Monday, 31 October 2011

Polercise over a year on...

Just thought I would share a few photos from Polercise with you all. I've been doing it for about a year and a half now and just changed this week from Intermediate to Advanced. I go to class twice a week at Polercise WA here in Bunbury and taking these classes literally changed my life. I went from exercise phobe to taking a real interest in my fitness and now I try to walk three times a week as well.

At Polercise WA we aren't taught sexy routines we are just trained in particular moves that we can work on individually at our own pace. Shows are held once or twice a year and students can put together routines if they wish to enter. The focus is always on the exercise and fun and is never strip club or sexy. Eww I would be way too embarrassed! 

Girls of all body shapes take the classes and a mens class has just started running too. 

I love it so much!! Hope you like the pics!

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

You can find me....

Just a quick post today to update you on all the other places you can find me on the Net. I do have Facebook but I am not going to bother including it on this list because I don't add people I don't know as a friend and I don't post enough public status updates for anyone to bother subscribing to my feed.

Google + Most of my updates on Google + are public. I look through the profile of anyone who adds me to a circle and decide based on their content whether to follow back. I love this aspect of both Google+ and Twitter, that following doesn't have to be reciprocal. On Facebook people get so antsy if you delete them or reject their friend request. I have one 'friend' who I deleted for being a moody jerk and that person has tried to re friend me three times. No such problem with Google + !

Get Served: Diary of a Hospitality Worker this is my other blog over on Wordpress. This blog is, obviously, about the exciting trials and tribulations of working in hospitality. It sort of started out as a venting page for when customers bothered me but now I am trying to transform it into something more. There will still be venting but I also want it to be helpful to other hospitality workers and to people in general. I love the hospitality industry, at least the restaurant/cafe side of it that I work in. I have a huge passion for it and I want to make it a better place and I don't want to look like one of those obnoxious waitresses with a bad attitude and chip on her shoulder a mile wide. This blog doesn't get updated as much as I want it to. Less than this one gets updated if you can believe that but I want to change that once we have our own house and I am done with Uni for the year. Give it a read anyway!

I have two Twitter accounts. Well, I guess you could say I have three if we are including my work account. I guess we will.

@CazMinx is my personal account which I use more than any other network account.

@GetServedDiary is the Twitter account for my Get Served blog. I update this from work sometimes so every now and then you get a thought that hasn't gone through my appropriateness filter.

@CafeOneForty poor little Cafe 140 Twitter has only got 14 followers. Probably because not many Bunbury people have jumped on the Twitter train yet. This is my work and most of the Tweets come from me and are connected to our Facebook page too which is why they will often go over the 140 character limit.

Cafe 140 on Facebook you can also go and 'like' my workplace on Facebook if you want to.

Well that is all the relevant and current places you can find me. Hit me up!

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Shark cull NOT the answer

I am COMPLETELY against the culling of the shark who fatally attacked the diver at Rottnest.

This is the third fatal attack in as many months and as much as I sympathise with the victims, their friends, and their families; killing the shark won't bring their loved one back, it won't make this any less tragic and it will not make the ocean any more safe. There are plenty more sharks in the sea.

All three recent victims were no strangers to the ocean. Kyle Burden was an avid body boarder, Bryn Martin was on his regular swim when he was presumably taken and the latest victim George Wainwright was a diver, in Australia on a tourist visa. These men knew the risks, of course what happened is still horrific but they all knew this could happen. We all know the risks when we step into the water. My Dad used to own a jetski and it was always in the back of my mind when I was out on the ocean that there could be sharks under me and that if I fell off I could be swimming with them. I did fall off a few times and I was VERY quick to get back on. I feel that it is unfair for humans to enter the territory of a predator like a shark and then decide to kill the animal when it is just doing what it is built for. If you knowingly walked into an area known to be inhabited by lions, then you got attacked by a lion, would it be fair to kill it?

Another statistic commonly thrown about when this subject is bought up is the fact that more people are killed in car accidents than shark attacks. Very true. In the month of September alone in Australia 93 people were killed on our roads, 18 of those deaths were in Western Australia. Yet nothing comparably as radical is being done about that problem. 

Australia does not sentence death on humans who knowingly, willingly and without any compassion kill other humans. So why give a shark a death sentence for doing something that is well within its nature? Is it going to scare off the other sharks? No. Will it decrease shark attacks? Unlikely. 

So why are we doing it? What are the other options?  What do you think should be done?

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx


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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

No TV Day


This morning I declared to my three year old stepson that today was to be a TV free day. Usually in the morning we wake up and Bayley watches cartoons while I make him breakfast then he eats watching Dora and Wonderpets and the like. Unfortunately it usually results in Bayley taking forever to eat his breakfast and then getting upset about having to shower and get dressed for the day. Now that the weather is finally nice I decided it is high time we both kicked the habit.

Bayley, of course, didn’t take the news so well. There were tears and “whys?” but once his peanut butter and honey toast was ready he had recovered. He went and sat outside with my Dad (Pete) and my Mum (Les) while I made my breakfast. By the time I made it outside Bayley had turned the table into a train and we all had to have tickets to ride. He finished his breakfast in record time and went about ‘driving’ us to various places. He dropped me off at Uni (I literally had to leave the table and hide around the corner) then Pete got off the train at ‘work’ (he also got kicked off the table and had to go down to the bottom garden). When we were ‘finished’ we had to call the train for Bayley to pick us up. When I got back on the train we arrived in the jungle, I was scared and Bayley assured me it was ok and said he would hold my hand, just then a snake appeared in front of us! Bayley picked it up with his bare hands and threw it away from us “it’s ok, it’s safe now” he told us. Les, Bayley and I got back on the train and picked up Pete from work.

Then the train broke down and turned into an airplane. Apparently we were going on holiday and Bayley was the captain. Partway through the flight after making sure we all had our seatbelts on Bayley informs us that the plane has ran out of gas and he has to go fill it up. “How can you fill it up! We are in the air!” Pete, Les and I asked. “It’s ok” Bayley replied “I will just turn off the plane” Obviously concerned we exclaimed “but Bayley the plane will fall out of the sky!!” Pete had a solution “Do you have parachutes?” Les and I were not keen on jumping out of a plane, less so when Bayley replied “yeah I have two” there were four of us, this plane trip wasn’t looking like it was going to have a pleasant landing, then Bayley said “two for the plane”. Right, so his plan was to stop the plane and let the parachutes out so the plane will slowly fall while he fills it with gas then he can turn it back on and fly off before we crash. His plan worked and we had a very smooth landing.

After the plane ride we all had to head off and do other things, Les went to have a shower, Pete and I went to fix the Internet and Steve came upstairs and I sent him outside so Bayley could keep playing on the train/plane. Needless to say, Bayley forgot all about TV and cartoons. With an imagination like that, who needs them!!

After getting showered and dressed and some more hanging out we wandered down the road to have lunch at the cafe down the road that has just reopened after changing hands for the umpteenth time. If it ever comes up for sale again I want to buy it so bad. Such potential, but that is a story for another post. We had a nice lunch, I wrote notes on the service and how I would improve things because that is just what I do when I go out. Then we all walked down to the playground for a while and Bayley tried to climb a few trees, we played chasey, had piggy backs and played on the playground equipment.

We spent a good few hours just wandering around and playing games before heading home then it was  time to take Bayley back to his Mums place but it was just such a great day and cheap! All we had to pay for was lunch and realistically we could have just made sandwiches and had a nice little picnic instead. Through Winter i felt so guilty having Bayley inside all the time but I think, sometimes at least it, may have had less to do with the weather and more with laziness. Of course I know that I am not as bad as some people and this isn’t the first time I have enforced a no TV rule but still, today made me even more determined to make changes to the time we have with Bayley. This Summer we will break bad habits and make new good habits. Outside all the way!


Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

p.s. what is your favourite way to spend time with your kids? How do you deal with the wet weather?

p.p.s. at the playground today I was astounded by the amount of little kids playing on the gym equipment they have nearby. Haven’t parents heard the horror stories about kiddies being hurt on them? Do you let your kids near them?

Thursday, 6 October 2011

We still don't have a house...

There is a scene from Mean Girls, and I tried to find a video but couldn't, where Cady (Lindsay Lohan) is talking about how she can't stop talking about Regina George (Rachel McAdams) and how she can feel all her friends getting sick of her talking about it but she just can't stop.

That is how I feel about this mortgage.

I am so sick of talking about and so sick of thinking about it but it is still ongoing and I cannot escape it! This is where we are at now.

We are now going through Bank of Queensland directly. I am in love with Kaeti who is handling our case, she has been amazing so far and I know that if we don't get the finance it will not be through a lack of trying. She has kept us in the loop the entire way with fantastic communication, she has talked us through all our options and has made sure to not unrealistically raise our hopes too high. If this deal does fall through and we have to wait to reapply, I would definitely go through BOQ and Kaeti again. The experience has been so much nicer.

In the last post I wrote about the mortgage we were waiting to hear from the bank. Now we have and it isn't all bad news. Basically it is a yes with a but; everything is ok except we just need to prove that we can actually make the repayments. So to do that they want us to save $2000 each months over the next two months. We can easily do it the only problem is that it means we might lose the house that we have our eye on. The owners will give us an extension on the sale contract but it will have a 48 hour clause in it to give someone else the opportunity to come in and make an offer. 

I know that there are other houses out there but this is just in the area we wanted for the price we want and it ticks many boxes. Losing it will suck but at the end of the day if we get the money then at least when we do find another house, we won't have to go through all this finance drama again!

So recap, we have to spend the next two months saving to get our finance approved and in that time we run the risk of someone else coming in and making an offer on the house we want. 

Who said buying a house is easy!!

In other news I start working full time at the cafe as of next week, it'll be the first time I have worked full time hours in two years! Hoping it will get my sleeping patterns fixed once and for all. Early to bed early to rise, just in time for Summer!!

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx