Thursday, 3 February 2011

If you don't want me to call you a slut then don't act like one

I don't know if she has ever said this before but if I EVER read an interview with Rihanna and she says anything about not wanting to be treated like a sexual object I will get on a plane, hunt her down and bitchslap her because her latest video clip and song is one of the sluttiest things i've seen/heard.

Watch it via YouTube here but I warn you that you might need to wash your eyes and ears out with bleach afterwards.

Rihanna is not the only 'artist' to get her slut on to promote her music. How about Christina Aguileras 'Not Myself tonight' SLUTFEST!

Makes me feel so happy that I do not have any daughters yet and that Bayley is still at play school music age. Hopefully by the time my kids get older music would have gotten better again.

What are your most memorable slutty music videos?

Love Carrie