New Look Blog!

So you have probably noticed that I have a new look happening here at RainbowBlogStar. Going for a cleaner for minimalistic look. Hope you guys like it!

Love Caz xoxo

Monday, 7 December 2009

What’s Pissing Me Off This Week

You know how I wrote that post a while ago? The one about all the things that I love and i wrote it because my sisters were bugging me about being too negative?? Well that post was great, I like it a lot, I meant every word of it. However you know what?? There is a lot of shit that I hate too. So welcome to the things that are giving me the shits at the moment!

1. Roadworks.

I cannot leave my house and drive ANYWHERE without coming across roadworks. There is literally nowhere I can go…unless i drive around the block or just up the road or something ridiculous.

Don’t get me wrong here ok, I know that roadworks are important… they are upgrading roads, putting in new sewerage lines, building new bridges etc. That’s great stuff. Oh and i appreciate that you need to slow down ok, people are working close to the road and we don’t want to hit them. I GET IT.

What I don’t get, or appreciate is when they drop the speed limit from 70 to 40 when there is no fucker anywhere near the road AND they haven’t altered the path in any way. Case in point, the roadworks on Estuary Drive. Up until today where they have turned part of the road into gravel,  I have not understood the point in dropping the limit to 40.  Nobody is working near the road. The road hasn’t changed. Just leave the speed limit alone.

As if driving into Bunbury from Australind every bloody day wasn’t annoying enough already.

2. People Who Can’t Drive/Are Annoying Drivers

Don’t worry, this whole post isn’t going to be me writing down my road rage, but I can’t let this one go. Today I was driving along Ocean drive and the fucker on front of me was driving 40km, kept intermittently braking for no reason. Then when we neared my turn off at the Hungry Hollow he decided “OH HEY I MIGHT TURN TOO BUT I WON’T INDICATE” then he said “HEY I FEEL HUNGRY AND THIRSTY I MIGHT ABRUPTLY PULL OVER AND PARK AT THE HUNGRY HOLLOW BUT ONCE AGAIN I WON’T INDICATE. INDICATING IS FOR PUSSIES” at which point I had to slam on my brakes in order to avoid slamming into him. Arsehole.

I hate people who drive way under the speed limit (20km=way under). I don’t speed and I sometimes drive slightly slower than the limit, usually on highways because I get worried that Hogan will fall apart if I drive him too fast. Highways are double lanes so at least people can overtake me. The worst people are the ones that wake up in the morning and say to themselves “hey… I am going to drive 70km today all day no matter what the signs say on the road”. so I am following them on Koombana Drive getting pissed off that they are going 10km under then when it drops to 60km they zoom off. If you can’t read speed signs you should not be driving.

P.s. Dear everyone, just FYI you can’t change lanes in the middle of a fucking roundabout. You decide what way you are going, you get in the right lane and you STAY in that lane. Its not hard, they have fucking arrows on the floor. What is wrong with you people?

3. Hypocritical Bitches


You know what? I am a bitch. I bitch about people. I bitch about everything. You got this far in my post if you haven’t figured that shit out by now then you are clearly misinterpreting my writing. I own the fact I am a bitch. I try not to bitch about people too much but fuckit, some people are idiots and I need to bitch about that fact. So I don’t hate bitches, some of my favourite people are bitches.

I do however hate bitches who are hypocrites. You all know the ones. The ones that will happily talk shit about everyone but then when people are talking about them it’s all “OMG UR LYK A TOTAL BITCH, Y DONT U GROW THE FUCK UP U BITCH GOD” and you are like “what the fuck, hey pot I think you just called the kettle black”. Man it shits me. Or those girls who will bitch with you about someone then will run off and tell that person that you were bitching about them “ZOMG LYK CARRIE WAS TOOOOOTALLY TALKING SHIT ABOUT U THE OTHER DAY, WHAT DID I SAY?? OH… UH… I LYK WAS TOTES JUST GOING ALONG WITH IT SO I COULD TELL U LOL!” Whatever.

Moral? I don’t hate bitches, but I do hate bitches who are in denial of being total bitches. Stop playing the victim and own up to yourselves you hypocrites.

4. Annoying customers who ask for annoying things and get pissed off when we don’t have them.

I work in a brewery. A brewery. We make Beer. Well theoretically we make beer anyway. Ok so it really really shits me off when people are all “oh, you don’t have a very good wine list” or “what do you mean you don’t have Bundy (because its a redneck drink), or Jim Beam or UDL’s”.

Ahhh you are in a BREWERY have a beer or FUCK OFF. In fact you should fuck off over to Mojo’s who have an amazing range of wines and spirits and cocktails, you know why?? Because they ARE NOT a brewery. There’s the door, get out.

Somebody actually asked me for Patron the other day. patron is a fancy expensive tequila. As if we have Patron. What the hell was he thinking?

Oh and another classic… “So can I just get like a Corona or do I have to drink your beer?” I think serving other people beer might just defeat the entire purpose of being a boutique brewery so uh NO you can’t “just get like a corona”

What is just as bad if not worse are the annoying bitches who want coffee. “your coffee machine is broken, oh dear what kind of place is this” ok number one, it is a brewery kind of place, those vats aren’t full of coffee beans sweetheart, secondly…. WE SHARE A BUILDING WITH DOME COFFEEHOUSE, YOU CAN WALK LESS THAN 5 METRES AND GET YOUR PRECIOUS COFFEE AND NO YOU CANNOT BRING IT BACK IN HERE. HAVE A GODDAMN BEER.

People in this category also often ask for things that are clearly not on the menu. “I know it’s not on here but do can you guys do carbonara??” NO WE CAN’T. “Hey you know that mexican menu out the front? is that available today?” “No I’m sorry that’s only on Wednesday night” “oh…so like I can’t get a burrito??” NO YOU CAN’T.



Ok, I don’t know why I hate him so much. Well I am lying i am about to tell you why  hate him so much… but you see, I don’t know why he bothers me so much. Akon shits me to tears and I barely even hear his shitty music on the radio! I hate him more than I hate Beyonce and if any of you have been around me when Single Ladies has come on…you’ll know that me saying that is a big freaking deal.

Akon is one classy fuck with a real respect for women. You can tell this by all his awesome songs like “I Wanna Fuck You” (find the lyrics here), “Sexy Bitch”,  “Smack That”.

Then he has a really lovely voice. It sounds like the Chipmunks… if the chipmunks were sleazy stripper fucking arseholes.

Ewwww I can’t even be sarcastic anymore, he is so gross! Singing about all the strippers he wants to fuck and how they all want him because he is Akon. No shit, of course a stripper would want to have sex with you, she wants your money you stupid prick.

I swear…if I ever meet Akon I want to punch him right in the balls.

Disgusting disgusting offensive little boy.


Well that’s all for now. That is what is currently pissing me off.

Aaah, I feel better already, and in closing I’d like to dedicate this post to two people who piss me off more than anyone. Tegan and Steve McG… just kidding I love you guys. Thanks for keeping me motivated via Twitter just now, hope you enjoy the post!

Peace out lovers!

Caz xoxo xxxx