Friday, 31 December 2010

Farewell 2010

I don’t know very many people who aren’t happy to see the end of 2010. Almost every person I know and every person who has something to say about 2010 on Twitter has had a less than awesome year. I am not going to disagree, 2010 was hard and it was fast. It was always eventful and it didn’t worry about waiting for you to recover from the last hurdle it threw at you before unleashing a few more hurdles to contend with. It started out as a fight and it ended as a fight too. No easing into 2011 no way!! It has felt like being strapped into a rollercoaster that has too many twists and turns and though you were always hurtling to the end it never seemed to ease up or let you catch your breath.

Most of those people are looking back at 2010 with a big FUCK YOU!! I am looking back with a Thank You.

2010 has been one hell of a crazy year and though most of it was hard and stressful I think it was also a really important year. For me it was a year where I found my voice, no more being taken for granted, no more doing things to please other people before myself, no more slacking off. This year I dramatically quit my job. A job that I hung around at for two and a half years, the last year knowing full well that things were never going to change and never going to get better, but I stayed with the hope that it would. Then one day I just woke up. It was never going to happen, I was never going to get treated any better and I was never going to get paid what I was worth. So with a simple text to my manager I quit. Made that day my last. Had no job to go to but wasn’t worried. Three days later I had a new job with a helping hand from Stevo and now two months later I am still loving my new job and have even had other great job offers. Opportunities that wouldn’t have been there if I didn’t quit the old job. I am happier, I am working less nights, I am sleeping in less (a good thing) and I have more time to get things done that I am interested in and excited about.

2010 I started believing in my own power more and started really putting the power of positive thought to good use. I was sick for a good two months this Winter, on and off, and just when I thought I was getting better I got sick again. It sucked. I dislike being sick. I also had lots of shit skin moments and generally negative thinking. Then I decided enough was enough. I finally got better. I started reading a great book about the power of positive thinking. I wrote up a little list of affirmations to say to myself before I went to bed. Did it every night as I was falling to sleep and well I didn’t get sick again for the rest of the year, some people might call that coincidence but I think it had a lot to do with a positive outlook and positive energy. Since then I’ve been using positivity to help in all sorts of areas of my life and I have never been as chilled out as I am now. Positivity works, and I learnt that for real this year.

I’ve started exercising. For real. I dislike exercise. A lot. I just don’t believe that making yourself be in pain was worth it. Besides having a job that kept me on my feet meant that I never had any real need to exercise weight wise. Then I met Tracey. A chance encounter at the till at work, chit chat about what she was doing for the rest of the day, a question that I generally ask everyone. Tracey’s answer changed my life. “oh I am shooting a commercial, I teach Polercise”. The very next week I was having my first class and I have been addicted ever since. I went from weak unco scared little Carrie to waaay stronger, way more coordinated and a whole lot more confident Carrie. Girl who hated exercise to girl who was at one point, doing two classes a week of Polercise. I dream of owning our own house just so I can finally get a proper pole installed. I suddenly found a sport that I adored! My hated me for it after the first class but now it loves me. It also led to me wanting to improve my general fitness too and I have started going for walk/jogs with Timmy who is acting as my own personal trainer. I am super unfit but after only a few sessions I have improved a heap and I know that he’s going to have me on half hour straight jogs in no time! My legs were seriously unimpressed last week but are used to it now. I bet my heart will be grateful for the exercise too.

So for me 2010 has been a challenge of mind, body and soul that has improved all three greatly. I leave it feeling stronger as a person and despite all the people I mentioned earlier who hated 2010, of the ones that I know personally, despite their challenges every single one of them has finished 2010 a stronger person with a greater sense of self that they had at the start. Friendships and relationships and been tested, some have survived for the better others have ended for the better too. New relationships have been forged. There has been lots of closing of chapters and 2011, for a lot of people, will really be the beginning of a new chapter, for some, a whole new book. There will be more challenges. More hurdles. More rises and more falls, but 2010 has prepared us for the lot.

So everyone, this rollercoaster has finally slammed its way to the end of the track. Who is ready to strap in and go for another ride? Fasten your seatbelts every body, 2011 is going to blow your mind! Be safe, be smart, be strong, have the ride of your life!

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

P.s. what is your take on the year that was 2010? What are you looking forward to in 2011? Leave it in the comments, I’d love to hear your stories

Friday, 17 December 2010

Slash - "Beautiful Dangerous" (feat Fergie) [Available in South America ...

I currently adore this song.

That is all.

Love Cug xoxo xxxx

P.s. It's so windy at the moment, why are the nights so cold here? Isn't it meant to be summer? Euuggghh!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Honey, I’m home

Well it has been the longest I have ever spent without a decent internet connection and it's the longest I ever want to spend!! I felt like I had lost an arm. However I dare say that even if I had the internet I wouldn't have had much time to be on here because shit has been hectic!

Ok basic rundown on my life since I last wrote...


  • Went on holidays to Darwin the day after my last post and we came back last Monday. Holiday was awesome and one that I desperately needed. Faaaar too long to live with in-laws, I love Stevens dad Kelly, and his partner Marilyn but sometimes, and especially when you are on holidays, you just want to have some alone time and it was a bit hard. Also we took Bayley with us so that made it harder, next years holiday plans are going to include Fleeto and I going somewhere alone where we don't know anybody and it will be amazing!

Bayley had a great time and loves flying! Taking him this year was great because he was old enough to tell us that he was having fun and loved Crocodiles, and of stupid pram to push around! Made life much easier for all of us!


  • Flew back home last Monday and the very next day we moved all of our stuff from our old Dalyellup house to our new house in Bunbury that we are sharing with our lovely friend Kat. From  that Tuesday up until yesterday we were basically going back everyday and cleaning the old house making sure it’s in good enough shape to get our bond back. Cleaning houses sucks so much. Next time I vote that we just hire a cleaner. When we weren’t at the old house cleaning we were trying to sort out our new room here in Bunno, which looked, and still kinda looks but not so bad, like a removalist truck blew up in there. We had to wait till the other housemate here moved out so we can sort out that room and turn it into Bayleys room. He moved out on Tuesday, his shit is getting moved over this weekend and hopefully we can get it cleaned and get furniture in it so it’s ready for when we get Bayley again on Sunday! Arrghh!


  • I had my birthday!! Happy birthday to me! I turned a quarter of a century old on Monday! Had a great day, lunch with my Mum and sister and dinner with the whole family, got some great presents! Clothes from Nanna, walking shoes from Mum and Dad (so I have officially run our of decent excuses not to go walking), and green sparkly hairdryer from Ash and Noel, I have been able to blowdry my hair with a proper hairdryer for the first time in like 6 months! Plus a gift card for JB Hi-FI from Lee and G which I was going to go spend today but forgot till just now…dammit, Kanye will just have to wait!


  • Almost finished all my Christmas shopping! I love Christmas.I love giving people presents, I love tacky decorations, I love hanging out with my family. I love it all! I have no religious love for Christmas, oh I know I know that it’s Jesus’s birthday and that bitter people are always like “bah humbug Christmas is just an excuse for people to go buy things, it’s way too commercial” and you know what I say to those people? SHUTUP I WON’T GET YOU A PRESENT THEN GOSH! To me Christmas is about friends and family and giving people nice things and I don’t know anybody who hates getting presents.

I am super excited for Bayley to open all his gifts this year, he is at the age now where he knows what is going on and is getting excited about it and he kinda knows who Santa is and he keeps looking wistfully at the presents already under the tree, no doubt wishing that one of us will say he can open one up now. He has got a lot of cool gifts so far and I think he will be the happiest little kid on Christmas Day!


  • We put up our Christmas Tree! Oh my goodness it looks amazing! Putting up the tree with my family always seemed to end in tears. We’d get frustrated and someone (me) would be pissed off because somewhere along the line it was decided that our Christmas Tree needed to be colour  coordinated and I thought that was just ridiculous! Therefore it is needless to say that our tree looks like Santa Claus himself vomited up Christmas Joy all over it! I will post a picture shortly of how amazing it is. It feels nice to have our own Christmas Tree, it’s like we are our own little family!

That is about it really. We are both back at work and are back to having Bayley part time again. We had our first house family dinner on Tuesday, Stevo cooked us a 28 hour slow cooker roast and it was delicious and then Kat made Butter Chicken on Wednesday night that was also yummo. It is really nice to live in a house where we eat together and clean together and hang out!

I have had time to do a lot of thinking and that has been nice, made a few more right now resolutions that I will tell you about soon. For now I am just happy to be (almost) settled into the new house and amongst positive, fun people!

Love lots Carrie xoxo xxxx