Friday, 27 April 2012


You guys!!! My new plants have started sprouting! You can see three three small rows of rocket, next to the tomato plants at the top of the photo. If you look carefully you can see two rows of carrots just peeking out running horizontal along the beetroot. In the seedling trays the broccoli is growing beautifully and the silverbeet is off to a good start. Just waiting for the strawberries and onions to show some signs of life. So exciting!

Love Carrie xoxo xxxx

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Gardening and DIY

I took a bunch of photos when we were doing our gardening yesterday so I want to share them with you so you know that I haven't been sitting around doing nothing while I haven't been updating the blog.

For the last week or so we have really been trying to get our side vege garden happening. Since we have moved in I have had to keep all my herbs I've been trying to grow firstly in the back sunroom, then after Steve out up the side gate I tried to put them in the vege garden but it turned out the gate wasn't quite Roxy proof. She ate the whole lot and I didn't talk to her for a day. Little shit. So I moved them all out the front and that's where they stayed until yesterday. I finally got to plant them out the back into the big planter boxes that Steve bricked up and plastered. Yay!! Now I just hope they survive my gardening.

Roxy and Bayley having a little moment. Considering how insane Roxy is with Steve and I, it is amazing how gentle she is with Bayley. She never jumps on him, and generally kind of leaves him alone. Today they bonded a little, Bayley is a little timid around her and we are trying to teach him how to talk to her. Roxy sat a few times for him today when he told her to so we are really happy.
 This is the view of the back of the house from the backyard. I love the two big trees we have, I really don't want to cut them down but at the very least they are going to need a trim back. I think Steve is beginning to love them too because today he was talking about how we can try build the decking around the tree. Win! The plan for the deck is for it to come out from where those stairs are and across to where that tin wall starts. Steve wants to build a BBQ against that brick wall too. Does any of that make sense? It is still going to be a while off. We're taking baby steps!
 This is our Mandarin Tree. I love it! It has started to fruit in the last two weeks but  we have noticed it is dropping the fruit all over the place :( Steve asked our orange supplier at work Ronzio for advice and he said it probably just needs a decent water. It rained for a while today so we will see if it makes a difference. Roxy has annoyingly decided to make the tree her favourite place to poo around so we have to keep on top of cleaning that little problem up too. If any one else has some theories about why the tree is dropping it's fruit I'd love to hear it, I haven't managed to do any research into it yet.

 Our litte Roxy Roo. She has only recently found her voice and has started growling at the birds when they sit in the trees and she barks every now and then. However both our neighbours have commented on how well behaved and quiet she is. Just a little whiny when we are not around. I think we'll need to go visit the pet store and get her a few cool toys that she won't destroy within five minutes!
 The now Roxy proof fence. The posts you can see on the left hand side were originally the same size as the rest. Roxy dug under them and that is how the little brat got in and ate all my herbs! Annoying girl. Now, however she cant get in at all. We just hope she doesn't grow any taller, we don't think she will, because if she does, she may be able to jump the fence. Fingers crossed. She hasn't tried to do it yet and we hope that it stays that way!

 My little cherry tomato plant! This guy was growing happily in a pot in the front yard but kinda got this big then stopped doing anything. I planted it yesterday into one of Steve's garden beds and I hope hope hope that he survives! He seems to be going well but I am wishing for a bit of sunshine tomorrow to cheer him up some more. I will be so excited when I finally get some tomatoes from him!

 Baby beetroot, I grew these little guys from seed in little seedling trays and just planted them into the beds yesterday. I think they will survive, some of them are so little, I can't wait till they produce little baby beetroots.
 Aloe Vera. This was originally a big Aloe plant that was growing in a pot long before we moved into the house. It was a mess, it never got watered and there were many dead parts so I took it out of the pot and it was so dry, I had to butcher it to get it apart. It was hideous, full of snails and spiders eeek! Not a fun job, I threw out a lot but managed to clean these guys up enough to replant in some cool T2 tins that I was going to use for tea but couldn't get the original scents out of. I think that they will survive the rough replant though, they survived six months without water so at least they are now getting properly looked after.

 These two photos show the length of the garden from each end. you can see the two garden beds that Steve bricked up and plastered. The photo on the left shows the foundation for the next box. In the right hand photo you'll have to use a little imagination for me. There is going to be a shorter rectangle box running along the wall where Bayley is and an L shape box on the right hand side wall and back wall. We're going to pull up those big pavers and put in some rocks and stepping stones instead. I think it will look awesome once it is all finished and I think it just might become my favourite part of the house.

Poor Steve picking up Roxy's poo. She saw him doing it and tucked in her tail thinking that she was in trouble. Silly girl. She obviously was not in trouble. Ooh you can see the little shed thing at the back of the house, we think it may have been an old chicken coop. We were thinking about getting chickens when we moved in but it will definitely be a long while off if we do decide to go ahead with chickens.

It is so exciting to see little developments with the house. I know that it is going to be a long while before everything is exactly how we want it but every single small step feels like a mile. I love this house and after the six month fight to finally get it, I have no regrets!

Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions. Hopefully our next little project will be repainting the front entrance and family rooms. I got a bunch of great wallpaper samples from Wall Candy Wallpaper. Any DIY or renovation advice or stories that anybody wants to share will be greatly appreciated.

Till next time,

Love Caz xoxo xxxx

I am still here

It's ok you guys I haven't run away or abandoned blogging!

It has been pretty hectic lately and I intend to tell you all about it soon, I took some great photos today of the side vege patch at our house that we have been busy dog-proofing and plastering and planting. I am so excited because it is really starting to take shape and squeeee!!! Oh I don't want to say too much till I upload the photos for you!

In other news, Cafe 140 just won for 'Best Coffee' Western Australia in Lifestyle Foods I Love Food Awards 2012! It was very exciting news for us all at the cafe but of course now we will be under extra pressure to always be on top of our game. Luckily we have a great team at the moment and it shouldn't be too hard!

Ok I have a rule about not being on my computer when Bayley is over so I am going to sign off now but once he has gone back to his Mum's I will upload all the pics for you! I am excited!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx