Friday, 27 January 2012

STFU Parents

We all need a good laugh every now and then. Just to turn off, check out and laugh.

Have any of you visited the website STFU, Parents? I don't know if it is because kids are on my mind at the moment, my sister is pregnant and one of my best friends just had a baby, but this site is both hilarious and mind blowing. These parents post pictures of the most bizarre and horrifying things!! Placentas? Giving birth, complete with bloody legs bllleerrrrk, poo pictures, kids bloody noses, vomit ewwwwwwww!!! Why would you! Another one that confuses me is the mothers complaining about people ringing their doorbells. HOW DARE YOU RING MY DOOR BELL MY CHILD IS TRYING TO NAP!! Why not just disconnect your bell? Why leave psychotic notes under your bell, just unhook that shit! The Mommyjacking category is also great, it is amazing how a parent can turn any innocent comment into a chance to bring up their children. Today Lee found a real one on a WA Today status that I urged her to submit to the site.

Oh gosh, it is so much fun please give it a read. It is great for a few laughs. I also love the shit out of Regretsy, 1.00 FTE, Damn You Auto Correct and 27b/6 which is David Thorne's website and makes me cry with laughter on a regular basis.

What are your favourtie funny websites?

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Thursday, 26 January 2012

My workplace is hotter than the surface of the sun

Today I was out in the dungeon for an hour or so cutting oranges and being there, with no windows or doors to the outside world was actually cooler than being out in the cafe with the coffee machine, bain marie and toaster pumping out the heat!

Oooh orange cutting fun! It took about an hour to do three crates worth. Cutting oranges might sound like a highly tedious and dull job and yes it pretty much is! However I also find it very zen. There is something relaxing about doing a no brainer repetitive task like that.

Took some pics.

How are you holding up in this hot weather?

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Steve's First Catering Job

Last Saturday Steve did his first ever catering job. It was a wedding for 96 people for family friends Lisa and Rob. A three course meal with two options for main course but all the same starters and desserts. Steve took four days holiday from work to start prep (and one day to recover), he did most of the work in advance and then Yoshi and Swan from work helped out on Saturday night. I organised the wait staff, my sister Ash, Bayley's Mum Carly, and my workmate Leah all helped out.

I was admittedly a bit worried about how mains would go out smoothly but everything went so well. We were really happy at the end of the night and Lisa and Rob were very happy too. All in all after a lot of stress, every thing worked out amazing and we were really happy.

Here are a few photos from the night. Apologies for not having any photos of the main course but they went out too fast and we were too busy!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

Monday, 2 January 2012

Tower Time

Photo taken moments before the tower crashed :) we got it taller than Bayley!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Goodbye 2011 and hello 2012!

When I wrote last years farewell to 2010 I predicted that 2011 would be a rollercoaster ride and wow did it deliver! Today is the first day of 2012 and I have been thinking about what to write in this post for the last few days and I still havent decided exactly how I feel about the year that was 2011.

It was hard, it wasn't overly nice, bad things happened for Steve and I, our little family was shaken to it's core and it still isn't over. Earlier in the year I wrote how this situation has changed me and I still stand by every thing I said in that post but, well, it has been an incredibly exhausting year.

In positive news, after almost six months of trying and fighting and eight months of living at home with Mum and Dad, we finally are going to be moving into our new home next week. We cannot wait! Steve, Bayley, our puppy Roxy and I will have our own little house with a vege garden some chickens and some much desired privacy and space. Living with Mum and Dad has been nice but it is so hard to live your entire life out of one bedroom. It will be great for us to have our own kitchen, lounge and office space. It also means that it will be the last time we'll have to move house for a long time. Bayley is super excited to have his own bedroom. He has picked out the colour he wants us to paint his walls and this morning was jumping up and down n my bed saying "I'm excited I'm excited I'm excited!!" We are really looking forward to starting this new chapter in our lives.

2011 bought promotions, Steve finished his apprenticeship and is now a fully qualified chef, I got promoted to manager at the cafe after K-Loo flew off to the UK with Pete to live earlier than they had originally planned! Another result of K-Loo and Pete heading off means that Steve, Bayley and I are now the official surrogate family of little Ari the rat!! At the moment she spends a lot of time in the cage as Mum and Dad have way too many chewable items laying around but once we move into the house she will have a lot more freedom to roam. She seems to be taking the change in circumstance ok which is great. We will be having little skype dates soon so she can catch up with Kirst and Pete.

I am still doing Polercise!! I was taking classes twice a week for most of the year, I recently cut down to once a week to save a little cash for the house. Hopefully the roof in the new house will be high enough for me to put a pole in somewhere so I can train at home as well as in class. I still absolutely love Polercise and am so happy I met Tracey all that time ago at Mash. She really changed my life!

2011 was a year for intense emotional growth for me. I have spilled many tears, had many laughs and made many amazing friends. I have had a beautiful time with Steven and Bayley and I value them more than anything in the world, the best thing about this year has been all the great times that we have spent together. If I had one wish for 2012 it will be to make many more happy memories with Steve and Bayley. They are the lights of my life and I love them so much.

How was your 2011? What are your dreams for 2012? Remember that the best way to make your dreams come true is to chase them down and fight for them!

Love life, live life, have fun and when things look dark remember to find the silver lining. It is always there.

Much love and luck for the new year

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx