Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Mortgage Update #500

Today we should find out if the bank has approved our application and if the bank says yes then we need to wait for the mortgage lenders insurance place to approve. By the end of this week we should know one way or the other.

I hope to have good news! To be honest, I am tired of talking about this!

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Monday, 26 September 2011


Facebook is never going to charge users to access it’s site. Never ever.

I cannot believe the amount of people buying into this rumour at the moment. Of course it is not the first time and probably will not be the last time rumours have reared their head about Facebook implementing a monthly charge to users. What is it about now that has made the rumour so strong and widespread? Is it due to all the recent UI changes Facebook has made? Do users assume that because FB has made a few tweaks to the service that the logical next step is to start charging?

The reality is that charging users for access is just not a financially viable move for Facebook. Think about it. If they did start charging would you stay? I know I wouldn’t. Why would you when networking sites like Twitter and Google+ are offering their (arguably better) services for free? Charging users would be the easiest way for Facebook to instantly become as socially uncool as Myspace. They would lose users, they would lose advertisers, they would lose money.

So rest assured Facebook loving friends! You won’t be getting charged Facebook fees any time soon!

In other news…

  • You won't have bad luck or be murdered by a dead girl if you delete a chain email. (I am not dead and I wouldn’t call myself unlucky and I delete all chain mails without reading them)
  • Nobody will donate $5 for every copy and pasted status about little Sarah Sickgirl. (how on Earth do you think charities would be able to monitor millions of FB accounts for relevant status updates??)
  • You have not really won the European lottery (key indicator here being that you never entered the European lottery)
  • That poor lonely Iraqi princess who wants to give you all her money does not exist. (this doesn’t need elaborating)

You are welcome

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

P.s. what is your favourite internet rumour/scam? Do you know anyone who blindly believes in any of these rumours? Tell me all about it!

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Friday, 16 September 2011

More mortgage news

Today we were told that the reason we didn’t get the loan is because we aren’t paying rent.

Let that sink in.

Now tell me if that makes any sense at all to you because it blows my mind. They also said that there is nothing we can do to reverse the decision. So despite the fact that we have a deposit, we both have extremely secure jobs and we can easily afford the repayments, we cannot get a loan.

Uuugghhhh. It makes no sense to me at all.

I am upset and frustrated and stressed and losing hope.

Still not giving up though, new banks on Monday. Sigh.

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Thanks for messing with us

I am so angry and upset right now.

My last post I was saying how Steve and I were meant to find out the results of our loan application the very next day. Well Wednesday came and went with no answer. With our finance deadline on Friday we were freaking out and were not having much luck getting a hold of our mortgage broker. Thursday we once again had no answer. Friday Steve and I were both at work and hitting the panic stations hard. At midday we heard from our broker only to have him tell us that Suncorp still had not come to a decision but we should expect something by the end of the day. I spoke to our property manager Digby when I got home from work at 3pm almost in tears expecting him to tell us that if we have no answer by the end of the day then the house is gone. He assured us that if the bank was still deciding by the end of the day we could wait till Monday and hope that they got their shit together over the weekend.

Friday ended with no answer from Suncorp.

A very stress filled weekend followed and I got sick which made the situation so much more fun. Yesterday after a text and an unanswered phone call we finally hear from our broker again. Suncorp still had no answer. Despite them claiming to have a three day turnaround and it being well over seven days later their computer still didn't have a result for us. I imagine their computer must be from the 1960's, the answer probably prints out on dot matrix paper. Maybe that's why the results were taking to long, they had to go antique shopping to source paper for their relic of a printer.

Before I tell you what happened today, let me back up a little and tell you what happened with the first loan. This is the second attempt of a loan through Suncorp, the first one was denied because Steve had a default on his credit report and because they wanted a bit more information. Steve got the default removed and wrote a letter explaining it (it was a six year old phone bill that he paid off six years ago that was due to be wiped next march anyway, thankfully vodafone wiped it clean for us), we dropped off the extra bits and pieces they requested and wrote another letter explaining that my job is secure and I get paid overtime etc (I am only casual at work, because it pays more and is more flexible, and the bank see's that as a risk, a casual job is not very secure normally). We did everything they asked and resubmitted the application thinking that if we have addressed everything that was a  problem then surely getting the loan would be no problem right?

Wrong. Today at 2.30pm we were informed that we were denied our loan again. We don't know why yet, we should find out why later today. It is so frustrating. We can afford the repayments easily. We both have secure jobs. I do not understand what the problem is! The worst part is that when you go online and look at all those mortgage calculators and input your details they have all said we should be able to borrow over $300,000. Of course I know that they don't take into consideration every situation but if they are all estimating we should be fine for that much but then we get denied for the $270,000 that we need. It is soul crushing.

Luckily, Digby, the property manager of the house we want to buy is an absolute legend and is trying to get us another finance extension from the sellers of the house. Hopefully they agree as nobody else has tried to put in an offer and Steve and I are going to try going through another bank. Straight through to the bank without a mortgage broker!

Please wish us luck!

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Update #1: Ok we can't go through the bank we wanted to by ourselves because they have a 'must have lived in your current house for over one year' rule. Our broker says he can talk to them and try get around it. Another friend suggested we ask about Keystart Loans so I am going to talk to our broker about that too. If anyone else has any advice I would love to hear it please!!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Wednesday is the day

Tomorrow we find out if we have been approved for finance to buy our house. It is very nerve racking. I keep trying to convince myself that there is not really any reason for them to reject us. Steve and I both have stable jobs and the only debt we have is Steve's car which should be fine because the car is also an asset.

It would be lovely if you could cross your fingers for us! We really really want this house so we can move on with our lives. It feels like we are in limbo at the moment and I know that once we have our own little slice of heaven we can really kick into high gear and put our little life plans in motion.

So exciting! So nervous!

I will let you know how we go!

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx