Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Our garden is growing!

Yes all I seem to write about lately is our garden but oh I love it! It's been a while since I posted those last pics so obviously I need to show you how it's been going on!

I took this photos on my phone when it was dark outside and I was cold so excuse me for them not being awesome. This is the garden now! The beetroot on the right hand side seems to be growing leaves quite well but not so sure if it's actually producing beetroot down there, we are going to give them a little longer then pull them up because according to things we have read...they should be done by now. The baby carrots in the next two rows are going really well and I think they will be ready to pull up soon. The broccoli and silverbeet that I started out in the seedling trays have been transplanted into the garden bed, they are the plants in the middle top and middle bottom. I only got one onion seed to sprout for some reason and I planted that in the garden today, the strawberries kinds sprouted a teeny bit but have stopped growing, I am debating whether to bother planting the tiny sprouts or just turfing them. If anyone has had strawberry experience before and can shed some light on the problem I would be most appreciative! The rocket has gone nuts and we have been enjoying rocket salads quite often and this afternoon I planted some mesculin (mixed leafy greens) so hopefully they will take off just as well as the rocket. I should know in the next few  days as it seems to sprout pretty quickly.

This afternoons main mission however was to my tomato plants and mandarin tree. I raked the compost out from around the trunk of the tree (as recommended) and then gave it a good fertilising with our worm tea and some Seasol/Powerfeed. I am crossing my fingers that it will give it the boost it needs. I am also going to prune it back just a little.

Our tomato plants completely outgrew their original metal stake so we found some bamboo stakes at Bunnings and I used a bunch of those. There were also way too many plants in too small a space so I pulled out some of the bottom plants that weren't getting enough light and attention and planted them into a pot, if they survive I'm going to give them to Mum and Dad as a little present.

Steve and I have rethought our garden design also and we are considering putting a water feature or some kind of feature, it doesn't have to involve water up, at the far end of the vege patch with a herb patch in front. It looks pretty cool in our heads and should come up pretty nice.

These are the stones we have decided to use through the patch. They are medium sized river stones. I am really hoping the wet weather can hold off for a bit longer so Steve can get the rest of the bricks and plastering done and we can finally finish off the area. Cant wait!!

Love Caz xoxo xxxx