Sunday, 16 May 2010


If you have been on my blog in the last 24 hours you may have noticed it got hacked by some fucker trying to advertise shit. I deleted the offending post and am changin all my passwords. Sorry for any inconvenience, I don't really know how it happened because both my Blogger and Wrodpress blogs had the same attack. I am looking into it!

Needless to say I will never ever run full page adverts on here so rest assured that this should never happen again!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Blog Duel Fail + I'm Moving Out!

You guys I failed this weeks blog duel challenge by an hour and a half! Shit! I meant to write a post earlier today before I left for work but apparently it completely slipped my mind! Funnily enough the post I was going to write today was an apology for updates being slow around here lately. I have been house sitting and Bayley turned two on Sunday and I am in the midst of moving out of the family home, probably for the last time, oh and throw in the normal work and uni stress of course; so things have been a little crazy!

This weekend will probably be the big move I should have all my stuff out by Monday. It's a bit scary moving out of the family home. I have done it before but I think I always knew back then that I'd be back. This time however it feels like it will be permanent (assuming Steven and I don't kill each other after the first week of living together) and that's a bit scary for me! It means I have no bedroom just for myself. No little space of my own where I can shut the door and ask people to leave me alone when I need peace and quiet. It means cooking and cleaning up after myself. It means being more responsible. It kind of feels like it's the final step to being an actual adult; and that is scary and sad and depressing. I feel like I should be more excited, and I am looking forward to living with Fleeto and Bayley as our own little family but leaving the nest aaahhhh!! Next thing you know Stevo will be telling me I'm to old to sleep with my Pound Puppy Heathrow and my teddies! (not gonna happen baby we are a package deal).

Sigh...ok well I am not sure exactly when I'll be connected when we move into the new place. Hopefully it'll only take a few days to get sorted and if not I'll just blog from school or come back home. I'll be trying to make more of an effort to make up for how shit i've been lately!

If any of you have some helpful advice or can relate to my scaredness please drop me a comment!! Will make me feel a whole lot better!!

Love lots Caz xoxo xxxx