Saturday, 29 December 2012

Merry Christmas to everyone I should have sent a card to

Every year I say to myself "I'm going to send out Christmas cards this year" and every year it never ever happens. In fact the Christmas cards that I have been intending to send are the same pack of cards I purchased about three years ago and never got around to sending. I even bought some cute Christmassy stamps this year and started writing a list of recipients. I also planned to include a cute photo of Steve, Bayley and I inside the cards along with a long message about how 2012 has treated us. Well, it didn't happen.

So to everyone who thinks they should have received a Christmas card from us I would like to wish you a warm MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you had a great break, ate lots of food, got a heap of lovely presents and gave a few in return. I hope your day was spent amongst those whom you love, and I hope the in-laws didn't cause you too much grief. I wish you all a happy and safe New Years whatever your plans may be and of course I wish you all the best for 2013.

I will of course be writing my annual 'farewell to last year' New Years post just after the holiday so I will update you all with everything that has been happening in the Gallo/Fleeton household. I know posts have been scarce this year, it has been a pretty full on for us! I hope with all the changes that have happened, in the last few months especially, that my posting will become more regular.

Until then, stay safe, be happy, hug your loved ones and have fun!

Much love Caz xoxo xxxx

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Ladies and gentlemen please

I am about to rant. For this to have the most profound effect on you, I suggest you imagine me standing in front of you sternly reading this to you quickly, in an exasperated voice with an unimpressed look on my face. Being Italian, I use my hands a lot when I speak so imagine that to.

Without any further adieu...

Ladies, I think it is about time that we all sit down together and watch Mean Girls again and really let that lesson the movie is trying to teach us sink in. SPOILER ALERT the lesson is...


Seriously, what is your problem ladies? Waaaaaaaah that girl is a slut, waaaaaah she is getting so fat, waaah she totally takes drugs, waaaah she flirts with all the boys, waaaah how is she so skinny, waaaaah her tits are fake, waaah waaah waaaah waaaah. You all need to stop being so concerned with what everyone else is doing and start looking at yourself. Why are you being such a bitch? Are you unhappy? Work on that. Fix that. Don't bring down other people to make yourself feel better. How do you feel when you hear nasty gossip about you? Does it make you feel good? NO. It makes you feel sad and depressed and upset. So why would you then turn around and pay that forward to someone else? Two wrongs don't make a right. Be the bigger person and stop it. Uuuggghhh honestly.

Oh hey boys. Don't think you are getting off so easy. You are no help in this bullshit. I have some advice for you that you really need to take to heart. A girl being friendly and nice to you is not the same thing as a girl wanting to have sex with you and be your girlfriend. Get it through your thick skulls. If you try make a move and she says no, she isn't some hussy who has led you on, you are just an idiot for confusing friendship with something more. Don't go telling all your mates she's a cock tease. Just suck it up and move on. In the game of love you lose about a million more times than you win. Get over it. Nobody like a guy who is a little bitch.

I am definitely not saying that you have to like everyone. Hell I have a few people on my list of people I'd happily never see ever again, but do I spend every waking moment of my life telling everyone how much those people suck and trying to convert them into hating them too? No! What a waste of time, energy and oxygen. You don't have to be friends with every one, and if you aren't friends with someone, you don't have to make a drama out of it.

Lastly and perhaps this is the most important part. Sometimes, shit will happen to you, people will bitch, rumours will start, "friends" won't stick up for you and it will feel yuck. You will hate it, it will upset you. Try, please try, to not let the bastards get you down. Just remember, people who will happily talk smack about you are not people you want to be friends with, they aren't people who's opinions you should be concerned about or value. Just hold your head high and don't feed the trolls. Don't engage in battle. Let them go, people only have an attention span 140 characters long anyway.


Caz xoxo xxxx

Monday, 23 July 2012

Remember those bows I was making? Also life update.

I am sure I posted about them a while back but now I can't find the post though, I admittedly did not look very hard. This is how many are in my collection now. If only I had enough hair to wear them! I also made the headbands in the pic plus that Robot. The robot is a mini version of a robot I made for Bayley and now that I think about it, he has been MIA since the move. Oh dear!

Speaking of Bayley, he is going away on holiday camping next week for three weeks with his Mum and Granddad and I am going to miss him like crazy, it will be the longest he has been away from us since he was born. Waaah! While he is away, Steve and I are hoping to get B's new bedroom all sorted as a nice surprise when he gets back and hopefully the veg garden will get completed too. That whole area came to a standstill once the weather got cold and rainy. I am also hoping to get my pole installed in our bedroom and get the kitchen painted. It will be busy busy busy and I hope to keep this blog updated with the progress. Ooh I am starting a beginners sewing course next week, hopefully with Mama but possibly all on my lonesome, it should be good because at the moment I am basically just winging it whenever I try to make something so I think a bit of basic knowledge will do me a world of good.

See? Made these, they aren't awesome but they are wearable, I love the cats they are hilarious. 

Work is going good, I am still managing full time at the cafe and I still love it but the job makes me extremely time poor and fills up my 'interacting with people' quota to about 99.7%. I have been driving to and from work lately without the radio on just so I can squeeze some quiet time in to my day. I think the dreariness and coldness of Winter has been really getting to me lately, if you follow me on Twitter you have probably noticed what a sad sack I am in the mornings, I am just so over being cold all the time. I am so grateful that I live in Australia and not somewhere that actually gets super cold. Can you imagine how much of a baby I would be? It'd be horrid. I can't wait for the weather to start warming up and it makes me happy that the sun is making its little way back over here.

What else before I pack it in and go wash my hair then get to bed? I went to a Quantum healer and I have been really getting into that lately. I know my friend Steven Mcg is probably shaking his head at me right about now. Haha! Anyway, the healing worked well for my back and I have been getting Bayley to do it to me and it seems to be helping. Better than physio or acupuncture? I don't know, it's debatable but I don't think they would be able to get my periods back on track like the QH did. I also bought the book 'Amazing Face' by Zoe Foster and followed a bunch of her advice and I am happy to report that my skin is looking and feeling better than ever. Not quite at the point where I feel comfortable going out in no make up at all, but today I went out in just tinted moisturiser and for me, with my skin hang ups, that is a  pretty big deal.

Ok I have to go to bed because I need to get up super early to take B to kindy before I go to work. I will leave links to the books I mentioned at the end so you can have a little looksy.

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Amazing Face
Words cannot express how much I love this book. Full of great advice and Zoe is very witty. She also keeps in mind that not all of us can afford to drop a billion dollars on beauty products. Give it a go!

Quantum Touch: The Power to Heal

I haven't read this one yet but it has been on my Fishpond wishlist for a while and when I went looking for this link I noticed the price has dropped a lot so I am going to order it now. Hooray! It was recommended to me by my quantum healer and has had some good feedback. I will let you know how I go once it arrives. 

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Snow White and The Huntsman

I went to a premier screening of Snow White and the Huntsman tonight, that sounds fancy but it's not really, we just got given tickets through work and my bosses handed them out to senior staff. Score! I was looking forward to it's release because it looked pretty awesome in the previews and I hoped that it would live up to the hype. Well, I wouldn't say that I loved it but it was ok. I probably wouldn't pay to go see it at the cinemas again but I wouldn't object to watching it on DVD when it's released.

I guess you could say that what I am about to talk about contains spoilers but's the story of Snow White doesn't everyone know how that ends? Anyway here are my thoughts, I guess don't read it if you don't want to know vaguely what happens...

  • I find it hard to believe that it took like 10 years for her to look outside her window and find that nail.
  • The evil queen has the shittest guards 
  • Kristen Stewart is a better actress when she is being English.
  • Chris Hemsworth is a total babe
  • Artax no! 
  • The bog of eternal stench
  • Oh god please don't be a stupid love triangle 
  • Nothing happens 
  • Oh look the dwarves
  • Holy hell I want one of those little imp things as a pet. ADORABLE. 
  • Oh look Narnia with a stag instead of a lion
  • Nothing happens. 
  • This movie just keeps going doesn't it?
  • Heimlich maneuver guys come on! 
  • Obviously Thor needs to kiss her back off William
  • Hey when did she learnt to fight?
  • The evil queens guards are still pretty shit
  • Why didn't she just use those creepy glass shattery guards all along they are brutal
  • Evil queen is surprisingly easy and not very exciting to kill
  • Thank you for not having a Hollywood ending THANK YOU.
This will all make more sense A: when you watch the movie and B: if you got the references I made.

Are you going to go see Snow White and the Huntsman?

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Gardens do not like storms

Well, I live in the South West of Western Australia and we have been having some pretty hideous weather lately, last Sunday in particular we had a storm hit us with winds that were a 'once in a decade' event. Needless to say, our plants that were so happy and thriving, did not appreciate it. Neither did our vege garden gate. Someone of course took advantage of the broken gate, Roxy, took the opportunity to dig a hole in the middle of the garden and then take a big shit in it. Sigh. I know I know, she was just scared because storms are scary and blah blah blah I get it I get it she's just a puppy ok. It's still highly annoying. 

I wasn't sure the garden would survive the onslaught and have been to upset about it to post pictures but it now seems that those suckers are fighters. The worst hit were the tomato plants, the ones I transplanted into the pot are basically destroyed and I think a few of the weaker ones in the garden aren't going to make it either but it looks like my two strongest plants are going to pull through. It was seriously touch and go for a while, the weather has not been friendly to it but we scored a couple days of sunshine and I think it was enough to push them just over the line. As for the plants Roxy dug up, she narrowly missed all of the carrots but took out half of the Silverbeet. The mesculin I had only just planted looks like it half survived and everything else was fine. So all in all, we avoided total garden disaster!

Here are a few pics of the house and some of the other damage the storm did around town. We had no power for 24 hours after the storm. A few friends from work were without power for days. Overall Western Power and the SES did a pretty amazing job of getting most people back online or at least safe in their houses really quickly. Snaps for those guys hooray!!

The vege garden gate you can see the bamboo stakes for the tomato on a bad angle :( 

Only lost one branch from our two massive trees. Very lucky.

Roxy's kennel got flipped over, she doesn't use it luckily so she wasn't in it at the time

Power poles are not supposed to look like that. I had to drive under it. EXTREMELY SCARY 

Couple of knocked over trees

More broken power poles, the power pole connected to the lines you can see nearing the floor snapped in half, I think a tree may have fallen on them. I obviously didn't go in for a closer look.

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Friday, 1 June 2012


Do not try this at home, please.
Tonight there were only three of us, plus Tracey our amazing instructor, at Polercise and somehow the conversation got onto hoops and I asked Trace if she could give us a little demo and that turned into Tracey teaching Billie, Larissa and I a few moves. Holy hell it was fun! And hard! I feel now the way I did after my first pole class, so sore! Tomorrow and Saturday are bound to be a struggle for my arms but now I have a new little obsession.

Oh and just because I havent posted Polercise pics in a while here is a few more!

Extended Bow and Arrow

Love the pole! Love the hoops! Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Our garden is growing!

Yes all I seem to write about lately is our garden but oh I love it! It's been a while since I posted those last pics so obviously I need to show you how it's been going on!

I took this photos on my phone when it was dark outside and I was cold so excuse me for them not being awesome. This is the garden now! The beetroot on the right hand side seems to be growing leaves quite well but not so sure if it's actually producing beetroot down there, we are going to give them a little longer then pull them up because according to things we have read...they should be done by now. The baby carrots in the next two rows are going really well and I think they will be ready to pull up soon. The broccoli and silverbeet that I started out in the seedling trays have been transplanted into the garden bed, they are the plants in the middle top and middle bottom. I only got one onion seed to sprout for some reason and I planted that in the garden today, the strawberries kinds sprouted a teeny bit but have stopped growing, I am debating whether to bother planting the tiny sprouts or just turfing them. If anyone has had strawberry experience before and can shed some light on the problem I would be most appreciative! The rocket has gone nuts and we have been enjoying rocket salads quite often and this afternoon I planted some mesculin (mixed leafy greens) so hopefully they will take off just as well as the rocket. I should know in the next few  days as it seems to sprout pretty quickly.

This afternoons main mission however was to my tomato plants and mandarin tree. I raked the compost out from around the trunk of the tree (as recommended) and then gave it a good fertilising with our worm tea and some Seasol/Powerfeed. I am crossing my fingers that it will give it the boost it needs. I am also going to prune it back just a little.

Our tomato plants completely outgrew their original metal stake so we found some bamboo stakes at Bunnings and I used a bunch of those. There were also way too many plants in too small a space so I pulled out some of the bottom plants that weren't getting enough light and attention and planted them into a pot, if they survive I'm going to give them to Mum and Dad as a little present.

Steve and I have rethought our garden design also and we are considering putting a water feature or some kind of feature, it doesn't have to involve water up, at the far end of the vege patch with a herb patch in front. It looks pretty cool in our heads and should come up pretty nice.

These are the stones we have decided to use through the patch. They are medium sized river stones. I am really hoping the wet weather can hold off for a bit longer so Steve can get the rest of the bricks and plastering done and we can finally finish off the area. Cant wait!!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Friday, 27 April 2012


You guys!!! My new plants have started sprouting! You can see three three small rows of rocket, next to the tomato plants at the top of the photo. If you look carefully you can see two rows of carrots just peeking out running horizontal along the beetroot. In the seedling trays the broccoli is growing beautifully and the silverbeet is off to a good start. Just waiting for the strawberries and onions to show some signs of life. So exciting!

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Gardening and DIY

I took a bunch of photos when we were doing our gardening yesterday so I want to share them with you so you know that I haven't been sitting around doing nothing while I haven't been updating the blog.

For the last week or so we have really been trying to get our side vege garden happening. Since we have moved in I have had to keep all my herbs I've been trying to grow firstly in the back sunroom, then after Steve out up the side gate I tried to put them in the vege garden but it turned out the gate wasn't quite Roxy proof. She ate the whole lot and I didn't talk to her for a day. Little shit. So I moved them all out the front and that's where they stayed until yesterday. I finally got to plant them out the back into the big planter boxes that Steve bricked up and plastered. Yay!! Now I just hope they survive my gardening.

Roxy and Bayley having a little moment. Considering how insane Roxy is with Steve and I, it is amazing how gentle she is with Bayley. She never jumps on him, and generally kind of leaves him alone. Today they bonded a little, Bayley is a little timid around her and we are trying to teach him how to talk to her. Roxy sat a few times for him today when he told her to so we are really happy.
 This is the view of the back of the house from the backyard. I love the two big trees we have, I really don't want to cut them down but at the very least they are going to need a trim back. I think Steve is beginning to love them too because today he was talking about how we can try build the decking around the tree. Win! The plan for the deck is for it to come out from where those stairs are and across to where that tin wall starts. Steve wants to build a BBQ against that brick wall too. Does any of that make sense? It is still going to be a while off. We're taking baby steps!
 This is our Mandarin Tree. I love it! It has started to fruit in the last two weeks but  we have noticed it is dropping the fruit all over the place :( Steve asked our orange supplier at work Ronzio for advice and he said it probably just needs a decent water. It rained for a while today so we will see if it makes a difference. Roxy has annoyingly decided to make the tree her favourite place to poo around so we have to keep on top of cleaning that little problem up too. If any one else has some theories about why the tree is dropping it's fruit I'd love to hear it, I haven't managed to do any research into it yet.

 Our litte Roxy Roo. She has only recently found her voice and has started growling at the birds when they sit in the trees and she barks every now and then. However both our neighbours have commented on how well behaved and quiet she is. Just a little whiny when we are not around. I think we'll need to go visit the pet store and get her a few cool toys that she won't destroy within five minutes!
 The now Roxy proof fence. The posts you can see on the left hand side were originally the same size as the rest. Roxy dug under them and that is how the little brat got in and ate all my herbs! Annoying girl. Now, however she cant get in at all. We just hope she doesn't grow any taller, we don't think she will, because if she does, she may be able to jump the fence. Fingers crossed. She hasn't tried to do it yet and we hope that it stays that way!

 My little cherry tomato plant! This guy was growing happily in a pot in the front yard but kinda got this big then stopped doing anything. I planted it yesterday into one of Steve's garden beds and I hope hope hope that he survives! He seems to be going well but I am wishing for a bit of sunshine tomorrow to cheer him up some more. I will be so excited when I finally get some tomatoes from him!

 Baby beetroot, I grew these little guys from seed in little seedling trays and just planted them into the beds yesterday. I think they will survive, some of them are so little, I can't wait till they produce little baby beetroots.
 Aloe Vera. This was originally a big Aloe plant that was growing in a pot long before we moved into the house. It was a mess, it never got watered and there were many dead parts so I took it out of the pot and it was so dry, I had to butcher it to get it apart. It was hideous, full of snails and spiders eeek! Not a fun job, I threw out a lot but managed to clean these guys up enough to replant in some cool T2 tins that I was going to use for tea but couldn't get the original scents out of. I think that they will survive the rough replant though, they survived six months without water so at least they are now getting properly looked after.

 These two photos show the length of the garden from each end. you can see the two garden beds that Steve bricked up and plastered. The photo on the left shows the foundation for the next box. In the right hand photo you'll have to use a little imagination for me. There is going to be a shorter rectangle box running along the wall where Bayley is and an L shape box on the right hand side wall and back wall. We're going to pull up those big pavers and put in some rocks and stepping stones instead. I think it will look awesome once it is all finished and I think it just might become my favourite part of the house.

Poor Steve picking up Roxy's poo. She saw him doing it and tucked in her tail thinking that she was in trouble. Silly girl. She obviously was not in trouble. Ooh you can see the little shed thing at the back of the house, we think it may have been an old chicken coop. We were thinking about getting chickens when we moved in but it will definitely be a long while off if we do decide to go ahead with chickens.

It is so exciting to see little developments with the house. I know that it is going to be a long while before everything is exactly how we want it but every single small step feels like a mile. I love this house and after the six month fight to finally get it, I have no regrets!

Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions. Hopefully our next little project will be repainting the front entrance and family rooms. I got a bunch of great wallpaper samples from Wall Candy Wallpaper. Any DIY or renovation advice or stories that anybody wants to share will be greatly appreciated.

Till next time,

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

I am still here

It's ok you guys I haven't run away or abandoned blogging!

It has been pretty hectic lately and I intend to tell you all about it soon, I took some great photos today of the side vege patch at our house that we have been busy dog-proofing and plastering and planting. I am so excited because it is really starting to take shape and squeeee!!! Oh I don't want to say too much till I upload the photos for you!

In other news, Cafe 140 just won for 'Best Coffee' Western Australia in Lifestyle Foods I Love Food Awards 2012! It was very exciting news for us all at the cafe but of course now we will be under extra pressure to always be on top of our game. Luckily we have a great team at the moment and it shouldn't be too hard!

Ok I have a rule about not being on my computer when Bayley is over so I am going to sign off now but once he has gone back to his Mum's I will upload all the pics for you! I am excited!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Project 'Fuck Being Sick'

The background story

It started last Friday night, I was sitting at my kitchen table chatting with a friend when the sore throat came. I was immediately concerned. I drank a lot of water and hoped that it would go away and that I was worried over nothing. That night I went to Perth with a few girlfriends to The Voodoo Lounge to watch a Polercise competition. In the car ride up my neck muscles started to ache, I knew I was in trouble but it was too late to turn around and come home. We stayed in Perth till midnight then drove home, I had a few hours sleep then got up for work the next day, by this point I knew that I was in for a week of hell.

A viral infection. For me it feels like a shorter slightly milder case of Glandular Fever. I had Glandular Fever when I was in year 12, I was off school for two weeks and it was the worst. If you have ever had a bad case of it you will know what I mean. Now, I get these mini versions at least twice a year if I am not careful. It starts with the sore throat, then the aching muscles, pounding head that feels like it's stuffed with cotton wool, sore, swollen glands, and the inability to breathe properly for days. I get it so bad that I can't sleep, it consumes me, it feels like I have been hit by a truck and then a bus and there is basically not a damn thing you can do about it. Sometimes my doctor will give me antibiotics but most of the time the only thing I can do is take Panadol and Nurofen as often as is allowed and rest.

Now I should have gone home early on Saturday, as soon as it started I should have gone home and gone to bed, unfortunately after being in Perth at a strip club till midnight it doesn't look so good to your co workers when you say that you don't feel well. So I told them I was unwell but stayed. On Sunday I woke up feeling pretty awful but I knew i'd be able to suck it up through a short Sunday shift, basically we need the money and I can't afford to lose a whole Sunday wage, I called my boss and told her I was sick and asked if it was ok if I bailed early if it was quiet. She said it was absolutely fine and offered to get my shift covered. I should have said yes but I said no. Idiot move in hindsight. I really should have gone home early that day, I could have, it wasn't that busy and we had enough staff but for one reason or another I ended up being the last person to leave that day.

The thing you have to realise is that I don't like to whine all day. I felt like shit those two days but after mentioning it initially I didn't bring it up again. I didn't complain all day about my sore head and aching muscles. I just sucked it up and got on with it. I chose to go to work feeling not 100% so I had to deal with it. Of course, other people confuse this with "she's not complaining so how bad could it be?" It was bad. I just don't cry about it. I also hate calling in sick to work. I will happily send people home who are sick, I will get shifts covered, stay longer myself, cater to others but when it's me uggh I just feel like a burden, it is something I really need to get over.

On Monday I worked a few hours in the morning and then went to a funeral, Tuesday I woke up feeling like death and stalked my doctors phone line until they opened and calmly told the receptionist that I would "really really like to see someone today please" I was shocked when she easily got me in with my regular doctor. First time I have ever got a same day appointment. He sent me on my way with some antibiotics and advice to rest up. I spent most of the day in bed, but it's hard to just rest when you have a three year old who doesn't understand the concept and just wants to play. Wednesday I felt slightly better but lost all sense of taste. My worst part of being sick but usually where the light at the end of the tunnel appears. Not this time, I couldn't taste anything all day, from breakfast to dinner, it has never lasted that long for me, then I woke up this morning feeling just as shitty, I had to call in sick, I finally took that baby step and did it, and it is now 3.36pm and my sense of taste has still not come back.

Project 'Fuck Being Sick'
There is only so much one person can rest and take painkillers. These last few days I have even resorted to taking two of my codeine tablets that I only keep for extreme situations. When you are sick your body needs rest but after a while it also needs to be told to get it's shit together and start healing. So after watching the entire first season of Hung this morning I got my arse off the couch, put away all my painkillers, had a shower, shaved my legs, washed my hair, put on make-up, put on a cute outfit, (because a good part of feeling better is looking better right?) made a pot of Gorgeous Geisha T2 tea, dragged my deck chair out the back under a tree and have been chilling out here with my dog and my computer. Later on, I am going to take my dog for a walk. I am still sick but I am on the road back to healthy Carrie.

After today it is back to prevention, olive leaf extract every morning, multi vitamins and more exercise and eating properly. yes some of those are basically placebos but there is nothing wrong with a placebo if I think it is working.

What is your favourite way to cure sickness?
What is your best prevention aid?

Leave it in the comments

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Online Store advice please?

I am thinking about opening an online store for all the little crafty things that I make, however, I am unsure what to use. Etsy would be good for the browsing traffic but I find it a little too hipster and pretentious, or is that just because I spend too much time on Regretsy?

Does anybody have any good alternatives I could look into? At the moment I am just at the information gathering stage, seeing what is out there and what will best suit my needs etc.

Please let me know if you have any ideas!

Thanks love Caz xoxo xxxx

Friday, 27 January 2012

STFU Parents

We all need a good laugh every now and then. Just to turn off, check out and laugh.

Have any of you visited the website STFU, Parents? I don't know if it is because kids are on my mind at the moment, my sister is pregnant and one of my best friends just had a baby, but this site is both hilarious and mind blowing. These parents post pictures of the most bizarre and horrifying things!! Placentas? Giving birth, complete with bloody legs bllleerrrrk, poo pictures, kids bloody noses, vomit ewwwwwwww!!! Why would you! Another one that confuses me is the mothers complaining about people ringing their doorbells. HOW DARE YOU RING MY DOOR BELL MY CHILD IS TRYING TO NAP!! Why not just disconnect your bell? Why leave psychotic notes under your bell, just unhook that shit! The Mommyjacking category is also great, it is amazing how a parent can turn any innocent comment into a chance to bring up their children. Today Lee found a real one on a WA Today status that I urged her to submit to the site.

Oh gosh, it is so much fun please give it a read. It is great for a few laughs. I also love the shit out of Regretsy, 1.00 FTE, Damn You Auto Correct and 27b/6 which is David Thorne's website and makes me cry with laughter on a regular basis.

What are your favourtie funny websites?

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Thursday, 26 January 2012

My workplace is hotter than the surface of the sun

Today I was out in the dungeon for an hour or so cutting oranges and being there, with no windows or doors to the outside world was actually cooler than being out in the cafe with the coffee machine, bain marie and toaster pumping out the heat!

Oooh orange cutting fun! It took about an hour to do three crates worth. Cutting oranges might sound like a highly tedious and dull job and yes it pretty much is! However I also find it very zen. There is something relaxing about doing a no brainer repetitive task like that.

Took some pics.

How are you holding up in this hot weather?

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Steve's First Catering Job

Last Saturday Steve did his first ever catering job. It was a wedding for 96 people for family friends Lisa and Rob. A three course meal with two options for main course but all the same starters and desserts. Steve took four days holiday from work to start prep (and one day to recover), he did most of the work in advance and then Yoshi and Swan from work helped out on Saturday night. I organised the wait staff, my sister Ash, Bayley's Mum Carly, and my workmate Leah all helped out.

I was admittedly a bit worried about how mains would go out smoothly but everything went so well. We were really happy at the end of the night and Lisa and Rob were very happy too. All in all after a lot of stress, every thing worked out amazing and we were really happy.

Here are a few photos from the night. Apologies for not having any photos of the main course but they went out too fast and we were too busy!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Monday, 2 January 2012

Tower Time

Photo taken moments before the tower crashed :) we got it taller than Bayley!