Friday, 31 July 2015

My 5 Cents - Adam Goodes

I want to lead this opinion piece with a clear disclaimer. I am not a huge fan of AFL, first of all because I'm not a huge sports fan in general and secondly because I just kind of feel like as a society we hoist these men up onto mantlepieces and regard them as heroes and role models when really...they are just footy players. Being a football player doesn't really mean anything other than that you are exceptionally talented at football yet we expect so much more from these men who start their careers in their teenage years and grow into adulthood inside a bubble. Then we drop them like hot coals when they fall from grace or act in any way different to what we expect they should...or... just as badly, we ignore their indiscretions because hellloooo have you seen how well that guy can kick a footy??

I digress, lets get back on topic. I don't really like to comment on thing I don't know much about so I did a little research and from that research I have emerged with this opinion. 

Adam Goodes is geting booed, yes. Is it because he is Aboriginal? I can't say that every person who boos him does it for that reason, however I think we can all agree that some of them definitely are. Maybe some people are booing because he is "a soft player". Maybe some just don't like that he "is playing the victim". Maybe some because they don't like what happened to that little girl... whatever the reason a few people will start booing then mob mentality takes over and suddenly for a myriad of reasons everyone is booing. 

Let's talk about that little girl hey? Yep Goodes got some little girl kicked out of a game...but that girl called him an ape which is a disgusting thing for anyone, let alone a 13 year old kid to do. Yeah yeah "but she was only 13, she didn't know any better" you cry. BULLSHIT. I say to you. I am sure that even if she didn't know the racial connotations of her words she surely knew that calling someone an ape is a shitty thing to do. If not, hopefully being kicked out taught her a valuable lesson about racism, one that was clearly not taught to her by whatever adults were around her at the game and thought that kind of language was ok for her to scream at another person. 

Let's take the angle that the booing isn't racially motivated. So why does he get booed? "err it's because he's a soft player" scream the comment sections of any article you read on the matter (also thats what my boyfriend claims too) but there are lots of soft players in the they get the same reaction as strongly and as consistently as Adam? The guy has won two Brownlow Medals, a four time All-Australian, he's played 365 games scoring 454 goals in his career. So maybe he is getting booed for being great at the game? 

I am sure that some people are booing him for non race related reasons and there is no doubt that Adam Goodes like to rile up the crowd a little but there is a big difference between a little back and forth heckling and loud booing every time the guy gets near the ball. Give me a break. Its gotten personal, and honestly... I don't think the reason even matters anymore. We've crossed the line past innocent banter to full on bullying. Yes bullying, thats what it's called. Adam has come out and has said it upsets him, makes him think about retiring and he STILL gets booed. That my friends, is bullying, because those people in the crowd now know that it hurts him and they still do it. This is pre-school shit that we try teach our kids not to do yet every weekend there we are in the grandstands picking on a guy for whatever bullshit reason we can think of to justify our actions. 

Maybe we aren't racist but we are definitely arseholes on this matter and good on you Adam Goodes for standing up for yourself. That is the kind of role model I would be happy to have on my mantlepiece. 

Feel free to comment but remember... Don't be a bully

Love Carrie

p.s. just in case you were is some of the articles I read before writing this, I also braved the comment sections. 

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Give me a sign

It's Sunday night and I have had a pretty busy weekend, busy but nice after a pretty hideous week at work. I feel like I have decisions I need to make and sometimes I ask life for a sign but thinking about it tonight, I think life has already given me a heap of signs...I've just been ignoring them because I'm scared. Sometimes you have to make hard choices and I guess after the rough past 7 months I have had I just don't want hard. I really don't. I just desperately want easy, I want happy, I want appreciated, I want loved. I can't handle more hard. Sometimes I honestly feel like happiness is a luxury that other people have and that is always just a little out of reach for me, I get close but never quite there, I get moments and I get stretches of time but it doesn't seem to last. Something tends to pop up to burst my bubble, to bring me back down. Is this a self-fufilling prophecy? It very well could be, I'm so used to it happening that now I expect it, probably end up bringing it on; I don't know how to fix that. I don't think this is related to my mental health issues either because in that respect, I am still going really well. 

I don't really know what the point of writing this post was. To get it out of my head? Advice? What do you do when you have hard decisions to make? 

Life huh?

Goodnight Caz xoxo

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

What is a "successful" life?

My friend Katie and I are often pondering the big (and not so big) questions, when does something cross the line from hobby to addiction? Where did we come from? Can vampires lose or gain weight? Are dinosaurs real? etc We like to ask the people around us these questions and enjoy debating topics and hearing other people opinions. One question we asked more recently is one that has stuck with me and I find really interesting...
How do you measure a "successful" life?
I don't mean life in general I mean your specific life. When you die, before whatever you believe happens, happens, pretend you are given a life satisfaction survey. What answers would you have to give to be able to consider your own life a "success". For some people, raising healthy, happy children might be their measure, for others it could be a great career, or perhaps travelling the world? Maybe it's a combination of a few different things. It could simple or complex, tangible or abstract. It can be something that is ever evolving as you grow and learn or an idea you have had stuck in your head ever since you were little. 

How would I measure it? What would make my life a "success"? I don't know if I can give a solid answer but I have a few ideas. First up, I'd like to have known I had a positive impact on peoples lives, whether that's from being just a good friend or by teaching something or anything other way and contrarily I'd like to be sure I never knowingly and intentionally had a negative impact on anyone either. Secondly, I'd want to know I held no ignorant opinions. I'm a pretty opinionated person, but I like to think that I base my opinions on actual facts and real life experience rather than hearsay and fear. I'd also want to know I was always open to hearing other peoples opinions and was open minded. Third, I'd want to have had a partner who was just that, a real partner, with mutual love, respect, honesty and care for each other. Fourth, I'd want to have been happy and lived for myself and not for anyone else. I may add things as I get older but for now, I think these four things would make me feel pretty happy with my life. 

So what about you? How would you measure your life as a success? I found it a pretty hard question to answer. It's also quite a personal question but it's interesting to think about.

Carrie xo