Saturday, 26 June 2010

Give 5 for Kids!

Super busy day today so I didn't finish the post I started last night to make this weeks deadline! I am sucking up a storm lately with the bloggers duel, it's really giving me the shits because writing here is something I love and I'm not getting the time to do it! Aaahhh!

Anyway today we participated in Lock Up Your Boss! We locked Todd up in a makeshift prison to raise money for the RadioWest Give 5 for Kids charity fundraiser. The money goes towards the RadioWest regional assistance fund that helps out the families of kids getting treatment at Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth so great cause!

My lovely friend Kat who works for RW asked if we wanted to be a part of it and my obvious reply was ''of course I want to lock Todd in a cage full of strangers!'', Todd agreed rather easily which was great then this morning we dragged ourselves out of bed on the coldest day of the year so far and made it to Centrepoint by 7am. The deal was that we needed to raise $1000 to bail Toddy out of jail, we had already raised the money in the week leading up but we didn'l bail Toddy out till the last minute in the hopes we could get a bit extra.

There were 10 bosses all up and a few of them made well over the $1000 minimum so all up the kids got a good whack of money from the event.

Then after being let out at 10 Todd and I went back to celebrate with a drink at Mash then I had the pleasure of working from 4pm till close thennnn caught up with Todd and Kat at Barbados for an after work drink, now I am finally home, sorted out a sick staff member for tomorrow, put Steve's clothes in the dryer then got back out of bed to take them out so the stupid dryer wouldn't beep all night, and I'm writing this quick post basically to let you know that I am not in fact dead. I am just being neglectful.

How cute does Toddy look in this pic?

In related news, I kick arse at Guess Who and apparently Kat had a childhood crush on Eric from Guess Who, which leads me to ask.... Have you ever had a weird crush?

I used to have a crush on Atreyu from The Neverending Story when I was little, now when I watch it he looks about 12 years old and I feel reaaaallly old. p.s. How sad is it when Artax gets sucked in by the mud? :( p.p.s. I love Falcore p.p.p.s. Clearly I need sleep now


Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Best Hat Ever

Pity that Nokia E63's take the shittest photos ever. Seriously, if you have the flash on everything goes white and if you don't have the flash on everything just looks grainy and shit.

Anyway like my hat? It has eyes and ears and it keeps my little head all nice and warm! Seriously, give me some money and I will go out and find shit to waste it on. It's a miracle that this is all I ended up with....oh who am I kidding I also bought some gloves that I didn't need!


CazMinx xoxo xxxx

So Sleeeeepy

Sorry guys but you are going to have to wait for another proper post from me. I am soooo fucking tired. It's 1.17am here I finished work an hour or two ago, got home, made dinner because my lovely boyfriend didn't make me anything (thanks babe!), came on here commented on Steev's blog, chatted with Toddy my housemate and now I think I have finally wound down enough to be able to go to sleep. That is what sucks about working late nights, you cannot go to sleep right away when you get home, I mean I am sure you can try but I can never fall asleep right away. I need to totter about the house until my brain has stopped ticking over before I can have any chance of sleeping. I can usually tell when it's time because my typing turns to total shit. I am pretty sure I have fucked up on this post about 8204242 times, stupid wriggly red lines of death.

Anyway what was my point? Right, shitty post tonight. Will write better soon. I am in the middle of my exam weeks so I can't promise that I'll get back on here until my next exam is over. Next Tuesday.

Ok need to sleep before my eyeballs dry up.

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

P.s. I bought the coolest hat today ever. Will send a pic if I look half decent

Friday, 4 June 2010

I Heart Polercise

So... I do Polercise now.

Let me start from the top. I had heard that Polercise classes had started in Bunno and I was interested and did a little research but never got around to making the phone calls plus I found out through a work mate that most of the classes were booked solid and getting a spot was hard. Then one fine day two lovely ladies came into work for lunch, when I was taking payment I started chatting as I always do when the lady mentioned she was shooting an advert later that day.

"Oh really cool what is the ad for?" I ask.

"It's for the center we both work at it's a fitness center I teach Polercise" she says.

"Oh no way! That is so cool I heard about those classes and really wanted to join and have been to the website etc just never got around to calling up" I exclaim.

"Well when are you free? Most of my classes are booked but I d have one or two free spots and there is kind of a waiting list but you look cool you have to come" she replied.

You know I think some things are just meant to happen and I swear this conversation is one of those things. We discuss times and I give the lady, Tracey, my number and she tells me she will call later with the day and time of a free class. Later that day I begin to have doubts. Now I don't know how many of you people know this but despite the fact I have been slim my whole life it has nothing to do with me eating right or doing any sort of exercise. I'm just blessed with a good metabolism and a job that keeps me on my feet. In fact...when it comes to exercise and dancing and anything that requires any type of coordination and/or flexibility I am pretty shit. Most of the time when I do decide to do some kind of active activity or class it's because I am being dragged along by a friend or family member. I never do this kind of thing by myself. So I was shitting myself. Tracey texted me later that day. Thursday at 8.30pm am I still interested? I ask Stevo what he thinks and he gave me the answer that I am sure any hot blooded male would give when their girlfriend asks if they think they should go learn how to go swing round a pole. "hell yes baby I think it would be really good for you! You never do anything active like that" he says. I humm I harrr I think and I say what the hell ok I'll do it, I text Tracey back confirming I'll be there and then two days of me having dreams about my flying around and falling off a pole ensue.

Thursday arrives and during the day I get Stevo to take me down Rose Street so I can figure out where the hell I am meant to go. We find the place I assume it is and text Stevo's sister (who already takes the classes) to confirm. Stevo knows a lot of the girls from his work attend so in the last few days he has been asking them questions semi on my behalf about my concerns. They all say "tell her not to worry she will be fine, it's really fun but you do get bruises!". It's comforting but I am still scared. That night I leave super early because I have the shittest bearings on Earth and although I knew where I was going I had a feeling I would take a wrong turn. I get to the center about 20 minutes early and sit in the car for a while doing my nervous cough. Not many people know about my nervous cough. In fact I think Jake is the only person who knows what it means. When I am nervous I get this gross cough that makes me sound like I am going to die. I get it before I need to make a presentation or have a meeting or before my first Polercise class!

I wait about 10 minutes then make my way into the centre. It's just just a Polercise studio it's also a fitness centre so I don't really know where to go but I see Tracey at the end of the hall and walk down to where she is.

"hello! good to see you! How are you feeling about it?" she asks

"Actually I am kinda really scared!" I answer honestly

"Don't worry! You will be fine, we start of with a warm up then do a few spins then everyone just works at their own pace, just grab a pole next to me so I can be close to you. Everyone is really great and we are all supportive of each other. It's got a really good vibe" she assures me.

Still nervous I choose a pole, the room is awesome, 10 poles in two rows of five, the room is painted red with silhouettes of different pole positions in yellow. There is a big mirror behind every pole so you can see what you look like (if you have time to look while concentrating!), thick mats on the floor to cushion you if you fall off. I am starting to feel better. All the other girls begin to arrive. There are women of all ages and all body types, Tracey introduces me to everyone and they all seem very friendly. Everyone chooses their pole and the class begins.

I should mention right here that all the girls in the class have been doing this for weeks now. I am not sure exactly how long, some more than others, some ladies do it more than once a week. So I am the only beginner in this class. Intimidating much? Just you wait! We start with just a general warm up and stretch not using the pole. After this Tracey lets me know they are about to start doing the spins and that I should just watch and see the kind of things we'll be doing. She starts calling out names of moves and the girls start. They look so graceful and they make it look so easy. I am still feeling ok but even more intimidated than I was before. The spins finish and Tracey gets the other girls started on what they are doing then comes over to me.

"What do you think you ready to give it a go? She asks.

"Yep lets do it" I say

First Tracey gets me acquainted with my pole, we do a little walk around an drop to the floor with it, like a bit of an ice breaker. It goes well and I'm feeling a little more relaxed. The first move she teaches me is the Fireman, she shows me how its done and one thing I notice when Tracey and the other girls and practising is, apart from how graceful they look, it also seems like time slows down for them. They just effortlessly ease themselves around the pole going around and around and delicately landing in the floor. My turn!! Not so graceful and uh...I think time may have sped up? I thought I did crap, Tracey was more optimistic, she assures me that I am actually doing a great job and that it will get easier. She leaves me to keep working on the move and through the class comes back and teaches me three more moves, I am getting the  hang of it but still feel really uncoordinated and clumsy.

After an about an hour we stop and do a cool down then the class is over. Everyone is chatting, Tracey asks me how I thought I went and I say I enjoyed it but feel really awkward, she isn't surprised

"you did really great for your first class you feel like that because it's a pole. People feel weird about it at first but then you loosen up and soon you won't be able to stop thinking about it!" she said

Tracey was right. In fact since that class I think I have thought about it every day! To the point where this morning I was Googling to find prices on how much a fully removable pole would cost me for my house so I could practice all the time. (FYI AUD499.99). This is why. I didn't like that I felt so shit the first time. I don't like being shit at things and excuse me for sounding completely up myself but I am not used to being shit at things that I enjoy doing. (I know above I said how I am crappy at dancing and exercise things but I generally don't really love them all that much so I don't care) so since that class I went through in my head a billion times how to do each move and what I need to do to get better and this is probably why I ended up on that X-Pole site this morning because all the theory ain't gonna help if I can't practice. But after all that thinking I realised that 'thinking' is probably what my problem is! I think to much instead of just letting go and doing it.

So I went to my second class today with conflicting thoughts going through my head. I was still nervous, I was hoping I'd do better than last week and scared that I'd actually end up being worse. Warm up, spins, I just watched the other girls again, then it was time to start, Tracey came over and we went through what I had learned last week and would you believe it? The first spin I did I went around the pole a few times instead of just crashing out 3 quarters of the way around like usual. I was stoked. We ran over the rest some I did better in some I still need a lot more practice. Tracey taught me a few more moves and then it was time for my big challenge. Climbing the pole. Scary.

One of the main things I struggle with in Polercise is my lack of upper body strength, it had already improved in the week between classes but i didn't think I'd go so well climbing the pole. We started small. I just had to pull myself up a little bit, just a foot off the floor then slide back down. Harder than it sounds but I did it. The Tracey looks at me with this devilish little grin and says

"and now it's gets a little harder...."

and I was all, oh you are going to make me climb all the way to the top aren't you? Why yes she was. I don't know how many of you have tried to climb a pole before but it's not as easy as it looks, and once again this is another thing that the other girls in my class make look soooo simple. Aaaahhh!

Ok first few attempts didn't go so well, the top of my pole was really slippery so I moved to a different one. This is where the really awesome thing about this class happens. I start my climb and everyone in the class starts yelling encouragement. They don't stand back silent waiting for the fall they shout out and it's so cool, it makes it a lot easier when you have that support! I start to slip and Sarah, who is one the pole next to me says

"Wait I know why it's not working and why your slipping! You aren't gripping on with your feet properly!"

she was right, I manage to squeeze out a

"thank you!"

and keep climbing, still lots of encouragement but I don't think I'm going to make it I can feel my hands slipping and Tracey says

"come on your doing great it sounds like your giving birth"

annnnd I lose it, haha I slide down and start laughing, along with everyone else, it's probably one of those 'you had to be there' moments but that shit was hilarious. But I, my friends, am determined to get up that damned pole!

"I will make it up there by the end of the lesson if it kills me!" I say.

I take a breather, grab a drink, give it a few more tries, take another breather and get ready. Alright I get back to my pole and go for it, this time every one has gone back to their own thing so nobody is really paying too much attention, so I'm concentrating on getting it all right, it's kind of a combination of gripping on with your feet and pushing yourself up with them while pulling yourself up with your arms and your stomach. I'm three quarters of the way up when my Sarah notices how far I've gone

"shit! Tracey! Tracey! Look!!"

now they are watching me again and I only have a little tiny bit to go and the adrenaline is pumping and it feels like I'm moving in baby steps but BAM! I make it to the top and touch the roof and it's fucking awesome! Everyone cheers and I'm feeling very proud of myself! Then I remember how much I hate fireman poles and think it's ironic that the girl who used to refuse to slide down a firemans pole in the school playground is now voluntarily sitting atop a polercise pole. Seriously, that is what I was thinking. Anyway I slide back down, so excited that I got it done and catch my breath back.

The class is over now, it went a LOT faster than the first class, we do our normal cool down then we all pick up our stuff and say our "seeya next week"'s and we head off to our cars and head home.

It's hard to describe how good it makes me feel. I don't know what it is about it, i've never really taken such a shining to any other athletic type activity but this just kind of agrees with me I guess.

So girls (and boys, get your girlfriends to read this) I urge you, if you have ever thought about taking a Polercise class but have been scared and had doubts DON"T BE! Because if I can do it then anyone on Earth can do it.  Be prepared to be very average on your first lesson and get ready for epic bruises and a very sore body for the few following days (yeah my body is going to hate me tomorrow and Saturday...which is great because thats when I am working :) apparently if I complain about how sore I am at work I have to wash Todds car) but it is so much fun and really great for your self confidence and an awesome work out! Oh and before I forget, Polercise is not the same thing as Pole Dancing, sure it's the same moves that Pole Dancers use but it's not taught with the same sexual connotations attached, so please do not feel like you have to have a perfect body to go learn it. It's about fitness and fun not sex!

For more info on Polercise W.A.:

Call or email Tracey on 0414 899 295 or
Visit the official Polercise W.A. website
Check out the Facebook page

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

p.s. if anyone wants to contribute to my "Carrie wants a pole in her house" fund I'll put up a paypal button for it soon ;)

p.p.s. if you have tried a Polercise class before I would LOVE to hear about your experiences. Leave it in the comments.

Thursday, 3 June 2010


I have been feeling unhappy about this blog for a while and I am sure that you have been too. I've been looking back on posts I've been making in the past few months and it just doesn't seem to have the same edge that it used to. Maybe I am calming down and am not as psycho about things so I have less to rant about? Maybe because I am so busy with everything else in my life that when it comes to writing a post it feel more like a chore than something fun? I think it's probably a little bit of both. I also hate that nowadays every time I come on here it's to complain about how I am never here and am always writing shitty posts. I didn't even want to write this post because of that reason!! Aaaaahhh!!

So what do I do? How do I get myself more motivated? When I had no internet I cam up with heaps and heaps of cool blog pots ideas but now that I'm connected they all have left the building and I don't know what to write about! I want to be entertaining I don't want to write posts about "hey I went for a walk today and saw two ducks, it was cool". Don't get me wrong I am not planning on abandoning my writing here. I just am trying to get my writing spark back.

Heeellllllpp meeeeeee!

Love lots Carrie xoxo xxxx

There's a Tradie in my house

There are two lovely guys in my house right now installing our Foxtel. Well...they've only said about two words to me but they seem nice, nice and dedicated to getting my Fox installed so that's pretty awesome. The problem I have is (and it's something I always struggle with) whether I am meant to offer them a drink, something to eat...anything?

I think I am lucky with these guys because they are just getting the hell on with the job and are barely even speaking to each other let alone to me so I doubt they would even want to stop work for 5 seconds to have a drink. But what about other Tradies, the ones who are slow and fuck about while they are fixing your plumbing or electricity? Do you offer them a drink? On one hand I would say yes because it's polite but then they'll fuck around even more whilst drinking and then the whole job will take longer! Is there a base amount of time a Tradie has to spend in your house before it becomes custom to offer them a beverage? It's all so hard!

These boys look like they're almost done with our Foxtel. I think I'll offer them something before they leave.

What do you do when there is a Tradie in your house?

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx