Monday, 26 December 2011

A Very Merry Christmas

Oh Christmas time, I love it all year until December gets here and I realise how much hard work it all is! This year all that hard work was compounded by the fact that after months of trying and saving and stress I can now happily say that we finally got our home loan approved!!!


Bank of Queensland worked their arses off for us and we are ever grateful for all that they did for us. The house that we wanted was still available so we have gone ahead with the sale and are looking forward to a January 4th settlement date. Buying a house is tough, tougher than I thought it would be and once we have moved in and I am relaxing in my own work area in my own house I will be writing up a little hindsight post for anyone even thinking about maybe buying a house one day. We went in virtually  blind and without asking every question that we should have and it came back to bite us a little. I hope to help other people avoid all the problems that we ran into!

For Christmas I got a kitchen starter set and a pasta container from Mum and Dad which I was ridiculously excited about. Lee and G got me some new perfume which was perfectly timed because I was down to the final dregs of my last bottle, Ash and Ben got me a  voucher for K-Mart as did my Nanna; so we'll be using those to get lots more house things! Steve's Dad and Marilyn bought me two wooden roosters!! I almost cried! If you didn't know already, my last name Gallo, means rooster in Italian, my Nonna and my Mum have roosters all through their homes and I had bought a few for my Mum while I was up on holidays in Darwin. I am so happy to have two to display in our new house! It will really make it feel like home.

We spent Christmas Eve night with Steve's parents at his sisters house and that was a nice night, Bayley and his cousin Zarah played for hours on the trampoline and we got to play with our puppy Roxy too. Christmas Day I spent cooking and preparing the final touches to the boyfriend presents (we made them all Tshirts with our faces on soon), and fixing our presents for the family. Being low on spare cash we made every one little gift baskets with mini melting moments, gingerbread, and home-made jam, as well as some framed wisdom from Steve. I wasn't super happy with our offering and wished we could have been able to afford a little more but we will make up for that next year! We had dinner at home that night, a feast! We had Dad's special octopus salad, which is to die for, as well as fresh prawns, squid, fish, salads, turkey and ham. Needless to say, it did not all get eaten, I think it will take a few days for us to get through it all. It was a lovely night, Nanna and my Uncle Malcolm came over as well and Nanna stayed longer than she usually does so it was very nice to have the whole family together. Next year we're going to have at least one (I am hoping for two if I can get my act together) tiny additions to the party because Lee is pregnant! Yep, sometime around early June next year I am going to be a first time Aunty and I am very excited and happy for Lee and Gareth! They are going to be great parents.

Today is Boxing Day and I have eaten so many leftovers and I feel pretty gross so I am going to go have a little run on the treadmill. Our Christmas was lovely, Steve's Dad and Stepmum are down from Darwin to see the grandkids and Bayley has had a wonderful Christmas, he received plenty of toys and he is also pumped to move into the new house in a week or so. I had today off work but have to work the public holiday tomorrow which might be a busy one as people start running out of Christmas dinner leftovers and really run our of energy to cook themselves.

I had a great Christmas. It was stressful, crazy, fun and full of love and happiness and when you get down to it, love and happiness is really what Christmas is all about nowadays!

How was your Christmas? What did you get? What did you give? What did you do?

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx