Friday, 31 December 2010

Farewell 2010

I don’t know very many people who aren’t happy to see the end of 2010. Almost every person I know and every person who has something to say about 2010 on Twitter has had a less than awesome year. I am not going to disagree, 2010 was hard and it was fast. It was always eventful and it didn’t worry about waiting for you to recover from the last hurdle it threw at you before unleashing a few more hurdles to contend with. It started out as a fight and it ended as a fight too. No easing into 2011 no way!! It has felt like being strapped into a rollercoaster that has too many twists and turns and though you were always hurtling to the end it never seemed to ease up or let you catch your breath.

Most of those people are looking back at 2010 with a big FUCK YOU!! I am looking back with a Thank You.

2010 has been one hell of a crazy year and though most of it was hard and stressful I think it was also a really important year. For me it was a year where I found my voice, no more being taken for granted, no more doing things to please other people before myself, no more slacking off. This year I dramatically quit my job. A job that I hung around at for two and a half years, the last year knowing full well that things were never going to change and never going to get better, but I stayed with the hope that it would. Then one day I just woke up. It was never going to happen, I was never going to get treated any better and I was never going to get paid what I was worth. So with a simple text to my manager I quit. Made that day my last. Had no job to go to but wasn’t worried. Three days later I had a new job with a helping hand from Stevo and now two months later I am still loving my new job and have even had other great job offers. Opportunities that wouldn’t have been there if I didn’t quit the old job. I am happier, I am working less nights, I am sleeping in less (a good thing) and I have more time to get things done that I am interested in and excited about.

2010 I started believing in my own power more and started really putting the power of positive thought to good use. I was sick for a good two months this Winter, on and off, and just when I thought I was getting better I got sick again. It sucked. I dislike being sick. I also had lots of shit skin moments and generally negative thinking. Then I decided enough was enough. I finally got better. I started reading a great book about the power of positive thinking. I wrote up a little list of affirmations to say to myself before I went to bed. Did it every night as I was falling to sleep and well I didn’t get sick again for the rest of the year, some people might call that coincidence but I think it had a lot to do with a positive outlook and positive energy. Since then I’ve been using positivity to help in all sorts of areas of my life and I have never been as chilled out as I am now. Positivity works, and I learnt that for real this year.

I’ve started exercising. For real. I dislike exercise. A lot. I just don’t believe that making yourself be in pain was worth it. Besides having a job that kept me on my feet meant that I never had any real need to exercise weight wise. Then I met Tracey. A chance encounter at the till at work, chit chat about what she was doing for the rest of the day, a question that I generally ask everyone. Tracey’s answer changed my life. “oh I am shooting a commercial, I teach Polercise”. The very next week I was having my first class and I have been addicted ever since. I went from weak unco scared little Carrie to waaay stronger, way more coordinated and a whole lot more confident Carrie. Girl who hated exercise to girl who was at one point, doing two classes a week of Polercise. I dream of owning our own house just so I can finally get a proper pole installed. I suddenly found a sport that I adored! My hated me for it after the first class but now it loves me. It also led to me wanting to improve my general fitness too and I have started going for walk/jogs with Timmy who is acting as my own personal trainer. I am super unfit but after only a few sessions I have improved a heap and I know that he’s going to have me on half hour straight jogs in no time! My legs were seriously unimpressed last week but are used to it now. I bet my heart will be grateful for the exercise too.

So for me 2010 has been a challenge of mind, body and soul that has improved all three greatly. I leave it feeling stronger as a person and despite all the people I mentioned earlier who hated 2010, of the ones that I know personally, despite their challenges every single one of them has finished 2010 a stronger person with a greater sense of self that they had at the start. Friendships and relationships and been tested, some have survived for the better others have ended for the better too. New relationships have been forged. There has been lots of closing of chapters and 2011, for a lot of people, will really be the beginning of a new chapter, for some, a whole new book. There will be more challenges. More hurdles. More rises and more falls, but 2010 has prepared us for the lot.

So everyone, this rollercoaster has finally slammed its way to the end of the track. Who is ready to strap in and go for another ride? Fasten your seatbelts every body, 2011 is going to blow your mind! Be safe, be smart, be strong, have the ride of your life!

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

P.s. what is your take on the year that was 2010? What are you looking forward to in 2011? Leave it in the comments, I’d love to hear your stories

Friday, 17 December 2010

Slash - "Beautiful Dangerous" (feat Fergie) [Available in South America ...

I currently adore this song.

That is all.

Love Cug xoxo xxxx

P.s. It's so windy at the moment, why are the nights so cold here? Isn't it meant to be summer? Euuggghh!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Honey, I’m home

Well it has been the longest I have ever spent without a decent internet connection and it's the longest I ever want to spend!! I felt like I had lost an arm. However I dare say that even if I had the internet I wouldn't have had much time to be on here because shit has been hectic!

Ok basic rundown on my life since I last wrote...


  • Went on holidays to Darwin the day after my last post and we came back last Monday. Holiday was awesome and one that I desperately needed. Faaaar too long to live with in-laws, I love Stevens dad Kelly, and his partner Marilyn but sometimes, and especially when you are on holidays, you just want to have some alone time and it was a bit hard. Also we took Bayley with us so that made it harder, next years holiday plans are going to include Fleeto and I going somewhere alone where we don't know anybody and it will be amazing!

Bayley had a great time and loves flying! Taking him this year was great because he was old enough to tell us that he was having fun and loved Crocodiles, and of stupid pram to push around! Made life much easier for all of us!


  • Flew back home last Monday and the very next day we moved all of our stuff from our old Dalyellup house to our new house in Bunbury that we are sharing with our lovely friend Kat. From  that Tuesday up until yesterday we were basically going back everyday and cleaning the old house making sure it’s in good enough shape to get our bond back. Cleaning houses sucks so much. Next time I vote that we just hire a cleaner. When we weren’t at the old house cleaning we were trying to sort out our new room here in Bunno, which looked, and still kinda looks but not so bad, like a removalist truck blew up in there. We had to wait till the other housemate here moved out so we can sort out that room and turn it into Bayleys room. He moved out on Tuesday, his shit is getting moved over this weekend and hopefully we can get it cleaned and get furniture in it so it’s ready for when we get Bayley again on Sunday! Arrghh!


  • I had my birthday!! Happy birthday to me! I turned a quarter of a century old on Monday! Had a great day, lunch with my Mum and sister and dinner with the whole family, got some great presents! Clothes from Nanna, walking shoes from Mum and Dad (so I have officially run our of decent excuses not to go walking), and green sparkly hairdryer from Ash and Noel, I have been able to blowdry my hair with a proper hairdryer for the first time in like 6 months! Plus a gift card for JB Hi-FI from Lee and G which I was going to go spend today but forgot till just now…dammit, Kanye will just have to wait!


  • Almost finished all my Christmas shopping! I love Christmas.I love giving people presents, I love tacky decorations, I love hanging out with my family. I love it all! I have no religious love for Christmas, oh I know I know that it’s Jesus’s birthday and that bitter people are always like “bah humbug Christmas is just an excuse for people to go buy things, it’s way too commercial” and you know what I say to those people? SHUTUP I WON’T GET YOU A PRESENT THEN GOSH! To me Christmas is about friends and family and giving people nice things and I don’t know anybody who hates getting presents.

I am super excited for Bayley to open all his gifts this year, he is at the age now where he knows what is going on and is getting excited about it and he kinda knows who Santa is and he keeps looking wistfully at the presents already under the tree, no doubt wishing that one of us will say he can open one up now. He has got a lot of cool gifts so far and I think he will be the happiest little kid on Christmas Day!


  • We put up our Christmas Tree! Oh my goodness it looks amazing! Putting up the tree with my family always seemed to end in tears. We’d get frustrated and someone (me) would be pissed off because somewhere along the line it was decided that our Christmas Tree needed to be colour  coordinated and I thought that was just ridiculous! Therefore it is needless to say that our tree looks like Santa Claus himself vomited up Christmas Joy all over it! I will post a picture shortly of how amazing it is. It feels nice to have our own Christmas Tree, it’s like we are our own little family!

That is about it really. We are both back at work and are back to having Bayley part time again. We had our first house family dinner on Tuesday, Stevo cooked us a 28 hour slow cooker roast and it was delicious and then Kat made Butter Chicken on Wednesday night that was also yummo. It is really nice to live in a house where we eat together and clean together and hang out!

I have had time to do a lot of thinking and that has been nice, made a few more right now resolutions that I will tell you about soon. For now I am just happy to be (almost) settled into the new house and amongst positive, fun people!

Love lots Carrie xoxo xxxx

Sunday, 21 November 2010


I am officially on holidays mofos!

Had my last day of work today and tomorrow Stevo, Bayley and I are hopping in a jet plane and flying off to Darwin for two weeks of fun and relaxation.

I don't think I have ever needed a holiday more than I feel like I need this one. 2010 has been an intense year. It has been a mostly really good, very eventful and very fast. I have enjoyed it and I'll be sad when it's all over but 2011 is shaping up to be just as epic! So with every thing that has been going on this year, I am going to enjoy the shit out of this holiday!

So when we get back we are moving house, literally the day after we get back (fun!) and the new house has no internet access :'( We are going to get it eventually but I will be without proper access for a while so things will be extra quiet here and on Twitter for a while. I am hoping to get lots of work done on all my blogs though during my uni break while I have time to spare and am going to be putting a lot of energy into turning this into something that makes me a little cash on the side. So stay tuned pleeease!

Till then! Au revoir!! A bientot! Ciao! Catch ya later!

Love lots Carrie xoxo xxxx

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

How is Ke$ha allowed in the country?

I had a small discussion with my lovely cousin Teejay on Facebook about the travesty that is Ke$ha when it occurred to me... this bitch has committed numerous crimes! Surely she has an extensive criminal record? Why has Australian Border Security allowed her into our country? Forget boat people!! I want to hear Julia Gillard explain why this security breach has happened!

Lets look at Ke$ha's criminal history,

Crimes against music - Go listen to one of her songs. Enough said. Actually...please don't...I don't want to feel responsible for your bleeding ears.

Crimes against fashion -

Crimes against general hygiene - see above pics, see how she doesn't seem to own a hairbrush? Or makeup remover. Or have access to a shower? She looks dirty all the time. Also she brushes her teeth with 'a bottle of jack'. Eww Ke$ha.

Crimes against sense - 'Zip your lip like a padlock' We've already discussed this one...

Crimes against class - "don't be a little bitch with your chit chat, just show me where your dick's at". Hi my name is Ke$ha and I am a trashy slut, show me your penis! (and I'll show you mine)

So Ms Gillard what do you have to say about this? I think you owe the Australian population an explanation. This is a complete outrage! I think you should immediately have Ke$ha's visa revoked and have her skanky arse thrown out of the country. I know we are a country founded by convicts but this is just beyond a joke. Think of the children! Do the right thing Julia. I have faith in you.

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Apply Now!!

Are you an uptight bitch?

Do you like to avoid calling people back? Especially when it seems important?

Do you have that special knack for finding the most inopportune time to come visit someones house?

Are you a stickler for rules? (Unless the rule inconveniences you, then rules can stick it)

Can you see a tiny speck of dirt on a wall from 10 meters away?

Believe that tiny speck of dirt is worth a $1200 penalty?

Do you believe that even when it's the middle of winter and hasn't stopped raining for two weeks, people can still go out and do their god-damn gardening?

Do have little sympathy for your fellow human beings?

Have what people describe as an irritating voice?

Were you sent here from hell just to fuck with people?

If you said yes to all of the above questions, congratulations!! You qualify to apply to be a real estate agent!! Call us on 666-666-666 now!

Real Estate Agents, making life a misery since forever.

Monday, 8 November 2010

If your kid is fat, it is your fault

Shannon Ponton from Australias version of The Biggest Loser caused a wee bit of a stir a few days ago when he claimed that parents are enabling their children to become obese.

I, completely agree with him, allow me to insert my opinion and then tell you why all the excuses I hear are a load of shit.

Kids are kids. They don't go out and buy their own food, they aren't the ones cooking meals for the family. The parent is, and if they parent is serving up unhealthy food. massive portions or just picking up KFC on the way home then of course it is the parents fault that the child suffers because of this. Is a kid going to turn around and say "awww Mum/Dad, I don't want pizza! Can't you cook me some broccoli?" Kids, when they are little, don't really know the cause and effect of eating shitty food, they just trust that our parents are doing the best for their health and wellbeing. As the parents should be!

Exercise, for those of you who don't know, I have a two year old stepson named Bayley, he is a little dynamite. He always wants to be running around and playing and doing fun physical things. Of all the little kids that I know, they are all like this! It's in their nature to want to run around and be active, it's not like as parents we have to force our little ones to go out and run around the backyard, it's what they want to be doing! Sure when kids get a bit older the lure of video games, internet and television is there but you know what? It's the parents job, it's their responsibility, to make sure their kids are getting the exercise they need. How hard is it to impose a 'no tv/internet/videogame before *some time*' rule? Or implement a one hour per day limit on those things?Get your kids to walk to and from school. Enrol them in a sporting class, Bayley does kiddie gymnastics and he loves it! Can't afford that, no problems! Just encourage them to go to the park or the oval with their friends after school and run around with a footy or something. Getting kids to exercise isn't hard unless you have already put them into a routine or a mindset that hates exercise and physical activity. It's something you can get the whole family involved in, go for family walks after dinner, go to the park every Sunday or two and play games. Aarrrggghhh it's not rocket science!

Two of my favourite excuses I hear from parents commenting on forums and the like...

"I don't have time to get healthy meals or go to the park with my kids, I work full time, it's hard to get to a grocery store, I just pick up whatever I can on the way home!"
Ok first of all, if you 'don't have time' for your kids, then what the hell were you thinking having a kid in the first place? Rethink your priorities here and make some time for them. Secondly, generally people work five days a week, so  at least one of the two days you are not working, the grocery store will be open and you can go there and buy lots of healthy food for your family. Check out cookbooks for meals you can make fast after work. Buy a slowcooker, you can throw food in there in the morning, turn it on and when you get home BAM! Healthy non junk food meal is ready to go! Split up the cooking duties with your partner to lessen the burden. If all else fails at the very least pick up some takeaway that is healthy! Go to Subway, get Thai food with lots of vegetables just be generally smarter with your food.

No time for the park, or even no park nearby? No problem, you can still do the family walk after dinner, even if it's a 15 minute walk around the block it is much better than nothing, and again, encourage your kids to join school sporting teams or put them in a class once a week. There are heaps of ways to get around time restraints. Time is man made, make it work for you not against you.

"but my kid is such a fussy eater! He/She doesn't like vegetables and healthy food. Commercials on TV make them want fast food. If I say no they cry and have tantrums. It's not my fault"
What? Your kid cries when they don't get their own way? Welcome to being a parent! You know what? You kid isn't going to like every single thing you ask of them and if you can't say "no little Bobby you can't have McDonalds we're having a nice home cooked dinner tonight" then how the hell do you expect you'll be able to say "no Bobby you can't go to Joe's house with a case of Bundy and a funnel"? You are the parent and you set the rules. Kids are only fussy eaters if their parents allow them to be fussy eaters. If your kid doesn't seem to enjoy veges, try being more creative. Kids loves chips? Make homemade chips and use potatoes and carrots and pumpkin. Instead if a packet of crisps for a snack give them carrot and cheese sticks. Commercials don't feed your kids, you do! So if you choose to give in to the demands of your children then hey, it is your fault buddy! Be a parent! Just say no, you know what is better for them food wise than they do, so stop with excuses. Parenting isn't meant to be easy, sometimes your kids will cry, they'll get over it and so will you and I bet they'd grow up and be happy you didn't let them develop a weight problem.

Kids just should not be fat, it is heartbreaking to see sad little fat kids and it does nothing but set them up in their older years to struggle with their weight. Feed your kids shit for 18 years and don't encourage them to exercise? How the hell are they going to know any better? How much harder is it going to be for them to break that cycle? There might be a push for us all to just accept our body shape for what it is, but you accept your obese body shape and all you are doing is putting yourself in an early grave. The risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, cancer, gallstones, infertility, joint problems and back pain are all increased when you are obese. Think about that next time you 'don't have time', to get your child a healthy meal or to help them exercise, or the next time you 'can't say no' to their demands of lollies and junk. It is about time we all stop passing the buck and start taking responsibility for things that actually are our responsibility!

What do you think? Agree? Disagree? What other excuses have you heard parents make to justify their bad food decisions? Were you a fat kid?

Leave it in the comments guys

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Sunday, 7 November 2010

I am the worst blogger ever

So I have this problem.

I am on this positivity kick where I try not to be negative. It's a long story and it's actually doing wonders for my life but the problem is this. My favourite blogs to write are rants, rants are generally negative, I can't rant when I am on a positivity kick. Arrrggghhh!!

I have told myself a million times to just get on here and tell you about this awesome positive affirmation thing I am on right now but I feel like it would be really super boring for you all. However I don't know why I think that because I think only about 5 people read my blog anyway and only like two of those people actually write comments so really my feelings are totally unjustified because I don't know what you people want to hear about.

It's quite frustrating.

So, tell me. Do you want to hear about my life changing affirmation system? Or do you just want me to come back when I have bitchy things to say (you might be better or following me on Twitter for that).

Help me out here!!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Why I think Extraordinary Licences are a load of shit

This morning on Facebook our local breakfast radio team said this in their status
A Busso court has granted a temp licence to a driver caught doing 110 ks over the limit in a 5ok area at Margaret River. What do you think?
Usually I try not to get involved with things like this on facebook with the general public because I often find it hard to not to argue with people especially when I find what they are saying is stupid, and unfortunately arguing with the GP isn't a great idea when you have to work with them every day. Today however I though 'what the hell' and I gave my opinion. It got me thinking though so I am now going to elaborate on what I said on that facebook thread. P.s. I didn't start any fights ;)

Here is a link to that thread if you want to see it.

First up, let me explain what an E licence is for those of you who don't know. An extraordinary licence (E Licence) is a licence granted at the discretion of the court. It allows someone who has been disqualified from driving by a court, to drive in certain specified circumstances. It does not apply to people who have lost their licence by accumulating demerit points, those people can apply for 'Double or Nothing' which means that they can elect to be on a good behaviour period for 12 months instead of losing their licence but if they commit a driving offence during that period they lose their licence for double the original disqualification period. Get it? Follow those links for clarification.

Now I only found out about this "Double or Nothing" thing about 5 minutes ago when I was looking up E licences to write this post and haven't really had enough time to have a good think about it in my head but I think I like that idea. I think that is a plan that would actually work. Get too many demerits and get a 3 month driving suspension, opt for Double or Nothing instead and if you fuck up in the next 12 months you lose your licence for 6 months and you cant apply for an E licence. Brilliant!

E Licences however are still available for people who lose their licence all once. Like for drink driving or something like that and I think that is ridiculous. The double or nothing system forces drivers either off the road or to drive good for 12 months, hopefully the good driving will sink in and they'll stick with it. Handing out E licences to people is basically like saying 'hey you really fucked up but don't worry, you can apply for this licence so you can get to work, so having no licence won't put you out too much". What? Really? where is the punishment in that? Boo hoo for them, if they need a licence to get to work, maybe they should have though about that before sinking a 6 pack of beer then driving? They can catch a taxi, a bus, carpool to get to work if they need to. Having no licence will make them lose their job? Well sorry that's just too bad in my opinion. We all know the laws and we are all meant to have some level of common sense. Don't break the law and you won't have to deal with the consequences.

Some people argue back "but Carrie, what if it was a one time thing and they are really sorry and they'll lose their job! That could ruin their family life!" to that I say, if you are responsible for your families income, if you losing your job will result in your family suffering, then how dare you take that risk! Maybe instead of giving out E licences they should offer classes in how to grow the fuck up and take some responsibility for your actions. Secondly, ok so it may have been their first offence, but what if the result of that offence damaged your car? Killed you? Killed your kid? Your parent? Sibling? What if they killed their own family through completely their own reckless actions?

Me, I think our whole licensing system is flawed. Though it's getting slightly better by making kids stay on their L's longer and do more driving hours but how easy are those hours to forge? Driving tests are a simple drive around, park here, go around this roundabout, stop at this stop sign. But are kids taught how to break properly in an emergency? On different road surfaces? How to correct their car if they lose control? It's a joke that we aren't made to learn these extra skills that can save our lives and the lives of other road users. Oh and once we have our licence that's basically it, no re-testing our whole lives. So despite the fact that road rules can change and indeed the way roads are designed in general have changed over time there is no making sure that older drivers still know what they are doing. The amount of times I have seen older people, and I'm talking 40+ not just Nannas and Pops, changing lanes mid roundabout, indicating incorrectly and just display horrendous driving skills is ridiculous. I bet by the time I'm in my 40's the rules and roads will have changed more and more, will by good driving habits now still be good in 30 years time? Doubtful!

What do you think? Do you think E licences are stupid or are they necessary? What is your opinion on Double or Nothing? Do you have a personal experience from losing your licence or a loved one due to bad driving? What do you think about our driver training? Leave it in the comments people I'd love to hear what you have to say!

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Let's see some wildlife!

This post is dedicated to Steven MCG who never got to see a goanna or big lizard while he was here in Australia and to Kianna who was surprised when I mentioned on Twitter that there would be Kangaroos outside when I finished uni.

Her exact replies were

what!? Kangaroos? Just hoping along the streets? Like lost kittens? Wot da fawk

and then

that's crazy! Arnt they like HUGE? Don't they eat small children?!?!

to which I assured her that they do not. ;)

So Monday it was a pretty warm day and I have uni in the evening and when it's warm it generally means that there will be kangaroos hanging out on the grass outside our building when we finish class. There were only three that night but one of them had a little joey in her pouch! She is the kangaroo on the left in the top photo. I couldn't get a closer one of her because she hopped away as we got closer. The other two just kinda stared at us as kangaroos do then slowly hopped away as we walked by too.

Just to clarify though, my uni campus has a bit of bush around it where kangaroos live. Kangaroos do not just go bounding through the Australian streets. Although whe I was younger a kangaroo did come bounding down my street but that was because it was being chased by a dog and it ran into the bush next to my house. (the dog gave up thankfully, mean dog).

This adorable blue tounge lizard was at Mum and Dad's house on AFL Grand Final #2 day. He just wandered up next to the bar fridge while we were watching the game (outside by the way). SO I went inside and got him a little dish of water and he drank from it and it was so awesome! I love lizards. Then he stuck his head up and gave us all a once over as if to say

what are you doing giving me water? That's nice, I didn't know humans were nice

After a little drink he went on his way and wandered off around our table and down the driveway and probably into our garden.

When Ash came home she told us that we should have given him strawberries because apparently blue tounge lizards love strawberries so next time that is what we shall do! It is getting warmer here which means that we'll probably be seeing a lot more blue tounges around the place and I am pretty sure when I was dropping Bayley off to his Mum the other day that I was a snake on the road and almost ran over it! Doh!

Oh and when we went on our staff party the other day there were dolphins playing near the boat. Lots of them! I didn't get a picture though.

Then finally, this morning Bayley and I went for a walk and saw some ducks and then in the marsh near our house we saw some big white stalk type birds. They kind of looked like an Ibis but I'm pretty sure it had a yellow beak so maybe it was an Egret maybe I will go have a better look later on and figure out what it really is!

So that pretty much sums up all the wildlife I have seen about the place lately! Well, other than all the birds I usually see around the place. As I mentioned earlier the weather is starting to get really nice here so Stevo and I will probably start heading out and doing some fishing soon, teach little Bayley how to fish! Oh and maybe go crabbing, another thing that I didn't end up taking Steven MCG out for! You have to come back Steven!

Have you seen any cool wildlife around the place lately? Have any Australiana related questions that you want me to answer? Hit me up in the comments people!!

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Monday, 4 October 2010

So I've decided I love my new job

Working at a cafe is a lot different to working in a restaurant or brewery and I wasn't sure if I was liking it all that much. I love the hours, I love the other staff but not so sure I loved the job. Then, on Friday afternoon I got to walk over to The Prince and get some band posters, then glue them to our poster wall with Kiddie Glue!!

Glue them!! Not blu tack, GLUE! Its was pretty much the most fun I have ever had whilst at work, and a lady even came up to me whilst I was doing and said "some people get to have all the fun!" and I was like " I know!! Isn't this awesome!!"

So now I love working there. Yes, just because I got to glue stuff on a wall. That's how I roll ;)

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Friday, 24 September 2010

While I was away...

Well it's been a while since I have written and that is because that spring cleaning turned into me finally quitting my job!! I admit that I probably didn't do it in the most professional way. I gave my notice at the start of my shift and requested for that shift to be my last. However in fairness the next roster hadn't been posted yet and I am casual so really, if I wanted to be an arsehole, I could have just not showed up..ever. But I'm not a total arsehole so I did that last shift and did another one the next Saturday (last Saturday) and that my friends was my last shift.

I try not to bitch about my work on this blog and I am not about to start doing it now but I will say that my last job had started to turn me into an unhappy moody cow total bitch and since I quit it feels like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I am so much happier. Of course, quitting on the spur of the moment also meant that I had no other job to go into (stuuuupid). Luckily, Stevo arranged me a trial at his work and I had a new job by the end of the week! So technically I was never really unemployed!! I had my first shift at my new work the day before my last shift at my old work! Booyah!! I feel like in the end I did the right thing because as much as I wanted to leave my old job I had really been dragging my feet about leaving. So the old bandaid approach worked well for me... please note that results may vary so if you hate your job... think about how realistically easy it will be to walk into a new job before you throw in the towel.

So that is the main reason I haven't been around, the other reason is because I had friends over last weekend for a BBQ sleepover that was awesome but ended in poor little Bayley bear with an upset stomach and spewing up over all our blankets. It was so horrible, the first proper spew he has had with us and he just looked so scared and confused :( He perked up by the next day though and was running around like crazy in no time!

Then we had a rent inspection! Aaagggghhhh I love/hate rent inspections. Love them because my house ends up so beautifully clean. Hate them because I am so anal about cleaning and I assume that real estate agents will move couches and pull out clothes dryers and all that (they so don't) so I freaked out the morning of the inspection finding little barely visible spots everywhere and assuming I'll be coming home to an eviction letter. Luckily I am an idiot and we passed with flying colours yay!!

So basically I have been a busy busy little bee! Oh and now Stevo is sick and lost his voice today which is great because he couldn't argue with me when I told him I am running him a bath and making him soup and making him put Vicks all over his chest and back and feet. (Vicks on feet with socks is the best cold cure ever, thanks Mum and Nanna!). I also made him come out in the sun and do some stretches with me using the reasoning "Bayley does these with me so if a two year old can do it then you can too". I am pretty sure Stevo hates me now but he is feeling a lot better so that is just proof that Carrie and her crazy natural remedies work better than his stupid Sudafed. Now he is arguing with me because he won't eat his chicken noodle soup and wants me to go get him Chicken Treat. NO CHANCE. He will eat that soup if I need to sit their and force t down his throat. I am such a loving girlfriend.

Ok I have a ailing boyfriend to feed. I'll be back later to tell you about this kick arse book I am reading.

Ciao for now!

Carrie xoxo xxxx

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Spring cleaning my life starts with spring cleaning my house

I don't know if it's been overly obvious in my blog or not but I am discontent in my life at the moment. Just not all that happy with the way things are going and where things are leading. I'm not one to constantly complain about it though so I've just kinda been keeping quiet and slugging it out whilst looking for a way to change things. I realise however that keeping quiet and slugging it out is just a way to do nothing about about it. I need to really put my heart into changing things but I am scared. Scared of failure. Scared that I'll never get out of this boring, unfulfilling track I am currently on. So now I need to stop being such a scardey cat and just fucking do it!

So I am spring cleaning my life, and for me that starts with spring cleaning my house because I cannot think properly in a house that is a mess. So today this is my to do list.

  • do all the laundry (probably about 4ish loads...we have a small washing machine)
  • wash the dishes and clean the kitchen ( something that would have been easier if Steven listened and followed through when I said last week "ok I have just cleaned the stove so every time you make something wipe it down after and it will stay this clean forever" the next night he made risotto and got rice everywhere and left it. Thanks sweetheart)
  • make the beds
  • fold and put away all the laundry (I am terrible at this. Terrible! Especially because we only have one laundry basket so I put clothes in it then if I need it again I empty the clothes onto my bed then if I don't get around to putting them away they end up on the floor and then I really can't get motivated to put them away)
  • clean the laundry and bathroom. This means wiping down all the benches, bleach the shower, polish the mirror and shower screens, empty the bins, sweep and mop the floors.
  • sweep and mop all the inside floors. Kitchen, office, family rooms, entrance halls.
  • vacuum the two bedrooms
  • clean up desk
Ok I think that's it. Will I finish today. Well I hope so! So wish me luck people!

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

P.s. why yes this is how I love spending my only day off thank you!!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Resolutions Update

So!! The resolutions are going shithouse! Haha if you read the comments on Right now resolution #1 and #2 you,ll see that I am blaming my inability to wake up at 6am on the fact that it's still pretty goddamn cold in West Oz at that time in the morning! Who wants to leave their lovely warm bed to get up and be cold? Not me apparently! I know I have to start getting serious about it because the few days that I did get up earlier I got so much more accomplished! Plus I felt like I had more energy all day and slept better at night.

So Steven Mcg gave me some links to some very helpful articles and I am taking a lot of ideas from Steve Pavlina, the articles in particular being How To Become an Early Riser and How To Get Up Right Away When Your Alarm Goes Off. The second one is what I struggle with a lot! Early morning brain fog, where my alarm goes off and instead of immediately getting up I just lay there and think of all the reasons of how I can justify staying in bed longer and hell I don't need a lot of convincing!

So step one! Discipline! Turn my body into a "get up as soon as that stupid alarm goes off' machine!

Step two, make sure I have breakfast food that I actually like. I am not that big on breakfast food. I get sick or cereal quickly and bacon and eggs I can really only do once a week. Breakfast food bores me basically. So I am thinking I might start a breakfast roster. Where I plan a weekly cycle of what to eat for breakfast, then I won't get bored of eating the same thing every day. That'll work right?

Step three? Get more motivated for yoga! I bought a new Yoga DVD on Fishpond the other day and it arrived today. I had a quick look through it today and I think it's going to be pretty good. I will let you know how it goes once I do my first session in the morning. I am pretty excited about the new yoga dvd, my old one was ok and going to an actual real class would be amazing but uhh I ain't made of money! This dvd looks really good it's a stretch one which will hopefully help with my flexibility which will in turn help me out at Polercise :)

So that's my new plan! I think it's still going to take a while till I am a 6am every day riser but I think I will get there in the end. Especially once Summer hits if I can keep this up all summer then my body will be completely trained by the time winter comes back around then the cold weather won't be an issue!

Wish me luck and again, if anyone has some advise I would love to hear it!

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

P.s. I hope you are all enjoying the new blog layout. Finally got my social media buttons working, so if you like what you read tweet it! Facebook it! Email it! Blog it! Buzz it!

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

I should really start studying

I am not sure if I have mentioned this before but I don't really study. Or do homework. It's not that I am trying to be a bad arse or anything like that. I have just never been all that good at studying or getting assignments done. Despite this I pretty much kick arse in tests and exams and almost always pass and often score better than people who do spend a lot of time studying.

I am not telling you this to show how amazing and talented I am. I am telling you because it is stupid. If I can pass on zero study imagine the scores I could get if I did study! I tell myself this after test and exam but it still doesn't change my ways next time round. I guess I just don't have that motivation to study. Or maybe with so many other things to do and worry about, studying gets pretty low on my priority list.

So dear readers I ask you, how do you study? What tips do you have for me, to get me motivated to make it easier. Technically I feel like I should be getting high distinctions in all my classes if I just applied myself better but applying myself is where I have the trouble!

Help me!!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Friday, 20 August 2010

Right now resolution #1 and #2

#1: Wake up at 6am every morning and do yoga and eat breakfast. EVERY.MORNING.

This is kinda a redo of an old resolution. Actually I'm combining the three into one. I tried the wake up at 6am thing. I set my alarm. In fact my alarm still goes off at 6am every morning but I never, ever, actually woke up at 6am. Couldn't do it. I am not a morning person. So I am trying again and this time I am combining it with a morning yoga session and a proper breakfast!

Of course to get up at 6am I can't be going to sleep late like I always do so this brings me to my second right now resolution

#2: Get to bed by 10pm every night.

Ok so this resolution is going to be broken every Friday night because I don't get home from work till about 11pm at the earliest but I'm hoping to have a job change soon that will fix that.

Apparently the optimum amount of sleep an adult needs is between 7.5 and 9 hours. so by going to be by 10pm I'm aiming for 8 hours sleep per night. Hopefully the combination of these two resolutions will result in me being less tired during the day; improve my general health; and improve my flexibility (yoga). That's the aim anyway! I really hope I can stick to it this time around. I know that it will take a while to get my body clock ticking in time with the new routine but hopefully after the first week I'll find it a lot easier and I'll find myself getting a lot more work done!

Wish me luck everyone! Or better still...send me positive reinforcement!!

Love Carrie! xoxo xxxx  

Edit: Everyone go have a look through the link that Steven Mcg left in the comments on this post. I am going to try the Steve Pavlina approach from now on so maybe the bed before 10pm thing will be redundant. We'll see. Go on read them!

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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Right Now Resolutions

Late last year, around New Years time I started thinking about resolutions but instead of waiting till New Years Day to start then I decided to make them "right now resolutions". I can't remember all of them and I know for a fact I broke almost all of them but I also know that some of them did have a positive effect on my life. So I have decided to start making a few more.

Some of them, like the first one I'm about to make, are repeats or similar to the old ones I made. So if you follow me on Twitter you may remember them...and it probably means the resolution didn't go so well the first time.

I encourage you guys to give right now resolutions a try! Got something you have been wanting to do/change? Why wait? Do it now! Give it a go! They can be anything, from something small like washing your hair twice a week to something BIG like finding a new career. Resolve yourself to do it and change your life right now!

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

P.s. what right now resolutions will you make?

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Thursday, 12 August 2010

I cried at K-Mart today

That sounds dramatic. Here is where it gets more dramatic. Today's shopping trip to K-Mart was one of the most traumatic shopping experiences I have ever had. Traumatic and hilarious!

When Stevo came home from work we headed down to K-Mart to get some new pillows for me, a new doona cover for our bed and a new bedset for Bayleys room. We all sleep with two pillows each which of course means we needed to buy extra pillowcases. This is where we ran into a slight problem.

I wanted black pillowcases. There was only one. Dammit. Ok we'll get blue! The only blue that matches the doona cover... no pillowcases left, mind you there is plenty of all the non matching blues. Aaahhh!! Well then we'll get grey! Sweet there is plenty of grey. Fuck you K-Mart they are all U-shape. By now I am in tears of laughter because we have been running between linen aisles yelling at pillowcase packets and getting extremely frustrated. FINE WE"LL JUST GET THAT ONE BLACK ONE FOR NOW.

So we got it. We drove home. I went out again and Stevo sorted out the bed.

I get home later and Stevens says

"hey you know how you were asking me if you can get pillowcases for those small square pillows? Well you can"

"oh ok babe cool" I reply

"ask me how I know that" he says smirking

confused I ask "How do you know that?"

"Follow me" he says and heads to our bedroom.

Laying on our bed is that one black pillowcase we managed to find.


You have got to be fucking kidding me it's the wrong size. Apparently we didn't notice that the package said "European" not that I even knew that European meant stupidgiantsquarepillow.

So K-Mart to you I say, how about you order in some more goddamn regular shaped pillow cases in colours that match the sheet sets you sell.


What was your most traumatic/hilarious/annoying shopping experience?

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Sunday, 25 July 2010

My three favourite jokes

This post is inspired by Miss Katrina because it's 12.38 at night and I am texting her my favourite jokes.

Joke One

What is long, brown and sticky??

Ok there are two answers to this, if whoever you are telling the joke to decides to be a smartarse and ruin it by saying "err a stick" *coughKATcough* you turn around and say "POO". They'll never expect that.

If by some insane chance they have never heard this joke before and don't take a guess then you say the real answer which is "A STICK"

Joke Two

Why did the boy fall off his bicycle?


Joke Three

There are two cows standing in a field. One cow turns to the other cow and says "so...what do you think about this mad cow disease?" and the other cow answers "what are you talking about? I'm a helicopter!"


I always find to get the best results with these jokes you need to kind of scream the bits I wrote in caps at the person and then laugh manically. Some people are afraid to laugh on their own so if you start laughing they'll feel more relaxed and will laugh along with you at the hilarity of these amazing jokes. 

Best of luck!

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

p.s. what's your favourite joke?

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Exactly what I needed to hear

I have these cards called "The Power of Intention Cards" by Dr Wayne W. Dyer and lately I have been pulling a card out of the deck every now and then for a little inspiration and direction. I just got home from work about ten minutes ago and had a little chat with Stevo then sat down here at the computer, I shuffled the cards thinking about how much today pissed me off and how people irritate me and how I wish every one could just do their job and not be shit about it. Then I pulled out a card.

This is what I got...

Game-Set-Match to you Intention Cards well played!

Lots of LOVE Carrie xoxo xxxx

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Hacked Again

My blog got hacked again oh happy days! As my friend Steven says, maybe I should be flattered that someone thinks my blog is worthy if being spammed but in reality it's actually really annoying and I hate it.

So sorry if any of you clicked the links on that now deleted post but if you did then you probably deserved it for being so stupid to think that I would actually post something like that!! Bahahahahahaha!

Anyway I am annoyed because I STILL haven't been paid my tax return AND my pay from work is late too so I am taking my frustrations out on my revoltingly messy house and am giving it a good old clean. Admit are jealous of how cool and exciting my life is right now ;)

I'll be back on here later to tell you all sorts of less boring housewifey things so hold onto your hats!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

p.s. if you don't have a hat just hold onto something else

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Things that are giving me the shits right now

I tried twice to write a happy nice post and they both ended up in drafts so here we go, here is my list of what is seriously fucking me off at the moment...

People with shitty work ethics 
I don't know if you've noticed but I don't particularly love my job at the moment but regardless of whether I like it or not, when I am there I still strive to do my fucking job properly and it shits me when other people do not do the same thing. Whether it's not polishing the water glasses properly (hello easiest glass to polish ever) or quitting but not bothering to even tell anyone (chick just stopped showing up to her shifts and wouldn't answer any of our calls, how hard is it to call up or even text and say 'hey I quit'). 

Then there are the people who work two jobs and try to use that as an excuse to be shit at the second job (awww but i've been working alll day at my other job) I don't care. You chose
to have two jobs so you can do this one properly or you can leave.

On the top of my shit list though has to be those staff who come into work hungover as fuck and complain about it all day and do a crappy job. Oh excuse me? You knew you had to work today, nobody was sitting with a shotgun cocked to your head saying drink bitch drink so don't you dare come in and act like your hangover is in anyway comparable to a legitimate illness. Maybe you can try investing in some self restraint and just don't drink so much.

Actually now I think about there is one more thing that shits me more than those things... it's the people in charge who see it happening and don't do a single goddamn thing to stop it or fix it. 

People who drink and drive and think it's cool or clever
I know lot's of people who drink and drive and don't seem to think it's a problem. "Awww but I've only had 5 drinks and I'm not drunk I feel fine" way to be a selfish prick arsehole. You know what, why don't you go tell that story to the family members and friends of people killed on our roads by drunk drivers? I love seeing drunk drivers get pulled over by the police. I love hearing people tell me they got fined, but that doesn't stop them because hey they can waste all their money on booze but spend money on a taxi so they get home safely without killing anyone? Fuck that!

Oh actually if you replace the words 'drink and drive' with the word 'speed' you'll have another thing that shits me. Wow speeding is so cool. Man you are going to get wherever you are going (probably some bogan convention) a whole 5 minutes faster now whoooaaaaa! Watch out for that tree!

Seriously, I hate it, selfish wankers putting my life and the life of everyone else on the road at risk. Fuck you all.

(to anyone who is going to bring up the fact I just got a $300 speeding fine you can shuuutup. It was only because it was a stupid school zone and I didn't realise it and it was like 10 to 9am anyway so there were no school kids out and I wasn't doing it on purpose to be cool, i was just being an idiot who forgot about the dumb school zone. Screw you Eaton! The school isn't even on that road anyway!)

That stupid OMG song by Usher
That song makes me want to pour hot wax in my ears and slit my wrists. Man I hate it. I have never been a huge Usher fan and I never will be. He creeps me out and the fact that he called the song 'OMG' makes it even worse. Terrible terrible terrible

Katy Perry
Ok so I actually liked Katy Perry's first album. There were a few really good songs on it. I'm not ashamed to admit it. But I kinda get the vibe that Katy Perry the person is a total bitch and oh my god I hate her 'California Gurls' song. Firstly, that is not how you spell the word 'girls'. Secondly, what is with the auto tune? and thirdly Snoop Dogg. Seriously? Are you serious? Katy you are talented enough without having to go down the stupid cliché 'have some dude rap on your song' route. Secondly...Snoop Dogg? Snoop sold out a looooooooong time ago mate so I don't really know what kind of credibility you are going for's not really working.

Another reason why I dislike Katy Perry, she is friends with Perez Hilton who is a giant fucking douchebag.

Finally, when Lady Gaga premiered her latest clip for her song Alejandro, Katy Perry got on her twitter and said "Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke.". Then she released a video clip for 'California Gurls' where in the end she shoots cream from her tits. Hello pot, meet kettle. It is quite rich for Miss Perry to be calling other entertainers 'cheap' when she is spraying Snoop Dogg with titty cream. 

Radio stations (specifically Hot FM) 
There are like lots of songs out there..lots. On my computer I have 4027 songs, and I don't really have that much music. Right you see where I am coming from? So why the fuck is it that radio stations seem to only play the same 5 songs over and over and over and over? Jamiroquai must make a fuckload of money off radio plays; do they get money from getting played on the radio? I don't know...but if so then holy shit Jam must be raking it in because he is the default 90's artist that allll radio stations play all the time. Then the radio station will be all "hey here is a song we haven't played in a while Retttrrrooooo" and they'll play some 80's song like its a special thing when really they play 80's shit all the time. There is no point in making it a special retro thing when you play 80's songs all the time anyway aaaaahhh!!

Stupid radio edits. Ok you know what, if a song has really obvious load swearing in it that needs to be badly edited out then hey, just don't play the damn song. Case in point 'She Hates Me' by Puddle of Mudd. In the normal version the songs says "She fucking hates me" about 88023 times through the song. In the edited version its kind of blurred out, they don't do the beep anymore they kinda blur or silence the swearing but my question is, if swearing is 70% of the lyrics then why bother? Just don't fucking play it?

More stupid radio edits, this one really annoys me. The song 'Lightening Crashes' by Live. For some unknown reason, radio stations never play the whole song. They skip the entire first stanza of the song and it really bothers me because this is an amazing song, why ruin it by editing it? There is nothing crude about it, uh he says placenta is that a dirty word? and the song is only 6 minutes long...and editing it only shaves off about 30 seconds so why bother? Play the whole thing or don't play it at all!

Stupid morning shows and even stupider afternoon shows. Ok I'll give the morning shows a break...mostly because I can just sleep through them but oh man do I hate afternoon shows like The Benchwarmers and Lowie versus America. The Benchwarmers are probably the two least funny people on Earth and they have the maturity of a couple of 12 year olds and Lowie versus just makes no sense why is he in America and why are we meant to care? He barely even hates on America, it should be called "Lowie loves America". Dear Hot FM, why don't you just make your own local afternoon team? Maybe play music from local bands and by local I mean Western Australian unsigned bands? Can we fuck off the stupid hit list with Kyle and Jackie O too? Kyle Sandilands euuugghhh. Man I hate the radio.

ok that's it...
as in that's it for now because I can't think of anything else at the moment and now it is 1.53am so this kid needs to go to sleep.

Night night

Caz xoxo xxxx  

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Give 5 for Kids!

Super busy day today so I didn't finish the post I started last night to make this weeks deadline! I am sucking up a storm lately with the bloggers duel, it's really giving me the shits because writing here is something I love and I'm not getting the time to do it! Aaahhh!

Anyway today we participated in Lock Up Your Boss! We locked Todd up in a makeshift prison to raise money for the RadioWest Give 5 for Kids charity fundraiser. The money goes towards the RadioWest regional assistance fund that helps out the families of kids getting treatment at Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth so great cause!

My lovely friend Kat who works for RW asked if we wanted to be a part of it and my obvious reply was ''of course I want to lock Todd in a cage full of strangers!'', Todd agreed rather easily which was great then this morning we dragged ourselves out of bed on the coldest day of the year so far and made it to Centrepoint by 7am. The deal was that we needed to raise $1000 to bail Toddy out of jail, we had already raised the money in the week leading up but we didn'l bail Toddy out till the last minute in the hopes we could get a bit extra.

There were 10 bosses all up and a few of them made well over the $1000 minimum so all up the kids got a good whack of money from the event.

Then after being let out at 10 Todd and I went back to celebrate with a drink at Mash then I had the pleasure of working from 4pm till close thennnn caught up with Todd and Kat at Barbados for an after work drink, now I am finally home, sorted out a sick staff member for tomorrow, put Steve's clothes in the dryer then got back out of bed to take them out so the stupid dryer wouldn't beep all night, and I'm writing this quick post basically to let you know that I am not in fact dead. I am just being neglectful.

How cute does Toddy look in this pic?

In related news, I kick arse at Guess Who and apparently Kat had a childhood crush on Eric from Guess Who, which leads me to ask.... Have you ever had a weird crush?

I used to have a crush on Atreyu from The Neverending Story when I was little, now when I watch it he looks about 12 years old and I feel reaaaallly old. p.s. How sad is it when Artax gets sucked in by the mud? :( p.p.s. I love Falcore p.p.p.s. Clearly I need sleep now


Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Best Hat Ever

Pity that Nokia E63's take the shittest photos ever. Seriously, if you have the flash on everything goes white and if you don't have the flash on everything just looks grainy and shit.

Anyway like my hat? It has eyes and ears and it keeps my little head all nice and warm! Seriously, give me some money and I will go out and find shit to waste it on. It's a miracle that this is all I ended up with....oh who am I kidding I also bought some gloves that I didn't need!


CazMinx xoxo xxxx

So Sleeeeepy

Sorry guys but you are going to have to wait for another proper post from me. I am soooo fucking tired. It's 1.17am here I finished work an hour or two ago, got home, made dinner because my lovely boyfriend didn't make me anything (thanks babe!), came on here commented on Steev's blog, chatted with Toddy my housemate and now I think I have finally wound down enough to be able to go to sleep. That is what sucks about working late nights, you cannot go to sleep right away when you get home, I mean I am sure you can try but I can never fall asleep right away. I need to totter about the house until my brain has stopped ticking over before I can have any chance of sleeping. I can usually tell when it's time because my typing turns to total shit. I am pretty sure I have fucked up on this post about 8204242 times, stupid wriggly red lines of death.

Anyway what was my point? Right, shitty post tonight. Will write better soon. I am in the middle of my exam weeks so I can't promise that I'll get back on here until my next exam is over. Next Tuesday.

Ok need to sleep before my eyeballs dry up.

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

P.s. I bought the coolest hat today ever. Will send a pic if I look half decent

Friday, 4 June 2010

I Heart Polercise

So... I do Polercise now.

Let me start from the top. I had heard that Polercise classes had started in Bunno and I was interested and did a little research but never got around to making the phone calls plus I found out through a work mate that most of the classes were booked solid and getting a spot was hard. Then one fine day two lovely ladies came into work for lunch, when I was taking payment I started chatting as I always do when the lady mentioned she was shooting an advert later that day.

"Oh really cool what is the ad for?" I ask.

"It's for the center we both work at it's a fitness center I teach Polercise" she says.

"Oh no way! That is so cool I heard about those classes and really wanted to join and have been to the website etc just never got around to calling up" I exclaim.

"Well when are you free? Most of my classes are booked but I d have one or two free spots and there is kind of a waiting list but you look cool you have to come" she replied.

You know I think some things are just meant to happen and I swear this conversation is one of those things. We discuss times and I give the lady, Tracey, my number and she tells me she will call later with the day and time of a free class. Later that day I begin to have doubts. Now I don't know how many of you people know this but despite the fact I have been slim my whole life it has nothing to do with me eating right or doing any sort of exercise. I'm just blessed with a good metabolism and a job that keeps me on my feet. In fact...when it comes to exercise and dancing and anything that requires any type of coordination and/or flexibility I am pretty shit. Most of the time when I do decide to do some kind of active activity or class it's because I am being dragged along by a friend or family member. I never do this kind of thing by myself. So I was shitting myself. Tracey texted me later that day. Thursday at 8.30pm am I still interested? I ask Stevo what he thinks and he gave me the answer that I am sure any hot blooded male would give when their girlfriend asks if they think they should go learn how to go swing round a pole. "hell yes baby I think it would be really good for you! You never do anything active like that" he says. I humm I harrr I think and I say what the hell ok I'll do it, I text Tracey back confirming I'll be there and then two days of me having dreams about my flying around and falling off a pole ensue.

Thursday arrives and during the day I get Stevo to take me down Rose Street so I can figure out where the hell I am meant to go. We find the place I assume it is and text Stevo's sister (who already takes the classes) to confirm. Stevo knows a lot of the girls from his work attend so in the last few days he has been asking them questions semi on my behalf about my concerns. They all say "tell her not to worry she will be fine, it's really fun but you do get bruises!". It's comforting but I am still scared. That night I leave super early because I have the shittest bearings on Earth and although I knew where I was going I had a feeling I would take a wrong turn. I get to the center about 20 minutes early and sit in the car for a while doing my nervous cough. Not many people know about my nervous cough. In fact I think Jake is the only person who knows what it means. When I am nervous I get this gross cough that makes me sound like I am going to die. I get it before I need to make a presentation or have a meeting or before my first Polercise class!

I wait about 10 minutes then make my way into the centre. It's just just a Polercise studio it's also a fitness centre so I don't really know where to go but I see Tracey at the end of the hall and walk down to where she is.

"hello! good to see you! How are you feeling about it?" she asks

"Actually I am kinda really scared!" I answer honestly

"Don't worry! You will be fine, we start of with a warm up then do a few spins then everyone just works at their own pace, just grab a pole next to me so I can be close to you. Everyone is really great and we are all supportive of each other. It's got a really good vibe" she assures me.

Still nervous I choose a pole, the room is awesome, 10 poles in two rows of five, the room is painted red with silhouettes of different pole positions in yellow. There is a big mirror behind every pole so you can see what you look like (if you have time to look while concentrating!), thick mats on the floor to cushion you if you fall off. I am starting to feel better. All the other girls begin to arrive. There are women of all ages and all body types, Tracey introduces me to everyone and they all seem very friendly. Everyone chooses their pole and the class begins.

I should mention right here that all the girls in the class have been doing this for weeks now. I am not sure exactly how long, some more than others, some ladies do it more than once a week. So I am the only beginner in this class. Intimidating much? Just you wait! We start with just a general warm up and stretch not using the pole. After this Tracey lets me know they are about to start doing the spins and that I should just watch and see the kind of things we'll be doing. She starts calling out names of moves and the girls start. They look so graceful and they make it look so easy. I am still feeling ok but even more intimidated than I was before. The spins finish and Tracey gets the other girls started on what they are doing then comes over to me.

"What do you think you ready to give it a go? She asks.

"Yep lets do it" I say

First Tracey gets me acquainted with my pole, we do a little walk around an drop to the floor with it, like a bit of an ice breaker. It goes well and I'm feeling a little more relaxed. The first move she teaches me is the Fireman, she shows me how its done and one thing I notice when Tracey and the other girls and practising is, apart from how graceful they look, it also seems like time slows down for them. They just effortlessly ease themselves around the pole going around and around and delicately landing in the floor. My turn!! Not so graceful and uh...I think time may have sped up? I thought I did crap, Tracey was more optimistic, she assures me that I am actually doing a great job and that it will get easier. She leaves me to keep working on the move and through the class comes back and teaches me three more moves, I am getting the  hang of it but still feel really uncoordinated and clumsy.

After an about an hour we stop and do a cool down then the class is over. Everyone is chatting, Tracey asks me how I thought I went and I say I enjoyed it but feel really awkward, she isn't surprised

"you did really great for your first class you feel like that because it's a pole. People feel weird about it at first but then you loosen up and soon you won't be able to stop thinking about it!" she said

Tracey was right. In fact since that class I think I have thought about it every day! To the point where this morning I was Googling to find prices on how much a fully removable pole would cost me for my house so I could practice all the time. (FYI AUD499.99). This is why. I didn't like that I felt so shit the first time. I don't like being shit at things and excuse me for sounding completely up myself but I am not used to being shit at things that I enjoy doing. (I know above I said how I am crappy at dancing and exercise things but I generally don't really love them all that much so I don't care) so since that class I went through in my head a billion times how to do each move and what I need to do to get better and this is probably why I ended up on that X-Pole site this morning because all the theory ain't gonna help if I can't practice. But after all that thinking I realised that 'thinking' is probably what my problem is! I think to much instead of just letting go and doing it.

So I went to my second class today with conflicting thoughts going through my head. I was still nervous, I was hoping I'd do better than last week and scared that I'd actually end up being worse. Warm up, spins, I just watched the other girls again, then it was time to start, Tracey came over and we went through what I had learned last week and would you believe it? The first spin I did I went around the pole a few times instead of just crashing out 3 quarters of the way around like usual. I was stoked. We ran over the rest some I did better in some I still need a lot more practice. Tracey taught me a few more moves and then it was time for my big challenge. Climbing the pole. Scary.

One of the main things I struggle with in Polercise is my lack of upper body strength, it had already improved in the week between classes but i didn't think I'd go so well climbing the pole. We started small. I just had to pull myself up a little bit, just a foot off the floor then slide back down. Harder than it sounds but I did it. The Tracey looks at me with this devilish little grin and says

"and now it's gets a little harder...."

and I was all, oh you are going to make me climb all the way to the top aren't you? Why yes she was. I don't know how many of you have tried to climb a pole before but it's not as easy as it looks, and once again this is another thing that the other girls in my class make look soooo simple. Aaaahhh!

Ok first few attempts didn't go so well, the top of my pole was really slippery so I moved to a different one. This is where the really awesome thing about this class happens. I start my climb and everyone in the class starts yelling encouragement. They don't stand back silent waiting for the fall they shout out and it's so cool, it makes it a lot easier when you have that support! I start to slip and Sarah, who is one the pole next to me says

"Wait I know why it's not working and why your slipping! You aren't gripping on with your feet properly!"

she was right, I manage to squeeze out a

"thank you!"

and keep climbing, still lots of encouragement but I don't think I'm going to make it I can feel my hands slipping and Tracey says

"come on your doing great it sounds like your giving birth"

annnnd I lose it, haha I slide down and start laughing, along with everyone else, it's probably one of those 'you had to be there' moments but that shit was hilarious. But I, my friends, am determined to get up that damned pole!

"I will make it up there by the end of the lesson if it kills me!" I say.

I take a breather, grab a drink, give it a few more tries, take another breather and get ready. Alright I get back to my pole and go for it, this time every one has gone back to their own thing so nobody is really paying too much attention, so I'm concentrating on getting it all right, it's kind of a combination of gripping on with your feet and pushing yourself up with them while pulling yourself up with your arms and your stomach. I'm three quarters of the way up when my Sarah notices how far I've gone

"shit! Tracey! Tracey! Look!!"

now they are watching me again and I only have a little tiny bit to go and the adrenaline is pumping and it feels like I'm moving in baby steps but BAM! I make it to the top and touch the roof and it's fucking awesome! Everyone cheers and I'm feeling very proud of myself! Then I remember how much I hate fireman poles and think it's ironic that the girl who used to refuse to slide down a firemans pole in the school playground is now voluntarily sitting atop a polercise pole. Seriously, that is what I was thinking. Anyway I slide back down, so excited that I got it done and catch my breath back.

The class is over now, it went a LOT faster than the first class, we do our normal cool down then we all pick up our stuff and say our "seeya next week"'s and we head off to our cars and head home.

It's hard to describe how good it makes me feel. I don't know what it is about it, i've never really taken such a shining to any other athletic type activity but this just kind of agrees with me I guess.

So girls (and boys, get your girlfriends to read this) I urge you, if you have ever thought about taking a Polercise class but have been scared and had doubts DON"T BE! Because if I can do it then anyone on Earth can do it.  Be prepared to be very average on your first lesson and get ready for epic bruises and a very sore body for the few following days (yeah my body is going to hate me tomorrow and Saturday...which is great because thats when I am working :) apparently if I complain about how sore I am at work I have to wash Todds car) but it is so much fun and really great for your self confidence and an awesome work out! Oh and before I forget, Polercise is not the same thing as Pole Dancing, sure it's the same moves that Pole Dancers use but it's not taught with the same sexual connotations attached, so please do not feel like you have to have a perfect body to go learn it. It's about fitness and fun not sex!

For more info on Polercise W.A.:

Call or email Tracey on 0414 899 295 or
Visit the official Polercise W.A. website
Check out the Facebook page

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

p.s. if anyone wants to contribute to my "Carrie wants a pole in her house" fund I'll put up a paypal button for it soon ;)

p.p.s. if you have tried a Polercise class before I would LOVE to hear about your experiences. Leave it in the comments.

Thursday, 3 June 2010


I have been feeling unhappy about this blog for a while and I am sure that you have been too. I've been looking back on posts I've been making in the past few months and it just doesn't seem to have the same edge that it used to. Maybe I am calming down and am not as psycho about things so I have less to rant about? Maybe because I am so busy with everything else in my life that when it comes to writing a post it feel more like a chore than something fun? I think it's probably a little bit of both. I also hate that nowadays every time I come on here it's to complain about how I am never here and am always writing shitty posts. I didn't even want to write this post because of that reason!! Aaaaahhh!!

So what do I do? How do I get myself more motivated? When I had no internet I cam up with heaps and heaps of cool blog pots ideas but now that I'm connected they all have left the building and I don't know what to write about! I want to be entertaining I don't want to write posts about "hey I went for a walk today and saw two ducks, it was cool". Don't get me wrong I am not planning on abandoning my writing here. I just am trying to get my writing spark back.

Heeellllllpp meeeeeee!

Love lots Carrie xoxo xxxx

There's a Tradie in my house

There are two lovely guys in my house right now installing our Foxtel. Well...they've only said about two words to me but they seem nice, nice and dedicated to getting my Fox installed so that's pretty awesome. The problem I have is (and it's something I always struggle with) whether I am meant to offer them a drink, something to eat...anything?

I think I am lucky with these guys because they are just getting the hell on with the job and are barely even speaking to each other let alone to me so I doubt they would even want to stop work for 5 seconds to have a drink. But what about other Tradies, the ones who are slow and fuck about while they are fixing your plumbing or electricity? Do you offer them a drink? On one hand I would say yes because it's polite but then they'll fuck around even more whilst drinking and then the whole job will take longer! Is there a base amount of time a Tradie has to spend in your house before it becomes custom to offer them a beverage? It's all so hard!

These boys look like they're almost done with our Foxtel. I think I'll offer them something before they leave.

What do you do when there is a Tradie in your house?

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Sunday, 16 May 2010


If you have been on my blog in the last 24 hours you may have noticed it got hacked by some fucker trying to advertise shit. I deleted the offending post and am changin all my passwords. Sorry for any inconvenience, I don't really know how it happened because both my Blogger and Wrodpress blogs had the same attack. I am looking into it!

Needless to say I will never ever run full page adverts on here so rest assured that this should never happen again!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Blog Duel Fail + I'm Moving Out!

You guys I failed this weeks blog duel challenge by an hour and a half! Shit! I meant to write a post earlier today before I left for work but apparently it completely slipped my mind! Funnily enough the post I was going to write today was an apology for updates being slow around here lately. I have been house sitting and Bayley turned two on Sunday and I am in the midst of moving out of the family home, probably for the last time, oh and throw in the normal work and uni stress of course; so things have been a little crazy!

This weekend will probably be the big move I should have all my stuff out by Monday. It's a bit scary moving out of the family home. I have done it before but I think I always knew back then that I'd be back. This time however it feels like it will be permanent (assuming Steven and I don't kill each other after the first week of living together) and that's a bit scary for me! It means I have no bedroom just for myself. No little space of my own where I can shut the door and ask people to leave me alone when I need peace and quiet. It means cooking and cleaning up after myself. It means being more responsible. It kind of feels like it's the final step to being an actual adult; and that is scary and sad and depressing. I feel like I should be more excited, and I am looking forward to living with Fleeto and Bayley as our own little family but leaving the nest aaahhhh!! Next thing you know Stevo will be telling me I'm to old to sleep with my Pound Puppy Heathrow and my teddies! (not gonna happen baby we are a package deal).

Sigh...ok well I am not sure exactly when I'll be connected when we move into the new place. Hopefully it'll only take a few days to get sorted and if not I'll just blog from school or come back home. I'll be trying to make more of an effort to make up for how shit i've been lately!

If any of you have some helpful advice or can relate to my scaredness please drop me a comment!! Will make me feel a whole lot better!!

Love lots Caz xoxo xxxx

Friday, 30 April 2010

Myspace is still cooler than Facebook

You would think that by now it would be dead... but it's not, it's still alive, it's still cool and I still like it way better than Facebook.

I never really understood why or how Facebook became the more successful social network of the two. I had a Facebook before all of my friends but never ever used it because I didn't see the appeal at all. Then I stayed with Myspace for as long as I possible could before I was forced to make the move over to FB.

Myspace was and still is way cooler than FB will ever be. Here are a few reasons why I think MS is better than FB
  • Customisable profiles. On Myspace you can customise your profile to look however the hell you want it too. Your profile reflects your personality. It really is your space. On the other hand every Facebook profile looks exactly the same. Apart from being able to add a million apps and boxes to your profile the main theme is the same. That theme is white and blue and it is boring as batshit. 
  • Less stalker friendly. I guess one could argue that this depends on your privacy settings. However on Myspace you generally cannot spy and comment on what your friends are saying to each other. You can do this on Facebook though. It's pretty much eavesdropping on someone elses conversation and it sucks. You can also moderate people comments to you before it is put on your profile and you can set your profile so that only people who know your last name or email address can add you. On MS you can also hide certain parts of your profile from everyone ie comments so that nobody can see what anybody is writing to you ever. Win win win.
  • Better for music. Lots of bands have official MS pages and lots of bands use those pages. A whole lot more than they use FB. Myspace has been a launching pad for many now well known artists and is still a Mecca for new music. A lot of your favourite local bands will have a Myspace page where you can listen to their music and find out about upcoming gigs.
  • Less shit. FB has lots of games. Lots of applications. Lots of fan pages and groups and SHIT! MS does not. Ok ok so it does have things like that but it not used and abused to the extent that it is on FB. Man If I get another wall post saying "your friend has answered these questions about you, add this app to find out what she said" I will throw a brick at my computer. Not only do I not care what she said...but if I did care? I would just ask her myself. 
  • Custom news feed. Two things, number one, when you add a friend you have the option straight up to decide if you want them to show up in your news feed. So if you are doing the obligatory "I don't really want to add you but I have to or you'll piss me off at work/school/whatever" thing then you can say NO to including them in your feed and you can comfortably ignore them. Number two, you can choose between seeing just status updates, photos, music, videos, bulletins, events or everything. That is something that FB desperately needs.
  • It's just way cooler. I don't know. I have always thought that Facebook has this kinda wanky snobby "I am better than you" kinda vibe to it. Myspace has a friendlier, chilled out, relaxed atmosphere. My feelings about it are summed up in their names really. Myspace is more about me where Facebook is more about the facade.
So I don't know. It is of course down to personal opinion so I would love to hear what other people think. Which network do you prefer out of the two? Where you with one then swapped? Don't use either of them? Prefer something else altogether? If you had to choose one out of all the social networking sites that you use which one would it be?

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

P.s. oh how silly of me! You can visit my Myspace here or if you prefer Facebook it's here or for Twitter (which I purposely didn't include in this debate) i'm here

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Comment Moderation

Hey all!

So due to some bitch named Maggie spamming the hell out of a whole bunch of my posts I have regrettably had to enable comment moderation on here.

I personally don't like comment moderation, I have it over on Get Served but it only moderates a persons first comment then approves the rest instantly; unfortunately Blogger doesn't have that option available so I will have to moderate every single comment myself. So I just want you all to know that I will approve everything that isn't spam, even if I think the comment is stupid or if it's Lee saying "OMG stop swearing" for the 7098042 time.

So please...comment!! Comment away!!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx