Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Happy Australia Day

Today was Australia day! A day where we celebrate the landing of the first fleet who colonised our lovely country by oppressing our native Aborigines and filling the land with convicts hooray!!

Don't get me wrong, I like Australia Day, but Australia Day would be a whole lot nicer and I'd be a whole lot prouder to call myself Australian if the majority of Aussies actually embraced the multicultural society that we have here. Truth be told though, a LOT of Aussies are ignorant, racist, bogans with Southern Cross tattoos and 'Fuck Off We're Full' stickers on the back of their cars. Oh but wait! These same bogans who are against boat people, and think other races should "go back where they came from" also don't like Aborigines. So what is this? Some kind of "we stole this country first and we don't want anyone but us in here"?

The funny thing is, these idiots who claim to love their country so much are the same dickheads who get completely tanked, disrespect the police and fellow revellers, litter all over the floor, piss wherever they want, start fights with each other and generally act like total tools, all whilst draped in the Aussie flag.

Meanwhile we are trying to project this image of a multicultural utopia to the rest of the world well, nobody is being fooled and no amount of Oprah visits will really help that. So what do we do? How do you change culture? Is it up to the rest of us to pull these bogans in line? David Koch wrote a article yesterday where he suggests "let’s not politely ignore derogatory race-related comments from friends and relatives." I agree though I admit that it takes a lot of guts to do it. I recently stayed with relatives who said a whole lot of things that I completely disagreed with and actually made me feel quite sick to my stomach but to keep the peace I said nothing. Maybe I shouldn't have. Maybe you shouldn't either.

So I implore you, do you love Australia? Show it not just by wearing the flag and singing Waltzing Matilda, show it by standing up for us! Next time someone you know makes a bigoted ignorant comment, politely educate them. Or at least tell them to keep their small mindedness to themselves. Let's build a future Australia for our kids where not a single one of them feels out of place based on where they came from, who they pray to or what their last name is.

That is my Australian dream.


Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Converting one atheist at a time

because I haven't taken a scene kid photo of myself in ages, and because I like this photo of me and because it shows off my pretty new hair colour.

Miss Pole Dance Australia 2010 - Intro Routine

I know what is wrong with me

Today as I was aimlessly wandering the streets of Bunbury I had a moment of clarity. It was then I realised what the hell has been wrong with me these past few weeks/months.

I am fucking bored.

I don't mean bored sometimes, or bored at that moment. I mean, I am bored with my life at the moment. It's boring. It's monotonous. It's just unbelievably unexciting.So bored that I generally live more in the pretend world inside my head than in reality at the moment.

I kept walking trying to decide what I could do to conquer this boredom and didn't come up with a whole lot of good ideas so I decided to go with a bad idea. I am going to develop a drug habit. I bet my life will get pretty interesting pretty fast now!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

I'm trying to lose weight

I am not fat. I'm just putting that out there because I don't want friends coming on here leaving comments like "err Caz why do you want to lose weight, you aren't fat, don't be silly LOL" ok. I know I am not fat. Thank you.

I am however heavier than I have ever been in my life and am seriously unfit. I'm used to being a size 8/10 and now I am a size 10/12. I'll say it again. I don't consider that fat. Not at all. I don't anyone to get upset thinking that I think people who are size 12 are hideous fatties. I don't think that. Anyway, I think the reason I've put on weight has a lot to do with me leaving my old job and starting my new one where I am doing a lot of Barista work which means a lot of standing in one spot and not moving. I hardly fit into any of my size 10 shorts and pants and it is so annoying trying to find work clothes when you don't fit into half the stuff you own!

So I could either go out and spend lots of money buying all new clothes or I could start exercising and lose weight plus get fitter and improve my general health at the same time! Obviously option number two is the clear winner for me!

I am not trying to lose anything drastic, just about 5kg, and I will be stoked. The other thing is this. I am fairly sure the only reason I have managed to say small is because of my physical job. I am not planning to work this hard forever and if I don't start getting into shape now it will be a lot harder for me to start later when I have packed on more than a few extra kilos. Prevention is better than a cure they say so that is another motivator for this exercise kick!

What am I doing you ask?

My lovely friend Tim is being my personal trainer. He does disappointed face when I try bail on training, he yells at me when I want to give up. He makes charts on my progress and is just my general motivator and training partner. He is doing a kick arse job so far. We plan to go 6 nights a week (though we missed a bunch over Christmas and New Years) and for the first five we are at the beach, ok not in the sand just along the path. Start with a 5 minute walk warm up then four one minute walk/jog intervals (or maybe it's five now because I stupidly agreed on our last one), then walk till we hit 15 minutes. Short minute or two break (so I can drink some water and try bring myself back to life) then we head back the way we came and I need to jog for as long as I can. Our first session I could only manage a 2.32 minute jog, second and third I was 3.03 and 3.05 respectively. Then on the fourth session I got my shit together and managed 6 minutes! Then the fifth session we threw in an extra interval and I still managed a jog for 7.12 minutes! I was so stoked!! Our sixth session, which was tonight we did the lookout stairs. I am not sure how many of you are familiar with the Bunbury lookout tower...

you may look at think "err Carrie that's not very high LOL" and you would be correct, it's not very high, but you see those steps on the left hand side? There is lots more of them! We start at the very bottom of the hill and well, today we walked up then walked down then jogged up them again. After the first walk up I was thinking 'oh man this is easy!' it only took 3 minutes to walk up them. Then we started the jog. Oh man jogging up stairs sucks! I got up the first lot of wooden stairs to the clearing and thought I was ok but by the time I reached the second lots of wooden stairs (the ones you can see in the pic) I was over it, by the time I reached the bottom of the lookout tower my legs were like jelly and I was in pain. My only motivation was that Tim was waiting for me at the top and I needed to make it up there. We rested for about 5 minutes before I felt I could actually make it back down again, the trip down the tower was a bit scary for the first few steps, my legs felt like they were bending far to easily and like they would give up at any time sending my body hurtling down the rest of the tower.

Meanwhile there was this carazy guy who, while we were there, ran up and down the whole circuit five times, and it looked like he had been at it for a while before we got there and he was still going when we left. In fact while we were at the top of the tower resting he came up saying "fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck". Fuck is right!! That guy must be a stair machine!! If Tim asked me to jog up those stairs a second time I would have laughed then died. For this guy do have done it more than five times in one session, dude, whoever you are, I salute you. You crazy man.

I managed my job up the stairs in 2.23 minutes then we walked around the block to cool down before heading home. Next time I am hoping for a better score but if someone can give me some handy advice as to how to get better at doing the stairs I'd love to hear it, though I fear all the advice is going to be " err, practice Carrie LOL"

Today on my way home I also decided that as a reward/motivator, I am not going to allow myself to get my next tattoo done till I lose the 5kg. This is a good idea on many levels, as well as motivating it means I won't just spend the next $200 I manage to save up on a tattoo, it also gives me a tangible goal other than the actual weight loss, also it forces me to wait a while for the tattoo which is good because I shouldn't really be getting it done in Summer anyway. I think it's a good idea.

I think it might take a while to achieve this goal because not only am I doing this training with Tim I am also still doing Polercise once a week and hopefully will be picking up another class so I can go twice a week again, so where the cardio is helping to lose weight, the Polercise will be converting fat into muscle which weighs more so it'll be interesting to see how it all pans out.

To follow my progress you can follow me on Twitter where I am Tweeting my daily exercise results thanks to my fancy android app CardioTrainer. If you have any advice, tips and tricks, or want to give me some general motivation, or hate on me...leave it in the comments.

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Sunday, 2 January 2011


What a delightful title!

I am just quickly coming on here to say that I intended to write a blog about resolutions today but I am feeling rather queasy so instead I am going to go to bed and hope to hell that I don't have that stupid gastro bug that has swept though Bunbury.


Talk soon

Caz xoxo xxxx