Friday, 30 April 2010

Myspace is still cooler than Facebook

You would think that by now it would be dead... but it's not, it's still alive, it's still cool and I still like it way better than Facebook.

I never really understood why or how Facebook became the more successful social network of the two. I had a Facebook before all of my friends but never ever used it because I didn't see the appeal at all. Then I stayed with Myspace for as long as I possible could before I was forced to make the move over to FB.

Myspace was and still is way cooler than FB will ever be. Here are a few reasons why I think MS is better than FB
  • Customisable profiles. On Myspace you can customise your profile to look however the hell you want it too. Your profile reflects your personality. It really is your space. On the other hand every Facebook profile looks exactly the same. Apart from being able to add a million apps and boxes to your profile the main theme is the same. That theme is white and blue and it is boring as batshit. 
  • Less stalker friendly. I guess one could argue that this depends on your privacy settings. However on Myspace you generally cannot spy and comment on what your friends are saying to each other. You can do this on Facebook though. It's pretty much eavesdropping on someone elses conversation and it sucks. You can also moderate people comments to you before it is put on your profile and you can set your profile so that only people who know your last name or email address can add you. On MS you can also hide certain parts of your profile from everyone ie comments so that nobody can see what anybody is writing to you ever. Win win win.
  • Better for music. Lots of bands have official MS pages and lots of bands use those pages. A whole lot more than they use FB. Myspace has been a launching pad for many now well known artists and is still a Mecca for new music. A lot of your favourite local bands will have a Myspace page where you can listen to their music and find out about upcoming gigs.
  • Less shit. FB has lots of games. Lots of applications. Lots of fan pages and groups and SHIT! MS does not. Ok ok so it does have things like that but it not used and abused to the extent that it is on FB. Man If I get another wall post saying "your friend has answered these questions about you, add this app to find out what she said" I will throw a brick at my computer. Not only do I not care what she said...but if I did care? I would just ask her myself. 
  • Custom news feed. Two things, number one, when you add a friend you have the option straight up to decide if you want them to show up in your news feed. So if you are doing the obligatory "I don't really want to add you but I have to or you'll piss me off at work/school/whatever" thing then you can say NO to including them in your feed and you can comfortably ignore them. Number two, you can choose between seeing just status updates, photos, music, videos, bulletins, events or everything. That is something that FB desperately needs.
  • It's just way cooler. I don't know. I have always thought that Facebook has this kinda wanky snobby "I am better than you" kinda vibe to it. Myspace has a friendlier, chilled out, relaxed atmosphere. My feelings about it are summed up in their names really. Myspace is more about me where Facebook is more about the facade.
So I don't know. It is of course down to personal opinion so I would love to hear what other people think. Which network do you prefer out of the two? Where you with one then swapped? Don't use either of them? Prefer something else altogether? If you had to choose one out of all the social networking sites that you use which one would it be?

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

P.s. oh how silly of me! You can visit my Myspace here or if you prefer Facebook it's here or for Twitter (which I purposely didn't include in this debate) i'm here

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Comment Moderation

Hey all!

So due to some bitch named Maggie spamming the hell out of a whole bunch of my posts I have regrettably had to enable comment moderation on here.

I personally don't like comment moderation, I have it over on Get Served but it only moderates a persons first comment then approves the rest instantly; unfortunately Blogger doesn't have that option available so I will have to moderate every single comment myself. So I just want you all to know that I will approve everything that isn't spam, even if I think the comment is stupid or if it's Lee saying "OMG stop swearing" for the 7098042 time.

So please...comment!! Comment away!!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Dear Ke$ha

There are plenty of things that I don't like about you. Your inability to 'sing' without auto tune. Your 'crackwhore chic' style of clothing. Your obsession with Jack Daniels. Your use of the lyrics "just show me where your dicks at" and "I wanna be naked and you're wasted". Your claims that you 'aren't a drunk party girl I'm just clumsy LOL' - you totally don't play up to that apparent misconception.

However recently there has been one thing that has pissed me off about you more than anything else. In your song "Blah Blah Blah" you use the line

zip your lip like a padlock
Ok. Right. You've tried to use a simile. That's great. The thing is..


So really seeing as you cannot zip a padlock you are actually technically saying to the person "zip your lip like a padlock, which can't be zipped, so please, continue speaking"

Here is a picture of a padlock so you can clearly see the lack of zipping ability.

 In future can you please try to make you lyrics make more sense. I understand it might be hard when you are so drunk and coked out clumsy.

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Friday, 9 April 2010

Pop Pop Pop Music

So I have decided to quit my job and become a pop star.

Here is the plan

1. Buy an auto tuner

2. Go find Timberland, Akon, T-Pain or Ludacris and get them to do a song with me, these guys will sell out to ANYBODY! Especially someone with their own auto tuner

3. Dress like a hot mess

4. Write songs about boys (and when I say write I of course mean get someone else to write)

5. Wait for the money to roll in

Hey if this slurry can do it then anyone can!!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

P.s. anybody got any more tips on how to become a famous pop star?

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Lady Gaga

Heading off to see Lady Gaga soon. so excited!! Get ready for lotsa pics!

Have a Happy Easter guys!

Love CazMinx xoxo xxxx