Friday, 24 September 2010

While I was away...

Well it's been a while since I have written and that is because that spring cleaning turned into me finally quitting my job!! I admit that I probably didn't do it in the most professional way. I gave my notice at the start of my shift and requested for that shift to be my last. However in fairness the next roster hadn't been posted yet and I am casual so really, if I wanted to be an arsehole, I could have just not showed up..ever. But I'm not a total arsehole so I did that last shift and did another one the next Saturday (last Saturday) and that my friends was my last shift.

I try not to bitch about my work on this blog and I am not about to start doing it now but I will say that my last job had started to turn me into an unhappy moody cow total bitch and since I quit it feels like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I am so much happier. Of course, quitting on the spur of the moment also meant that I had no other job to go into (stuuuupid). Luckily, Stevo arranged me a trial at his work and I had a new job by the end of the week! So technically I was never really unemployed!! I had my first shift at my new work the day before my last shift at my old work! Booyah!! I feel like in the end I did the right thing because as much as I wanted to leave my old job I had really been dragging my feet about leaving. So the old bandaid approach worked well for me... please note that results may vary so if you hate your job... think about how realistically easy it will be to walk into a new job before you throw in the towel.

So that is the main reason I haven't been around, the other reason is because I had friends over last weekend for a BBQ sleepover that was awesome but ended in poor little Bayley bear with an upset stomach and spewing up over all our blankets. It was so horrible, the first proper spew he has had with us and he just looked so scared and confused :( He perked up by the next day though and was running around like crazy in no time!

Then we had a rent inspection! Aaagggghhhh I love/hate rent inspections. Love them because my house ends up so beautifully clean. Hate them because I am so anal about cleaning and I assume that real estate agents will move couches and pull out clothes dryers and all that (they so don't) so I freaked out the morning of the inspection finding little barely visible spots everywhere and assuming I'll be coming home to an eviction letter. Luckily I am an idiot and we passed with flying colours yay!!

So basically I have been a busy busy little bee! Oh and now Stevo is sick and lost his voice today which is great because he couldn't argue with me when I told him I am running him a bath and making him soup and making him put Vicks all over his chest and back and feet. (Vicks on feet with socks is the best cold cure ever, thanks Mum and Nanna!). I also made him come out in the sun and do some stretches with me using the reasoning "Bayley does these with me so if a two year old can do it then you can too". I am pretty sure Stevo hates me now but he is feeling a lot better so that is just proof that Carrie and her crazy natural remedies work better than his stupid Sudafed. Now he is arguing with me because he won't eat his chicken noodle soup and wants me to go get him Chicken Treat. NO CHANCE. He will eat that soup if I need to sit their and force t down his throat. I am such a loving girlfriend.

Ok I have a ailing boyfriend to feed. I'll be back later to tell you about this kick arse book I am reading.

Ciao for now!

Carrie xoxo xxxx

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Spring cleaning my life starts with spring cleaning my house

I don't know if it's been overly obvious in my blog or not but I am discontent in my life at the moment. Just not all that happy with the way things are going and where things are leading. I'm not one to constantly complain about it though so I've just kinda been keeping quiet and slugging it out whilst looking for a way to change things. I realise however that keeping quiet and slugging it out is just a way to do nothing about about it. I need to really put my heart into changing things but I am scared. Scared of failure. Scared that I'll never get out of this boring, unfulfilling track I am currently on. So now I need to stop being such a scardey cat and just fucking do it!

So I am spring cleaning my life, and for me that starts with spring cleaning my house because I cannot think properly in a house that is a mess. So today this is my to do list.

  • do all the laundry (probably about 4ish loads...we have a small washing machine)
  • wash the dishes and clean the kitchen ( something that would have been easier if Steven listened and followed through when I said last week "ok I have just cleaned the stove so every time you make something wipe it down after and it will stay this clean forever" the next night he made risotto and got rice everywhere and left it. Thanks sweetheart)
  • make the beds
  • fold and put away all the laundry (I am terrible at this. Terrible! Especially because we only have one laundry basket so I put clothes in it then if I need it again I empty the clothes onto my bed then if I don't get around to putting them away they end up on the floor and then I really can't get motivated to put them away)
  • clean the laundry and bathroom. This means wiping down all the benches, bleach the shower, polish the mirror and shower screens, empty the bins, sweep and mop the floors.
  • sweep and mop all the inside floors. Kitchen, office, family rooms, entrance halls.
  • vacuum the two bedrooms
  • clean up desk
Ok I think that's it. Will I finish today. Well I hope so! So wish me luck people!

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

P.s. why yes this is how I love spending my only day off thank you!!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Resolutions Update

So!! The resolutions are going shithouse! Haha if you read the comments on Right now resolution #1 and #2 you,ll see that I am blaming my inability to wake up at 6am on the fact that it's still pretty goddamn cold in West Oz at that time in the morning! Who wants to leave their lovely warm bed to get up and be cold? Not me apparently! I know I have to start getting serious about it because the few days that I did get up earlier I got so much more accomplished! Plus I felt like I had more energy all day and slept better at night.

So Steven Mcg gave me some links to some very helpful articles and I am taking a lot of ideas from Steve Pavlina, the articles in particular being How To Become an Early Riser and How To Get Up Right Away When Your Alarm Goes Off. The second one is what I struggle with a lot! Early morning brain fog, where my alarm goes off and instead of immediately getting up I just lay there and think of all the reasons of how I can justify staying in bed longer and hell I don't need a lot of convincing!

So step one! Discipline! Turn my body into a "get up as soon as that stupid alarm goes off' machine!

Step two, make sure I have breakfast food that I actually like. I am not that big on breakfast food. I get sick or cereal quickly and bacon and eggs I can really only do once a week. Breakfast food bores me basically. So I am thinking I might start a breakfast roster. Where I plan a weekly cycle of what to eat for breakfast, then I won't get bored of eating the same thing every day. That'll work right?

Step three? Get more motivated for yoga! I bought a new Yoga DVD on Fishpond the other day and it arrived today. I had a quick look through it today and I think it's going to be pretty good. I will let you know how it goes once I do my first session in the morning. I am pretty excited about the new yoga dvd, my old one was ok and going to an actual real class would be amazing but uhh I ain't made of money! This dvd looks really good it's a stretch one which will hopefully help with my flexibility which will in turn help me out at Polercise :)

So that's my new plan! I think it's still going to take a while till I am a 6am every day riser but I think I will get there in the end. Especially once Summer hits if I can keep this up all summer then my body will be completely trained by the time winter comes back around then the cold weather won't be an issue!

Wish me luck and again, if anyone has some advise I would love to hear it!

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

P.s. I hope you are all enjoying the new blog layout. Finally got my social media buttons working, so if you like what you read tweet it! Facebook it! Email it! Blog it! Buzz it!