Sunday, 1 November 2015

Seven Random Facts

I put a lot of stuff out there on social media and here on this blog about me but I also hide so much stuff about myself from everyone. So today I was thinking about that and thought I would share seven random facts about me that maybe nobody knows. 

ONE - I hate making plans in advance.There is literally one person I will make advanced plans with and the only reason I do it with her is because she knows what I am like and doesn't get mad when I cancel. If I make plans in advance you can almost guarantee I will cancel them. I don't really know why I do this but it's just my thing. I am much more of a spur of them moment type person which is why I often wake up in the morning on the weekend and decide to drive two hours down south on a whim. 

Spontaneous random adventures = GOOD
Carefully planned and organised events = UGGHH DO I HAVE TO

TWO - I hate surprises. I don't think surprises are cute or fun. I think they are awful and I hate them with every single fibre of my being. Don't ever plan a surprise party for me because I will not apologise for getting shitty about it. I also won't apologise for how bratty that sounds but ugh. I guess after reading the first point, surprising me would actually make sense, I hate making plans so if I don't know about it then it's fine right. Wrong. Don't. Thanks. Also receiving anonymous gifts makes my anxiety sky high. So your cute gift is actually just an anxiety attack waiting to happen. No. 

THREE - I really like watching documentaries. Sometimes I get in a mood and just watch a bunch of documentaries in a row. I like learning. Weird religious cults, animals, how things are made, true crime, food, drugs, porn, whatever. I love that. 

FOUR - I do not want to watch whatever hilarious youtube video you have found. Tag me in it on Facebook that's fine but please do not come up to me and say "OMG watch this, it's soo funny/cute/awesome" chances are I won't think it's funny and then you'll get offended that we don't share the same sense of humour or I'll just pretend it's great while wishing I could have the last 1:57 minutes of my life back. I don't know what it is because you could tag me in the same video and I'll watch it in my own time and think it's great, but stick your phone in my face and say WATCH THIS just makes me die a little on the inside. My actual version of hell is being stuck in a house that I can't escape with a non-stop meowing cat and a bunch of women who don't understand how technology works constantly asking me to fix their computers and watch "funny" youtube videos. 

FIVE - I love cooking for other people. It's pretty obvious that I am obsessed with food and I love cooking but when I'm just cooking for myself I don't really make much effort. It's when I am cooking for other people that I shine. Maybe it has something to do with my need to always be looking after people but I love to cook for others. I love it when people eat my food and enjoy it and I don't cook for just anyone. If I offer to cook you dinner it means i really care about you. So please know that and don't take advantage.

SIX - I don't drink very much and I only rarely drink to the point of drunk. I actually have talked about this before but it bears repeating. For a little while I was self medicating with alcohol which is a terrible idea. So I stopped drinking all together and now I just drink every now and then. I really have to be in the mood for it,  and often I'll have one and then stop. Sometimes I'll have a few and end up tipsy and then have a raging hangover the next day because part of being a teetotaller means that if you do start drinking again your body cannot handle it like it used to. 

SEVEN - I like asking philosophical type questions. I am collecting a stack. Funnily enough, you learn a lot about a person by asking them questions. Ha! I like long conversations about life and love and the universe. I like a good debate and seeing things from another persons perspective. I like being challenged on my beliefs , asked why I think what I do. I think it's important to take a step back every now and then and look at yourself. I wish I did it more often. 

So that's that!  Seven quick facts about me. Hope you enjoyed them, leave me some love or stimulating conversation in the comments

Love Caz xoxo