Saturday, 27 February 2010

Caz Reads…


Welcome welcome to the first of what will become a recurring post topic. I read. I read a lot. In fact I have so many books that they no longer all fit onto the bookshelf that I have and I need to buy a new one as soon as I have my own house (current bedroom is too small for another bookshelf). So because I love to read I though I would share with you the books that I read and love.

Traci Harding is my favourite author. I cant remember when I first read The Ancient Future, but it was a long long time ago and this book…and the books in the series that followed it, quite honestly changed my life.

The Ancient Future: The Dark Age, is the first book of the Ancient Future Trilogy who’s story is carried on even further in the Celestial Triad trilogy. I have read the whole series probably about a million times but it is a story I never get sick of. I am not going to do a separate post on every single one of those books because quite simply you would get bored of me and also because you can’t really read the rest of them without starting with this one and if you read this one, I know you’ll want to read the rest!

The book tells the story of a girl named Tory Alexander. Daughter of a prominent history professor and proud owner of a black belt in Tae-kwon-do, who, after taking refuge in a ring of stones in the English countryside when her car breaks down, finds herself transported back in time to the Dark Age.

Luckily for her Prince Maelgwn of Gwynedd is wandering past with a few of his knights when this happens, unluckily for her some of the knights assume she is a witch and want to kill her. She makes a wager with the prince that she can beat his champion knight in unarmed combat, if she wins when gets safe passage, if she loses well…she dies. Using her martial arts training she easily beats the knight who way underestimated her talent.

Maelgwn takes Tory back home with him and this all sets off a chain of events that will change their lives, and history, forever.

At the start of this post I said that this series of book changed my life. Traci Harding, as well as telling an amazing story also interweaves messages of believing in yourself, taking control of your own destiny, self empowerment and the power of positive thinking but she does it in a way that isn’t preachy or pretentious. As the characters in the book found themselves on a journey on self discovery and enlightenment I also found myself striving for the same thing. It really takes you on a journey. I love it.

It has everything in it, love, hate, death, fantasy, war, sex, monsters, spaceships, fairies, gods, whores, magic oh and did I mention Tory is Australian? As is Traci Harding, which means there are a few Aussie references in it which I always find cool in books!

So, if you are interested in checking out The Ancient Future:The Dark Age by Traci Harding you can click the pic which will take you straight to the book page at Fishpond. At the moment it is selling for $19.97AUD for a new copy, shipping within 2 days or you can get a second hand copy from $7AUD. Or hell! Why not be old school and head down to your local library and see if they’ve got a copy? If you love the book which I hope you will, you can also find the rest of the books in the series on Fishpond too, not too sure if tehy’ll have the whole collection at the library, I guess that would depend on how kick arse your library is ;)

As for me, I am off to bed to curl up with this very book as I started reading it again for the 9809234 time last night :) Goodnight everyone!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

P.s. Want to know more about it? Already read it? What did you think? Love it? Hate it? I want to know! Leave it in the comments!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Dear WIN and Channel 9

Wikipedia tells us…

The first Winter Olympics were held in Chamonix, France in 1924. Prior to this, figure skating and ice hockey had been events at the Summer Olympics. The Games were held every four years from 1924 until 1940 when they were interrupted by World War II. The Winter and Summer Games resumed in 1948 and were celebrated on the same year until 1992. At that time the Winter Games split from the Summer Games, and were begun to be celebrated on alternating even years. The first Winter Olympic Games to be held on this new schedule was in 1994 in Lillehammer, Norway.

Once every four years. That is not very often is it? And it only runs for just over two weeks! Only two weeks! So for two weeks every four years we get the opportunity to watch the worlds best compete. It is something that, even if you are like me and don’t really love sports, you still get excited about and love to watch as much as you can. You, WIN and Channel 9 managed to score the free to air viewing rights for the games. Lucky you! I bet that would have put a dent in the old hip pocket right?

One would assume that seeing as you have paid for the honour to show the games that you would perhaps, I don’t know…show the games? Show the games without stopping for 5 whole hours to show Cricket. Cricket is on every single summer. It runs allllllll summer long. Cricket is not a sport. They don’t even run the “runs” they accumulate. How do we know they could actually run 6 times before the ball came back? Especially considering that cricket players don’t have the best physique and they also break for tea. For tea?! What kind of sport allows the players to stop and have a tea break? How ridiculous. The commentary is boring. They are too weak to play if it’s raining, and it’s more of a boring spectator sport than golf. Oh and there are only like 10 teams in the international series. Mmm great game.

So tell me this, why is it that when one of the worlds most highly anticipated sporting events that is only held every four years and only runs for a little over two weeks is on, you are stopping your coverage of said event to show unfit men throw a ball and then pretend to run? WHY? We can watch cricket every other day of summer. For two weeks can you just not show it? Priorities people priorities!

We can probably also manage to survive two weeks without seeing Animal Emergency, Antiques Roadshow, stupid infomercials, The Simpsons (I still love you though), shitty B-Grade telemovies, an hour of two and a half men, The Mentalist, old reruns of wrestling and it’s not even Raw or Smackdown it’s stupid Afterburn which only has crap wrestlers, Entertainment Tonight aaahhhhh just fuck off all your regular programming except for the news and JUST SHOW THE GODDAMN OLYMPIC GAMES.

Kind Regards

Carrie-Anne xoxo xxxx

P.s. Don’t even try to tell me that there isn’t enough things to show because Foxtel has FOUR channels of non stop Olympic coverage that I would be watching if we got the season pass. Which we didn’t.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Looking for rentals sucks

Stevo and I are planning to move in together once the lease on his current place expires in May. That is still a while away but I have started the depressing search for a house now to gauge what price we are going to be looking at and!

Everything decent is waaay over out of our price range and everything we can afford is either a tiny unit or one bedroom house or it’s in a dodgy area! So frustrating! I am trying to convince him to move out to Australind because we’d get more for our money and it’s a better area but he doesn’t love the idea. Too far away from everything etc but I kinda see that as a win. Being far away means that people don’t drop into your house unexpectedly. Also the Australind and Eaton shopping centres are open later than most of the Bunbury ones which is great considering that I often won’t finish work or uni till 5 or 6. I think it’s a good idea…just need to convince Stevo!

Worse than looking for rental properties though is applying for them. I love filling in forms, I like looking through properties but what I don’t like is constant rejection. Rejection that I often feel is based on nothing but our ages and the fact we aren’t married. I guess people think we are going to be party animals that will break shit and it frustrates me so much because I see actual bogans living in decent houses and I think “Whhhhyyyy would they rent to you but not to me?. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke or take drugs. I hate going out and I don’t really like parties. Give me a chance that’s all!

I wish they interviewed rental applicants instead of just asking them to fill in a form. Hell if I were renting out a property I would want to meet the person I am entrusting my house with! I think it is a little crazy that the rental process isn’t a little more in depth. Anybody can lie on a bit of paper and make sure that it checks out after a few phone calls. I think I’d at least have a little more luck securing a house if I got to have a decent talk with the property manager first!

Wish me luck everyone! I’m gonna need it!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

P.s. Coincidentally… if any of you lovely readers do have a rental property that you’d like to rent to me, my lovely boyfriend and out part time 2 year old. I’d love to hear from you ;)

P.p.s. Got your own rental stories? Any advice for me to make sure I get the house I want? Leave it in the comments guys! Help me out!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

It's V-Day!

This is what I was making during my breakfast shift today. I am a pretty cool girlfriend. Hopefully Stevo loves it!

Happy Valentines Day everyone I hope you are all feeling the love!

Love lots 'n' lots Carrie xoxo xxxx

P.s. Posting this via email on my phone so if the pic doesnt work properly don't fret...i'll fix it when I get home

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Once more with FEELING!

I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, I am sure some people are aware that I am at uni studying marketing and accounting. I started the course back in 2004, when I had just turned 18 and was one year out of high school. To be honest, the only reason I did my TEE and applied for uni in the first place was because I thought that was what my Dad wanted me to do. When I started the course I had no idea what major I was going to do, I didn’t even really know what majors were available! So useless.

Needless to say when I did eventually start uni…it really wasn’t my thing. I was a hospitality brat who used to get really drunk and who hated to do homework and study and show up for class. All things that don’t really agree with being a serious university student. So after the year I bailed. I only passed half of my units and I didn’t care. I had decided that I wanted to work in hospitality, I wanted to own my own restaurant and I’d be better off learning how to do that in the industry rather than reading text books and listening to boring lectures.

Now I would say that my readers would be thinking one of two thoughts right now. One would perhaps be

“You stupid stupid girl, you threw away a great opportunity, an opportunity that many kids work for and don’t get so you could be a fucking waitress. If you stuck at it you’d have graduated my now and be making big bucks in a stable career”

Nice point, I see where you are coming from, don’t think that this doesn’t cross my mind every now and then…usually when I want to buy something and can’t afford it. The other people would be thinking

“Well hey, If uni wasn’t for you then it wasn’t for you. Good for you for sticking to what you wanted to do rather than what you felt you had to do. What makes you happy is more important than what makes you money”

Why thank you, that was my theory back then too and it hasn’t changed so much as it has evolved.

No matter which point of view you took, there is one important thing to consider here and that is, I am back at uni now. So, what changed?

I think my current job changed me. Working at Vat and Mojo’s taught me a lot about what TO DO in the hospitality industry. The experience and knowledge I gained in those two jobs I rate as invaluable. The experience I’ve had with my current employer I would also class as invaluable…but more in the what NOT TO DO kind of way. I have learned that all of the practical hospitality skills in the world are worth nothing without sound business practices, knowing how to handle your money, recognising your market and adapting your product and services to suit them, good staff management etc. Without knowing these skills my dream restaurant can never be a success, it likely would not even get off the ground let alone last the dreaded first three years!

So that is why I am back at uni, and it is also why I have chosen to major in accounting and marketing. Last semester, my first semester back, I passed all four of my units! Handed most of my assignments in time and attended almost every single one of my classes (Steve and I had already planned booked and paid for our holiday to Darwin before I decided to go back to studying and there was no way I’d miss out on that!). I am enjoying it this time round and although sceptics may say

“well Carrie if you had done your course when you originally started it then you would have been able to open your restaurant by now”

I have to disagree. Sure if i finished what I started way back when I could have opened my own place by now. Or things could have turned out completely different, I could be working in a high powered accounting office earning a whole lot of money. That’s all well and good I suppose but I am not one to be motivated by money. I need passion! The passion wasn’t there back in ‘04 and if you don’t have passion for what you are doing then why do it? Now I thrive on study, I can’t wait for the new semester to start, to read my textbooks, get all my assignments, to learn and discover and grow! I certainly wasn’t approaching uni like that first time round.

I guess I don’t really know what the point of telling you all this was. Perhaps so you can another glimpse of who I am, what I am about, how I got here? Perhaps so when I do write a post here or there about marketing or business you don’t freak out on me. I don’t know why, but there it is.

What do you think? Have a similar story? Still think I am an idiot? Tell me all about it in the comments people!

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Girl is on fiiiiire today!

That girl would be me and don’t worry, I don’t mean for you to take that literally. I just mean that I am all fired up and I’m taking it out on this blog yeow!
So Sunday morning as some of you may know if you know me in real life or follow me on Twitter, I do the breakfast shift at work. Which means my alarm goes off at 4 and I try my best to get up but usually ignore it till about 4.30/45ish then I hurriedly get ready…somehow it seems to take me far less time to get organised that early in the morning. The drive to work is always lovely because there is hardly even any other cars on the road to piss me off with their shit driving. The I get to work, complain about the shithouse job the cleaners have done on the floor, (today it wasn’t as shit as usual, good for them!), and complain about things like this…

which I found in with all the other clean rolled cutlery and wonder how the fuck anyone can not notice how fucking disgusting that is. Have a bitch with Waz, set up the buffet and the rest of the brewery shit, sort out tips, write down my ordering and generally kinda chillax. Breakfasts are NEVER very busy and it’s nice to get a bit of semi alone time at work. Then Taz gets in at 9am and we chit chat and bitch about things. Sunday mornings are awesome.
I finished at 12 today and decided to hang around just to observe things from a distance, I am so glad I did because what I saw was both amusing and fucking angering. It’s hilarious when people complain and bitch about people and certain things people allegedly do, but then they turn around and do the exact same fucking thing. It amuses me…or should I say it bemuses me? I can’t decide whether it's funny or completely bewildering, however seeing as the victim in this is a good friend of mine, who doesn’t deserve the hate she’s getting at all, I’d have to say the situation completely pisses me off. It also pisses me off that I can’t really do anything about it and whenever I try I get accused of favouritism or being too big for my boots or being on a power trip. Funny…I thought sorting this kind of shit out and making people better at their job is what I am supposed to do as a manager? Apparently some people don’t think that. I wonder how much longer I’ll bother caring? When will I get to the end of my rope? Ahhhh I got a lot more fight in me yet don’t you worry about that ;)
Well, at least working at the brewery is giving me plenty of ideas to write about over at Get Served, expect more updates on that blog this week!

Love ‘n’ stuff

Minx xoxo xxxx

P.s. sorry about the image problems there...apparently Twitpic doesn't like to share...

Glorious Soup

Have I ever mentioned how much I love soup? No? Ok…


Seriously I think I am a little obsessed… I would love to open up a soup house where the only thing, obviously, you could order was soup! Oh it’d be amazing! Though probably not so popular over here in Oz in Summer…most people don’t want hot soup in Summer. I guess I could have cold soup too? Gazpacho? Vichyssoise? Yummmmm!

My point is, other than to tell you of my love for soup, is to tell you that today I made an awesome soup! I am lucky that Mum constantly buys waaaay too many vegetables so I can take some without it being a big deal. Today’s soup is…Broccoli, Mushroom and Potato and it tastes just like amazing would taste like. In fact…this soup would probably taste awesome cold!

Here is a picture!


Mmm so good…gonna go eat some more


Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Adverts…Yes I have them now

So you guys may have noticed that I have started putting ads on this blog. Well…one ad…for Fishpond! I’ll start with why I am putting adverts up in here. It’s so perhaps if more than 3 people start visiting my site I will start to generate a wee bit of money from this here little blog. I love to write on here. Love it. My problem of course is that between, work, uni, family, friends and doing things to generally keep me alive (sleeping, eating etc) I don’t get a lot of time to get on here and write. My mid term goal is to write here more and get it making just enough money to supplement my income so that I can work less… then if I’m working less I can write more and put even more effort into making this and my other blogs all really kick arse places for like minded people to come visit.

So that is the why adverts, here is the why Fishpond!

I aim to never put any advertising in here that is for shit. I don’t want you people to think that I endorse crap because I don’t. Crap is crap.

Fishpond is an Australia based online book store that sells books, CD’s, movies, games and toys. I mainly use it for books, I buy all my books from there including my uni books when I can find them. The range may not be as amazing as Amazon but they guarantee to beat their prices. Postage is fast and they send each item as it is available. So if you buy ten books and one of them is ready to send that day but the rest aren’t. They’ll send that one straight away and the rest will come as they are ready, at no extra cost to you.

Some people might say “err Carrie why not just go to the bookstore and then you can bring it home right away LOL”. Well, that may be true but the range and price in a online bookstore versus a real bookstore is waaaaaaaaay better and has the person in the bookstore read every book there? I doubt it. Fishpond has customer reviews of lots of their books and you can even earn money by being the first to make a review.

So! That is why I heart Fishpond and that’s why they are my first advert for !RainbowBlogStar! Why not go have a little look around the store hey?

Love lots Caz xoxo xxxx

P.s. One thing I HIGHLY recommend is to put things on your wishlist if you can’t afford/don’t want to forget them. This is because 1: Prices randomly drop and it’s easier to notice if you’ve wishlisted them and 2: Fishpond sometimes emails out discount vouchers for things on your wishlist and you can scoop them up for waaaaay cheaper!

Oh Australia how I love thee!

Australia Day is my favourite public holiday, this may surprise some people as Oz Day is usually known for being just a great excuse to get drunk, watch the cricket and listen to Triple J’s Hottest 100 countdown… 3 things I pretty much hate. However for me I see it as a way to celebrate our lovely Australian life, our beautiful weather and have fun with the family. I love seeing the flags out the front of our house, I like to see cars zooming around with little flags in the windows (despite most people who do that are actually giant bogans), I like dressing up in colours and wearing 7897932432 Oz tattoos! So this year, the first time in a long time that I have had all of Australia Day off work, I had a great time celebrating!

The day started with a BBQ breakfast across the road with our neighbours. Ash and I dressed up and helped Mum and Dad with their tattoos. Which was hilarious (you probably had to be there..)

Halfway through we went and picked up Bayley and bought him back over, gave him a little tattoo too, which confused him at first but he got used to it.

2010-01-26 009 2010-01-26 011 2010-01-26 002 2010-01-26 0062010-01-26 007 2010-01-26 013

After breakfast Bayles and I just bummed around home for a little while before heading into town to meet Steven. We walked down to the Bunbury Oz Day festival and I bought  big arse bucket of fairy floss and we got some awesome slushies from this stall where you pay for your cup and then pour your own slushy mix from about 10 different flavours. Steven was boring and just got cola, I was cool and got lemonade, lime and raspberry. It was awesome. I want one in my house.

Then we headed over to Mash for a bit of a last minute decision BBQ with a few of the work crew. Which was lovely. Bayley was crazy hyperactive so we took him down to the beach to run around and wear himself out, I didn’t take any photos but I wish I did because he was so funny running and falling over and laughing. It was getting late and that meant… FIREWORKS!!! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE fireworks. They are so magical and awesome and fun! So I was looking forward to sharing them with Steven and Bayley this year though we weren’t sure how Bayles would feel about them…well…he didn’t like them very much. Despite our assurances that he was very very safe and they were just pretty sparkly lights he was still not loving the experience. Probably due to the fact that those “pretty sparkly lights” were accompanied by extremely loud BANGS. Steve took him inside to watch through the windows for a while and he settled down enough till he was happy to sit out with us again. By the end of it we think he was enjoying them!

2010-01-26 023 2010-01-26 020  2010-01-26 026 2010-01-26 0302010-01-26 045 2010-01-26 032 2010-01-26 035 2010-01-26 036 2010-01-26 039 2010-01-26 043

After the fireworks we were tired so decided to start the walk home. We chose to walk instead of drive to the festivities this year because despite Steven living only a 5 minute drive from it all, last year it took us an hour to get home. Traffic after the fireworks is ridiculous and a 20 minute walk is MUCH more desirable than being stuck in a car especially with a restless 20 month old! The walk was a nice end to the night and once we got home, we put BayleyBear to bed, jumped into bed ourselves and had a lovely sleep.

Best Australia Day ever…so far!

So how did you guys celebrate Australia Day?

Love Caz xoxo xxxx