Saturday, 29 December 2012

Merry Christmas to everyone I should have sent a card to

Every year I say to myself "I'm going to send out Christmas cards this year" and every year it never ever happens. In fact the Christmas cards that I have been intending to send are the same pack of cards I purchased about three years ago and never got around to sending. I even bought some cute Christmassy stamps this year and started writing a list of recipients. I also planned to include a cute photo of Steve, Bayley and I inside the cards along with a long message about how 2012 has treated us. Well, it didn't happen.

So to everyone who thinks they should have received a Christmas card from us I would like to wish you a warm MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you had a great break, ate lots of food, got a heap of lovely presents and gave a few in return. I hope your day was spent amongst those whom you love, and I hope the in-laws didn't cause you too much grief. I wish you all a happy and safe New Years whatever your plans may be and of course I wish you all the best for 2013.

I will of course be writing my annual 'farewell to last year' New Years post just after the holiday so I will update you all with everything that has been happening in the Gallo/Fleeton household. I know posts have been scarce this year, it has been a pretty full on for us! I hope with all the changes that have happened, in the last few months especially, that my posting will become more regular.

Until then, stay safe, be happy, hug your loved ones and have fun!

Much love Caz xoxo xxxx